Monday, March 24, 2008

Locks of Love

So, I have been saying and saying that I was going to donate my hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes real hair wigs for children with cancer, but I was scared, and thought I'll wait until after graduation, I'll wait until after the triathlons. Well, I guess on Saturday I just got sick of waiting, and had the courage, so just did it! I donated 11" of hair, and got a great hair cut now. I'm not even sad that it is gone because I know that it went to a great cause. Check out the before and after pictures:



Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Car

So, with the help of our cousin Mike Porter in Franklin, we found a new car very quickly. It is awesome, and I hope that it will last as long as our Subaru was going to. It is a Hyundai Santa Fe, with this awesome front bumper guard that makes it look tough! I love it, and it is a lot newer than our Subaru was, so when we drive it, it doesn't make noises like the Subaru did(but that gave it it's personality!) It is a great car, and pictures to come...

Monday, March 3, 2008

End of February Fun

So this weekend we visited my sister Ann, brother-in-law Mike, and niece and nephews Tyler, Kira, and Tanner. Tyler just got his driver's license, Kira has grown so much since we've last seen them, and Tanner got a new suit! We had a great dinner together, and then Mike, Ann, Nathan, and I went to the Ogden Temple to do sealings. I had never been to that temple, but it was very beautiful. The day also started out beautiful at 60 degrees, but then started snowing a lot that afternoon! Pretty crazy! While playing Apples to Apples, Tanner was saying some of the funniest things. We were eating popcorn, and we were all talking about the cards and then Tanner pipes in "I'm a squril" and his cheeks were full of popcorn! Then we were talking about the many girls that Tanner likes in class, but he said "We'll I like Amy the best, we could get married tomorrow, I got a new suit". It made us just crack up. Then he modeled his new suit for us, and I had the "Bringing Sexy Back" song stuck in my head during that. Here he is in his new suit being a future missionary:

He also bought a webkins monkey, and had to name him, so named him Nate, after Nathan. That was so cute:
Finally, we also just sold our wonderful Subaru to a family that really needed it in our ward. I loved that car, and thus will truly miss it, but I know that the other family needs it much more that we do at the moment. I remember in Texas how we were helped out so much when we were in need, so I feel like now I've helped someone the same way we were. Our search is on now for another one, but here is a last picture of our great car: