Monday, September 30, 2013

Jack's Arm!

 We've gotten our first broken bone over here :(
On September 7th, during the BYU vs Texas game,
we were in Provo watching it the McConnons at their home.
Jack was on Nathan's back, playing "horsey" and he literally
only fell a foot and a half.  He cried out, and it was a different cry.
He was holding his arm to his chest, wanted us to kiss it (that usually
works for most owies and he's good to go), and put on a
big band aid (that is his last resort to make it better)
Neither worked though, he was done playing and just wanted
to sit on the couch with us and cuddle. He does not
do that often, and he was still holding his arm, so something
was wrong. He wasn't crying, but oh if I bumped it, he would.
We wondered if we should take him in or if he just strained it.
Well, we hemmed and hawed, and then I decided I would see
if he would at least straighten it for us.  He was moving his finger
without crying so we didn't think broken.  Well, he would
not straighten it, and I tried slowly, and he was crying loudly and it felt
locked.  We said, yep, we need to go to the doc.  Luckily our
doctor's office is open after hours by appointment 24/7,
(it is THE best, let me tell you, especially on Saturday nights
like this when something like this would happen, not
during a weekday at say 2pm).
We get the next appointment for 11:30 pm, then watch
almost the rest of the game, before we decide we need
to get out of there because we are IN Provo, and there will be
game day traffic on the highway heading north soon.
At this point Nathan and I both think a dislocation,
it is actually very common in little kids.
The doctor (not our regular, but after this I think I'll
be switching he was that great with this situation), 
said probably a dislocation, but we should get an 
x-ray and check.
Well, the x-ray was inconclusive, so 
he reduced the elbow, and it was dislocated.
That was the most painful part for him, and for me to hold him.
We would have to wait though until Monday to
know what the radiologist thought.
Monday morning bright and early I got a call
that the radiologist read the x-ray as a break in the elbow,
and we should get a cast.  It wasn't a bad break,
we'd only need a cast for two weeks, and if we didn't 
cast it and he hit it again just right it could become
a worse break. 
So in we went, he chose blue, and called it his big band aide.
First day he had it.
We called it his "big band aide".
He didn't mind it which was pretty surprising.

 Every time we'd say "show us your big band aide"
he'd raise his arm :)

 Showing it off for the last time before we got it off.

Pretty happy kid to have a cast.
After it was off, we were headed to the car, and as I'm getting out the keys,
he says, "look, I can clap!" Haha, love it!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not all fun and games at the park

Not long ago I took the boys to a park where there are duck and geese to
feed bread to.  Well, pickings must have been slim lately, maybe school
is back in so not as many are frequenting the park.
The ducks and geese were FEARLESS as they went for the bread.
We ran a little ways down to only feed a few, and then with them in the water
after it was getting a little intense and the geese didn't seem to want the 
bread, just honk at us.
Then the ducks and geese were coming out of the water, and even if I swung
the bag of bread they were not deterred.
We got on a park bench, and were throwing the bread before the geese
came out of the water (they were slower, but looked mean).
When they were close, we made a bee line for the car, 
literally I jumped over a duck off the bench with Jack in 
my arms to get away. James took off faster than I've ever seen him.
 The view of water fowl after us when I bent to get the keys

I dropped my keys and had to lean down to pick them up, and 
Jack thought I was putting him down, and starting crying for me to 
run and carry him.  Poor guy, but I was a little scared too. 
We made it back to the car to take this picture:
Mommy and her boys
One of my favorite pictures ever

But our victory was short lived, because the geese were actually
FOLLOWING us to the parking lot. 
After the picture was snapped, we jumped in the car, Jack crying a little,
James very serious, and neither
want to go back to that park anymore:(
I remember being about four and having the same sort of experience
with my mom and dad, and the geese were pecking at the 
pin striping on my mom's Honda Prelude.
To a four year old, those geese are huge!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

James heads to the dentist

For the first time.
1. He loved it!
2. No cavities! 

 Getting the pearly whites clean 

 That part was fun too.

I'm so happy he didn't have any cavities.
We taught him about "sugar bugs" and that they 
can make holes in your teeth unless we can clean them off.
I think that worked. He's all for brushing his teeth, and liked
the little dino flossers they gave him.

Our First Garden

It was actually my first garden, pretty much ever.
So I decided to start small, we planted tomatoes,
zuchanni's, yellow squash, and pumpkins.
Well, the pumpkins never came up, ever, but these did:
 This was from just one day... this was dinner. Grilled all the veggies in the photo.

Then my good friend Holly taught me how to can because I had
so many peaches, and needed help ASAP! 
 Canned peaches for this winter! And Jack loves them :)
Thank you Holly! It was fun and I am going to can a lot more
things this year now.

The Triple Trail Challenge

Say that five times fast :)
Nathan ran the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase (16miles),
then the Park City Half Marathon (13.1 miles),
and then finally the Mid Mountain Marathon (26.2 miles), 
all trail running.
Now I personally think that trail running is much harder than on the road.
AND these were all in the mountains too starting at Park City, so add altitude.

 Looking good coming down the trail.

 Cheering Daddy on!!!

We are so proud of him, he did it!!!!!
And without getting injured!

Let's Play Soccer!

We signed up James very last minute to play AYSO soccer with his little buddies and a neighbor who is a coach.  So last minute we didn't even sign up before the first game, they needed another little guy, so we thought, "hey, this could be fun".  James likes it!  He's had four games now, his first he scored a goal!  Then the next two he sorta played around rather than played soccer :)  Then today he scored another goal! 
 What goal are we headed to?

 This is four-five yr old soccer, they all head for the ball

 All follow the ball, and if you can, kick it :)
Hi fives after the game with his team.
James barely made the cut off, it's Aug 24th, to be four to play this year,
so he's one of the youngest and smallest.
It's all about having fun though, and that is what counts!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A little Snowbasin hike

 Our little family did a hike up at Snowbasin to see the start of the Fall Colors.
 "Following the leader, the leader, the leader, following the 
leader where ever he may go!"
We followed him to a little creek, and I think the boys threw rocks into
it for about half an hour. Then we headed back.
The leaves are starting to change.
I love fall, so I don't want to see full colors yet because
then it is over way to quickly!

 The Daddy and Mommy

I got all smiles, a rarity to catch on film
 I love my little boys

On the way back they loved sticks, and it was cute
when James would find sticks for Jack.

Little Preschooler!

The day after Labor Day was the
 First Day of Preschool for James.
I can't believe he's getting so big, and he was so excited again
to go this year (he also went last year, same place but different teachers).
He loves his Broncos "pack-pack" and blue folder because
"blue is my fav-or-it mommy!"
Happy School Year buddy!

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!

 On Labor Day Matt and Aubreigh invited us to go to a trout farm with them to go fishing.
James has a little fishing pole, and he LOVES to cast it and then reel it in 
all the time in the house (it only has a little rubber fish on the end).
So we went and had James use his little Toy Story Fishing pole. It must have been the
 lure Matt put on or some thing, because
James caught so many, and big ones too!
If you hooked it you had to keep it to take home to cook.
We eventually had to tell him to not put his line in the water,
we didn't want to pay for anymore fish!

First at the small trout pond

 Then at the medium sized trout pond, and James caught one of the biggest fish in it, 
a 14" one, look at the bend in the pole!

 Still reeling it in (Uncle Kyle would be proud)

 I thought that pole was going to snap!

 So then it was my turn to help James, and after three casts
he caught an even bigger fish!

 Jack was content with looking at the fish in the bucket or
running around on the grass.

 Quinn's turn as we all watch 

 This kid loved to hold the fish!

 James and Quinn checking out the giants in the trophy pond.
This pond was fly fishing and catch and release only.

 James reeling in ANOTHER 14" trout on his own!
There was a teen and his dad fishing next to us, and when they saw what James
was pulling out, the dad turned to the son and said "you just got
owned by a 4 year old!" for James holding his own fish and catching a big one!

 Look how he's holding down his fish.
I think we have a fisherman on our hands.

 So James caught the bottom one and then top three.
After paying for them we had them filleted for us.

 Blackened grilled trout, so, so, so good
 And a lemon pepper fillet in there just to be safe.
What a fun place (and tasty dinner!), 
thank you Parks' Family!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

All the random photos in August

Some of the funny times I took pictures of in August.

 I go outside and find them throwing mud on each other, but having fun while doing it.
What is funny is James hates having even a drop of paint on his hands, but mud, no problem.

 Time outs in towels turned into the giggles 

 The professional bike race "Tour de Utah" came through our town!  
We went down to the main road to watch over 100 cyclists race by. 
I think what was more impressive were all the support vehicles, each racer needs one!

 Singing and playing the piano before church with Daddy

 Making mud pies, so he ditched his clothes :)

The boys were helping me paint downstairs, now he's mad 
because I have to wash it off and won't let him get paint all over the place.
My independent two year old :)

 Trying on Daddy's shoes

 Let's run in them of course

Another cute one from the zoo

James loved being on the Eagle the second time around

Zoo Day

I was waiting for the weather to not be so hot so that we could go walk around the zoo.  The last part of August was just right, almost rainy, and it cooled down from our 90+ degrees we had been having everyday.  We got to go with Aubreigh and Quinn and baby Bennett, and also some of her other friends from Heber.  Great day, great friends, and animals were out :)

 These otters were  actually playing in the water, and my boys thought they were so funny

 The carousel was a big hit too!

Love these cute boys :)
Even if I sat in chocolate right before we got out of the car, or that we 
had to wait awhile for Aubreigh to come, or that we stayed late so we were late for dinner.
I don't even care that I don't make the best food or have the house cleaned all the time,
or especially have the laundry folded (my nemesis).
I like going on adventures with my boys much more!