Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Superbowl Champions!!!

Nathan didn't care much about football until he married me, a Denver native with uncles who are so loud during games they can be heard in neighboring states.  Well, also lucky for me is that Nathan's cousins (so then when we got married that made them my cousins) Mike and Misty and their kids are also huge Bronco fans.  Last time they went to the superbowl I was pregnant with Jonathan, and stress would induce braxton-hicks contractions.  That game was such a bust that it did not put me into labor unfortunately.  However, this time around, Superbowl 50, was the best, and we went to Franklin to watch it with the Porters!

Sporting our colors

Saturday we got to go sledding and ride the snow mobiles.  
All the boys were fans.  And I love all the owl hats!

Running around with a football

A little mid-game twister broke out (it happens when you are with cousins!)

Jack and Ty, ditching the shirts because they are hot.
My three kids and their last three kids are very close to the same ages, so it's lots of fun when we get to see them.
Watching the game on one of the many TV's one :)

A hug from Taylee as we were leaving

Their favorite game was pushing this car back and forth, then Jonathan wanted a ride too, and they were more than happy to oblige. 

Thank you Porter's!  And Thank You BRONCO'S!

Dog Sledding

This was an awesome trip!  If it is going to be cold, EMBRACE IT!  Actually I have always wanted to do this, and we thought what a great time, and it can be our gift to my parents this year!  So the weekend after New Year's we headed out on Friday for two night get away to Steamboat Springs, CO, to go dog sledding with the Grizzle-T company.  We wanted the opportunity to drive the dogs, and not just ride in a sled, and that is exactly what we got!

Meeting dogs before hand.
Nathan liked this one the best 

Nathan and Kendra ready to go in their sled
(that is Kendra all bundled into the sled like a cocoon) 

Mom and Dad getting ready to go

Mom is all bundled and ready to go

Petting one last doggie that had already run that day

My view while in the sled.  You have to really hold the dogs back, because they will run and not slow up for anything, even if they are hurting.  They are Alaskan Husky dogs, which aren't considered pure breeds, but are defined only by their purpose, which is being a highly efficient sled dog.  And that they were.
Kendra taking a turn at driving

The whole team of 8 dogs that my Dad drove

Nathan with his favorites from our team, Solo Bear and Moon.

 Back at the condo we got before dinner that night. 
What a very fun adventure with great company :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016


On a rare Saturday at home, and it is snowing, what did we do?  We decided to take a "walk" up the hill by our house.  Snowshoes?  Nope, we don't need no stinkin' snowshoes!  (Well, that would have been fun too...)  James in this picture is using his shovel to help Daddy, who is carrying Jonathan for the moment.  A little toward the top we stopped to take a break, and thought that the ground was covered in little seeds...turns out they were bugs!  Snow fleas to be exact!!!  Wha?  Looked it up as we were walking, and they are actually harmless, and eat plant matter, but at the top part of this hill they were EVERYWHERE!  Billions! The kids lasted longer trekking through the snow than they do on a regular hike in the summer?  I don't get it, but I'll take it!

Jonathan is happy, he got a ride the whole time little lucky :)

James loving this snow (and two front teeth still!)

Jack always tells me that he loves the cold.
I'm glad that we live in Utah then buddy!

Cheese faces after lunch that day.  These three are best friends!

After much begging, and me trying to figure out how...I made Pikachu a ninja costume, and Jack has loved it ever sine.  It is really just a cut up sock! 

This amazing adventure happened the weekend after New Years in Steamboat Springs, CO.  If it is going to be cold and snowy you've gotta embrace it!  What a neat experience and we were able to share it with my Mom and Dad. More on that on the next post.
Doesn't it look cold?  I was nice and toasty in a cocoon in the sled for the first half until I got a turn to drive.

Nathan did great driving.  It is a lot of holding the dogs back so they don't run themselves to hurt/death.  They love to work and won't tire if they feel hurt.

Our team panting to go after a break

Arctic Selfie

And of course there were many trips to go ski!
Of course it's at Snowbasin.  James ran into some friends from school, who were all riding the Littlecat lift and going down by themselves.  He asked me if he could go with them, and with a little racing in my heart, I agreed.  Here they four of them are on the lift, and they were all actually good and it was neat to see.  I do not get too sad when I see my littles making good decisions, making good friends, and acting grown up.  I am lucky because they can grow up(great advice given to me by Grandma Haworth that has made watching them grow up more of a joy, and I don't find myself wishing that they would stay small)

Hot chocolate in the lodge.  I've got that down to an art.  Bring three hot cocoa packets, get hot water and make it right there.  So much cheaper than $3 a hot chocolate!

The boys got these Star Wars light sabers from  Subway and it looked really neat with one of their favorite friend's Monkey.  Here is Jedi Monkey:)

All three riding on the little plasmacar in the kitchen.

A dinner when Daddy is traveling.  I like the array of clothing....
James is dressed up in Sunday clothes, Jonathan is drinking milk from a cup! (this is unusual!), and Jack has long sleeves, then a short sleeve shirt, then his creature power suit.  To each his own right!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Christmas Eve will find you...

Christmas Eve we made chocolate chip cookies for Santa, and all had to help.  It's pretty much the best cookie that I can make, and the boys' favorite.  Win win all around.


Kellen came over to try a cookie :)  What a cute friend and we are lucky to live right behind them.

All ready for Santa to come.  What is actually quite funny if you can see it is the red balloon stuck in the fan.  It was stuck there for about 6 months, and finally in January when we had tint added to the top windows I asked the man if his ladder would reach high enough and to get that balloon down.  It finally did, but not before it being commented on every week at choir :)

Boompa read us "The Night Before Christmas" over skype.  He hasn't missed a year with me reading that in 31 years now!

Most of the pictures looked like this or worse, trying to get all three to look is quite hard :)

Success!  Mommy with James, Jack, and Jonathan! 

Jack and mommy getting a picture before bed by the tree

Brothers in matching pj's before heading up to bed

The best picture of the family

My cutie Jonathan, with his puppies and his mommy

He put himself in timeout while brushing teeth...I don't know why :)

My favorite time of Christmas Eve is when everyone has gone to bed, it's quiet and only lit with the Christmas tree.  We also keep our village lit as well, and I think it all looks magical.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"