Sunday, October 30, 2016

July Happenings

  July happenings in pictures:
A beautiful summer evening by the lake.  I love this view!

We went to Provo to see Kristie and Tom, and to hunt for a BYU  onesie to take the new baby home in that matched his brothers. I cannot find one anywhere, but I knew that the Macy's in Orem used to sell them, so it was worth a shot.
Plus we got to visit the McConnon's.
Jack and Lilah enjoying a popsicle under the trampoline

Cute second cousins!

When we got to campus, Jonathan had fallen asleep in the car, and only Jack wanted to go with me inside.  What my fun little buddy.  And it was weird being back on campus, but now pregnant and with only one kid in tow (I'm used to three now)

Cosmo on the stairs

My future cougar and I 

On BYU campus with my boys.
This is near the path that used to lead to Deseret Towers, the dorms I lived in.
Heritage Halls was also right there, where Nathan had lived.
Both are now torn down and new student housing is there. 
Side note: I did not find a onesie, but I did find a sticker in the same baby cougar style and a little kid shirt.  I'm now planning on making my own onesie:)

Nathan took James on a trail by our house on his new bike.
His bike is a hybrid, so it is a road bike with slightly bigger wheels that can go on trails too.

Nathan did this ride!  Up all the mountains around one ride!

We got to borrow some kayaks at the pond.  There is always someone playing at the pond this month it seems.  Plenty of kayaks to borrow.  Next year we'll get our own.

 Jack did great too even though I was nervous he'd fall out or get stuck out there in the middle.

We got a bunkbed for the kids.  A twin over queen(James and Jack already sleep in a queen).  Plus underneath it's raised for room for a trundle that we can buy someday.  I had looked around a lot for the bed that would go with the space we have.  Nathan found exactly what I wanted, on Amazon.  I love prime :)
Well, Nathan started this project at 7pm, thinking it would take an hour...right.  I said I bet we won't get done until 11...
As Nathan and I were putting together said bunkbed in the bigger of the two rooms upstairs, I had asked the kids to pick up the trash from all the packing materials...
...this is what I found...
that styrofoam was getting everywhere.  It was so messy it was funny.  And it was in the newly finished baby's room...even in his carseat:/  Ha!

A divided look.
Eventually we got it put together, and the kids in 11...
I'm a really good predictor of time, but I'm hardly on time, what's up with that?

Kirstin and Taylor came up and we used the little blow up boat again:

Cupcakes for their birthday at the pond

They gave the kids wooden models you had to glue together.  The boys had asked to do it right away, and I had said let's wait.  I turn back a few minutes later...and they are putting it together, with great skill I might add. Not as messy as I thought.

Three little boys in matching suits waiting for the car after church.

More horse lesson with Jessie.
Jonathan loves it too!

My sweet friends had a diapers and wipes baby shower for me :)
So many kind people up here, I'm so blessed to be surrounded!

 Kirstin came too, what a sweet sister she is to me :)
 (Check out how dark our hair has gotten over the years!  This is our natural hair colors now, crazy!)

Kathy helped with so much of the food.  It was fantastic!
And I got these beautiful blankets for the new little one!

What does your dishwasher look like when married to a bike rider?
In the summer time? Like this!  LOTS of water bottles!

Cute boys reading books in the car

I stopped working at the Ogden Athletic Club at 37 weeks in preparation for baby's arrival. 
These are the slides that are new for the kids club, and my boys really enjoyed them.

We officially got a kitten.
James has loved this kitten all summer, and would find her everyday since they were born in May.
I was so proud of him when she was going to get a home on a farm, and he was bravely saying goodbye, with tears in his eyes...and the kitten is SO SWEET...I said "wait! We'll take her, don't take her to the farm!"
And now we have an outdoor/garage kitten.
It took a few days, but she has completely learned that this is her home (she came from behind us so she had to learn to stay in our yard), she totally gets along with Lady, and even comes when called by her name, just like a dog.  Our family really likes this kitten.

Jonathan often manhandles her and she lets him. Doesn't try to scratch or bite.  She will try to "escape" inside our home all the time :)  She knows her family and likes us just as much.
Jonathan feeding Midnight some water

Feeding her on the porch has taught her this is where the food is.
We have since moved the food to the garage (we don't want to attract the raccoons, and Lady likes her food too)

I've been on baby watch, with not many contractions, so I've been trying to take advantage of the remaining few days I get being a mommy to these three. Down to the little waterfall to throw leaf boats seemed like an activity this very pregnant mama could handle.

Back and fourth...
 ...and back and fourth, its the simple activities I really enjoy.

A family of Sandhill Cranes walking down the street.
They moved in, liked the low crime rate and nice vegetation :)
(It was for reasons like this that I picked our area to live in!)
37 weeks!!

Swallows made a nest under our porch, and it was fun getting to watch this family grow up.
Then one day in July they were making a bunch of noises, and they were all taking their first flights!
James and I sat on the porch and watched these babies go!

A bubble gun for all the boys, so they were making a big bubble blob:)

At 38 weeks I was having contractions close enough and strong enough that we thought this was it!  But after two hours... no change, I was still only dialiated to a 3.  So with contractions still coming, they SENT ME HOME!  I couldn't believe it.  I was so mad.  Then the contractions stopped!  A few days later I was having lots of back pain, and worried that I had another kidney infection/UTI (common with pregnancy and me) so I headed to the doctor.  Turns out I had KIDNEY STONES!  The false labor brought on by the kidney stones could continue, but it wouldn't progress.  NOT FUN!  The only thing they would do for me is give me Tylenol.  They couldn't do anything else because of the pregnancy, but the kidney stones were brought on by the pregnancy, and the false labor contractions would keep coming because of the kidney see the vicious circle here?
Can't wait to meet this new little guy!