Tuesday, October 29, 2013

General Conference Weekend

Saturday we watched Conference at our house, with Mom and Dad Manwaring, 
and Jason, Nicole, and baby Emily came up too :)
Jack even asked to hold her, and did a pretty good job all by himself.
Good practice for the up and coming big brother.

During priesthood session us girls and little boys went down to Tai Pan to check out
"Girls Night" there, and man was it crowded!  Neat things to see, but a little
overwhelming with so many people.

Sunday we headed up to the farm, and in between conferences took a walk
around after the incredible lunch by Sherri 
 Sitting up in the tractor

Grandpa and James Robert, his namesake

Us with Grandpa and Grandma

Listening was easier this time, and the kids did pretty well too,
we told them a few words to listen for, and then they 
could have some skittles :)
Happy beginning of October!