Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some October Adventures

A bunch of pictures from October: 

 Jack found the bumbo in the closet, and decided it was the perfect
chair for reading.
Then James wanted to sit in it,
and Jack sat on his lap to read him the story.

 James had his last soccer game, and made a goal again!

 We went to Pack's Pumpkin Patch with the preschool, 
and we all picked a pumpkin from the patch,
and then rode the wagon pulled by a tractor back to the front.

 Enjoying the ride

 James and Jack shared a ride pulled by a smaller wagon.

 James had his arm around his brother the whole time :)

 Swingin' around 

 Watching pig races!

 In front of the giant pumpkins grown there

 Ready for the ward Trunk-or-Treat
Captain America and Superman!
I'm Black Widow though you can't tell here, 
James wanted me to be someone
from his "Avengers" bat that has the pictures of all the heroes.

 Trunk-or-Treating with Grandma

 We headed to Provo for Becca's baby shower, 
Nathan and Tom got to go mtn. biking during that time,
and afterwards we took a walk around BYU in the wagon.
Even got ice cream at the creamery!

 At the Eyring Science Building looking at all the different 
exhibits about how science works!
I love how our kids know about dinosaurs, the word 
hypothesis and that it's an idea you can test,
and that they WANT to test ideas!
(Thank you Dinosaur Train for teaching that)
We went to Tanner's last football game, and this was the
only picture I got.
But James and Kira are very cute here.
Kirstin and her friend Mark came up too!
That was fun, but cold, and poor Jack bumped his head,
then it kept getting colder, but I still
liked getting to see Tanner play :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All Aboard for Flying!

 A few Saturdays ago we were able to take a flight on
Steve's plane. James of course loved it!
All strapped in and ready to go.
Also notice he has his flight jacket on,
he loves that thing.

Steve is thinking "you picture crazy people"

Wearing the earpiece to hear what Steve says.

Jack was shy/excited/unsure to sit there too.
He got to sit in the cockpit with Daddy.

Nathan taking off

My turn, and at the end of taxiing there is a list of safety 
checks before take off, and the plane didn't pass one,
so even though he had already taken off that day I didn't get my turn :(
But he is a safe pilot, so we'll go again another day.

Sitting back in the cockpit, Jack as pilot and James as co-pilot.

Thanks Steve for the great time!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Josh Groban Concert

 So I think it was back in maybe April, I heard on the radio
that Josh Groban was coming to Salt Lake!
I heard he was great to see in concert, so Mom Manwaring
and I got tickets and surprised our boys with them for Father's Day.

Fast forward to about September, when I had completely forgotten 
we had bought the tickets, and I didn't even remember
when they were for!
Luckily didn't miss the concert, it was Oct 11th,
 and it was fantastic!
His opener wasn't bad, but her sound technician was awful.
We could hardly understand her, and it was
way too loud.
But Josh was great!!!
And the company was good too :)

General Conference Weekend

Saturday we watched Conference at our house, with Mom and Dad Manwaring, 
and Jason, Nicole, and baby Emily came up too :)
Jack even asked to hold her, and did a pretty good job all by himself.
Good practice for the up and coming big brother.

During priesthood session us girls and little boys went down to Tai Pan to check out
"Girls Night" there, and man was it crowded!  Neat things to see, but a little
overwhelming with so many people.

Sunday we headed up to the farm, and in between conferences took a walk
around after the incredible lunch by Sherri 
 Sitting up in the tractor

Grandpa and James Robert, his namesake

Us with Grandpa and Grandma

Listening was easier this time, and the kids did pretty well too,
we told them a few words to listen for, and then they 
could have some skittles :)
Happy beginning of October!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Best Fall Walk

 Our little family took a walk to see fall leaves up in Monte Cristo earlier this month.
 Check out the path with all the leaves!

 The wind was blowing really hard, and there was a little snow on the ground,
so the kids made a few snowballs like Jack Frost.

 It was one of the best Sunday afternoons we've had,
despite my headache and the chilly-er than expected temps and I had put 
the boys in shorts.

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Random September

 A few random from September...
I thought it would be a fun "surprise" to bring out the telescope
one night, look at the moon and have hot chocolate.
I was talking up this "surprise" that Daddy was getting ready
(the telescope), and when we told the kids James said:
"That's not a surprise, surprises are toys!" 
Well, we'll work on that.
Hot chocolate was still a success

 See, all happy with the cocoa 

A few more soccer pictures...
 Best buddies Will, James and Owen
all playing at the same time together

 Going for the ball

 Daddy and Jack
Jack cheers James on every game, 
saying, "kick it, you can do it!"

 Go Team!

 Oaklee wanted to wear her costume one day while over here,
so the boys put on their costumes too.
Then they all decided to hide in the pillows in my room.
They'd say "come find us", but it was funny because they would want
me to go and cover them with the pillows, go count, then go and
uncover them to find them :)

All hidden, except James' hand!