Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tonight's Snow Adventure

Tonight I decided to get everyone dressed and we went outside to A) take pictures and B) take Lady for a walk to find the name of the "F" street (we live on the "C" street, Cambridge). Brrrrr, was it cold, but James was nice and toasty in his new snow gear!

Daddy and James, who reminds me of the kid from A Christmas Story who "can't put his arms down" because of all the snow gear.

"Cheese", I love his little voice when he says that

Trying the snow, just don't try the yellow snow, it isn't lemon!!

Kind of deep, at least James' boots work! Can't say the same for Nathan's tennis shoes, now he needs boots

Black Friday Deals

This over 50% off snowsuit from Kohls, and boots and mittens from Kid to Kid in Layton make up James' new snow gear!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! We hope that everyone had a great time, and was able to spend it with people they care about. Nathan and I hosted for Nathan's brother Jason and sister-in-law Nicole, my sister Kirstin, and a co-worker of Nathan's who is from India, Ankit. We skipped the turkey and made prime rib (why not right, we were hosting!) , but we still had all the traditional sides. Kirstin made delicious pumpkin pies from my Mom's recipe, and she did a great job. Thank you! The only bad part of the day was that I scratched my cornea (like I did last Christmas on the way to Arizona). I fell asleep next to James with my contacts in when he woke up crying the night before. When I awoke at 4:45am, I rubbed my eyes, took out my contacts, and knew that I had done it again. It KILLED, seriously, and so light sensitive (didn't help with all the new snow) I had the blinds and curtains drawn all day. However, after doing this last year I knew that in about 2 days cornea's replace themselves completely, so I'd be good as new. I'm almost all the way 100% now. Lesson learned: NEVER sleep in contacts.

Nathan with the prime rib

Ankit, Jason, Nicole, Kirstin, (my empty chair) and Nathan. James had his nap during dinner which was really nice

And a cute one of James for the grandparents :)

Sorry for lack of neat food pictures, but I really couldn't open my eyes much at all. We did get to use my great-grandmother's china that I received this summer from my grandma, I remember always using that as a little girl, and I'm even the one who chipped a platter when I was about 5 or 6. We also had sparkling cider, another tradition. What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

First BIG Snow!!

It has snowed up here, but just a tiny bit that was gone by the late morning. However, that all changed this last week, and we got a few big storms that left their mark, maybe for the rest of the season! Let's just say now I know why people have said to invest in a snow blower. We did have two feet in the front yard at one point.

Last Sunday, we got more snow Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Plus today!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Epic Run

I can't believe I forgot to post about this, but back in October, Nathan, Kristie & Tom did a run that Nathan and Tom had wanted to do for a year. The run started at Big Springs National Park up South Fork Canyon, went up over the saddle of the mountain, and down Rock Canyon Park by the Provo Temple.

At the beginning of the trail, looking good

It took them four hours, 11.8 miles, and a vertical climb higher than three Empire State Buildings later, they did it! Way to go is an understatement. It has given me some motivation to get better that is for sure.

Tom and Kristie on the run

Up on the saddle, such a beautiful area

At the top, water bottles empty, next the long decent

Wishing they had brought some food and more water

Nathan's dirt line afterward. We had dinner at Kristie and Tom's house, while Nathan and Tom recovered while watching football. Both said it took them a day to feel better and not sick.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Helping in the kitchen

Love to help make food!

What's cookin'?

Want some?

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was stormy! It started raining right before we went out, so we cheated, and drove to all the houses :) Cousins Tanner and Kira Kutterer came too. We got some good stuff though, including a few full size candy bars. Happy Halloween!

A little gnome playing the piano with Tanner and Kira before Trick-or-Treating

First door he knocked on, the Maughn family, he got a pencil and it was his favorite

Second house, now he gets it! Look cute, get candy!

Candy, candy, candy!! Without any prompting, he started going crazy and grabbing all the candy

After the excitement with cousin Tanner