Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, I went through the ceremony, and now I've graduated. It was awesome, especially since my family was able to come. Here is the funny story from graduation. I guess that it started with Richard when they were back in high school, to trip on the way up the stage when graduating. All the Manwarings did it on their Academic night. Well, as I was getting ready to walk out for Friday's commencement with my college of Health and Human Performance, Nathan called me from their seats, and said "I'll give you $200.00 dollars if you trip up the stage, both hands have to touch the ground." I didn't know, but my friend from freshmen year, Meghan Burns who sat next to me said how awesome and memorable that would be. So I guess a little peer pressure and monetary compensation was all I needed to do it. Meghan and I were planning it the whole
time, and when they called my name, I walked up, tripped on the first stair, and did go down all the way to the stage. The slap my hands made was pretty loud I guess. Meghan behind me was laughing hysterically, my family gasped, and my sister was like "chaching!" When I shook the dean's hand she said "oh, it's okay, I'm sure no one noticed!" I then said as we turned to take the picture "I hope they did!", then I walked off the stage. Needless to say, I've kept up the tradition, and I've got it on video tape, I really did scrape my knee(haven't done that since I was like twelve), and I am $200 dollars richer. My parents, grandma, older sister, niece and nephews all thought it was great, and now my nephew who is sixteen wants to do it at his high school graduation! Point is, I have a great story, and my graduation was memorable.

Mama, me, and Dad

A few of the family that was there. I feel so blessed to be so loved.

My scraped knee and $200. It was so worth it:)

Busy, busy!

So, we've been to a few things here lately. I'll first start with our niece, Kira, and her play she was just in. She was in Bugsy Malone for their 6th grade play, and played one of the leading ladies, Tallulah. We could not believe how grown up she is and what an awesome job she did. She had a solo song, and was a great actor. I know that she'll be doing drama now through the end of high school, and she is awesome at it!

Here is Kira in her play. She looks so grown up!

Then the next day we had dinner with an old friend of mine that I've known since elementary school, Josh Wickard. He got a job for a while with the Salt Lake Opera assistant stage managing this current show, so he also got us free tickets for the opera!

Josh and me. He can be silly sometimes, good thing he went into theater.

The last week of school and finals were also that week. More to come concerning after finals.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beautiful Day

Last Sunday was a beautiful day!!! So much so we went on a picnic to a place we hadn't been since we were engaged. It is on a trail up the canyon, and you can see forever and ever from the top. So beautiful. Then it snowed on Wednesday, go figure. Other than that I am just studying like a fiend and can't wait for graduation here next week!! Check out the pics from our picnic.

Here we are hiking

Lady is always ready for an adventure.

Another exciting thing is that this week we finally found a road bike for me! Nathan's was such a steal of a deal that he wouldn't go for anything less, and after months of persistant searching, we found a great deal. Now our house looks like a bike shop, and today after my Orthopedic Impairments and Theraputic Exercises final I get to try it out. Yeah for spring!
A mountain and road bike for me and Nathan, plus Nathan's sister's bike equals five bikes in our house!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tagged A-Z

So, Kate (I know you'll read this, we need to get together soon!) tagged me from A-Z. Here it goes:
C- CAKE OR PIE: cake
D- DAY OF CHOICE: Friday(stay up late day)
E- ESSENTIAL ITEM: cell phone and chapstick
F- FAVORITE COLOR: dark red or dark blue
G- GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: an absolutely awesome marriage, didn't know it could be this great:)
H- HOMETOWN: Englewood, CO
I- INDULGENCES: chocolate eggs, Prison Break, not much else yet, I just can't wait to graduate!
J- JANUARY OR JULY: July... that is when we go to the Bahamas!!!
K- KIDS: none yet
L- LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT: family, love to visit all of them
M- MARRIAGE DATE: May 6, 2006
P- PHOBIAS OR FEARS: sharks, swimming with fish(big ones), the dark(sometimes),something happening to Nathan
Q- QUOTES: "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail" and "Be the change you wish to see in the world."
R- REASON TO SMILE: all my blessings
S- SEASON: winter
T- TAG FIVE FRIENDS: Rachelle, Kortney, Kristie, Angela, Victoria(I need more friends that blog!)
U- UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I can be shy, especially calling people!
V- VERY FAVORITE STORE: Suchbach (jewelery store, get my ring replated quite often), Aeropostale, bridal stores, Costco!
W- WORST HABIT: picking my lips
X- X-RAY OR ULTRASOUND: well, just got an x-ray yesterday, and my elbow is getting better!
Y- YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: homemade salsa(great way to get vegetables!), cadbury cream eggs, Italian
Z- ZODIAC: Sagitarius, the one with the centuar.

Thanks for tagging me!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Conference Weekend

How we love conference, and especially as we were able to sustain as Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. What a spiritual feast, and there are always talks that you know are meant for you, that help to answer specific questions that you had during this time in our lives. I certainly felt that way this time. This conference we spent it at the farm in Franklin, ID. It was so wonderful to see some family that we don't normally see. The Coleman's, Kyle, Tammie, Kylie, Kortney, Kenlee, and Kaden were there, as well as Mike and Misty, Grandpa and Grandma, Kristie and Tom, and the Porter's, Doug and Debbie. We got to go on the fourwheelers around the farm, and that was lots of fun.

Here is Kenlee and me on a fourwheeler before we take off to explore. The dogs all followed, and Lady was so tired when she came home, she's been sleeping for the last two days!

Here is a picture with most of us, but still some had already left by this time.

Tom and Kristie take a stroll in the light spring rain. I love the smell of the farm! I love the hot orange hat and the bright pink umbrella! It was a great way to relax before the last week of school, then finals!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lost...but then Found

So, I just had one of the scariest experiences...I lost my wedding ring! I had put my rings on, and then was packing to go to Idaho this weekend and doing homework, put some laundry in, looked down and...**gasp***, one of my rings was gone! I started retracing my steps, but as anyone who has been to my house knows there isn't a whole lot of stuff on the floors, actually nothing because Lady makes sure I keep it clean, or she'll eat it. So I am looking everywhere, but know it must be in the house, when time runs out and I have to go to class. I leave my other rings here since my hands are cold and that obviously isn't doing well to have them cold. After my lab I come home, and meticulously take out all the laundry, and then...I hear it! The distinguishable sound of a circular metal object hitting the bottom of the washer. I found it! It was also so clean, maybe I'll think about "losing" all my rings in the washer next time. On the other hand, probably not!