Thursday, December 15, 2016

October Happenings 2016

October 2016...the Indian Summer!  So many beautiful days and nights. Here's our month in pictures:

We went up to the new reservoir, watched the sunset and the boys rode their bikes for a little bit.

Trail riding...all three boys on bikes

Jordan up at the farm meeting his great-grandparents

We got our first smiles out of him

Smiling at his mommy

Our friend Shawn Beckstrom, loves to hold babies!  
And this baby loves to be held!

Jack's early morning Saturday soccer games

I love this little guys wild hair!

Beautiful fall rides with the Total.CARE team

Jonathan loves his baby brother, and wants to help...

Hanging out couldn't be better...Jonathan's got his baby, his "daddy" puppy, and his is good!

Taking a walk on the trails by our house

The October neighborhood preschool-ish age field trip was to Black Island Farms
Cute friends all waiting on the tractor-drawn trailer to go to the pumpkin patches

We were taught about the different vegetables that are grown at the farm, and got to try some too!
Jonathan loves the carrots:)

These brothers picked out a pumpkin

With fun friends Rocky, Bridger, and Grant

All these Mountain Green kids on the train

I was so proud of myself, I took all three out!  And had fun doing it!

Just holding my little one,
I love his dark hair and the cute shape of his head

Just stretching out after a bath

Bath time in the sink :)
All my babies have had sink baths until they were bigger.
It's a nice special time after the other kids are in bed and I can focus on this little, patient guy.

All dressed and ready for bed...
What's this phone in my face for?

Hey there's mommy

I know her!

Ooo, I love her!

She thinks I'm cute! :)

Nathan kept riding into that storm...maybe someday he'll learn not to

Our third time doing the Healthy Kids Running Race series was this fall, and ended in October.

Jack with his medal and ice cream

Good job boys!  Jack was in a higher division, as well as James!  Both boys worked on form and how to pace themselves.


Most of the boys from his cute team :)
Lincoln, Drew, Jack, Ty, and their new friend Max

Kaylee's birthday party! We love our cousins!

CNS Flu shot clinics!
Working the Mountain Green Elementary clinic!  I loved seeing people I know and helping in my community to keep us healthy!

This is typical...
Crazy brothers!

Getting a ride and outside time with Daddy

How James and Spiderman brush their teeth at night

Practicing a new game...
Jonathan up to bat..

James hits it over the fence all the time

 Then Jonathan will steal the bat again!

Getting a picture of Jordan at 10 weeks in the same outfit that I've gotten all the boys in

Let's all get with brother!

Oh he is so happy!  I am so blessed for this boy!

I've been feeling better and better!  I'm so happy I'm recovering!

Playing remote control cars

Jacks finished product, he got the egg when we went to the Dinosaur quarry, and they had to excavate all the bones, then we glued them together.

Our annual leaf fight by the cottonwoods on Silverleaf Dr!

Bury your brother :)

We went back that night to do it again with Daddy
There is a kid in that pile right there

Jack and Jonathan in this pile

All three older boys are in this pile...

...pop out!

Jordan turned 2 months old!

Happy October!  We have loved how warm it has stayed, and love the mountains we live in!