Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Home!!!!!

Last Thursday we closed on our new home!! The build went pretty smoothly, and so we closed in time to receive the tax credit as well. Woohoo! I now have the next 9 days from now before we are all moved in, and though I am sad to leave Provo, I am getting more and more excited about the new house. A big shout out to our realtor Laura Bangater from Remax. She was great to work with, and we recommend her to anyone. Check out here, the house in the picture on the homepage, that is ours!

At closing signing the stack of papers

House closed, check! Laura Bangater, Nathan, James, and Kendra right after.

Our new home! Taken about a week before closing, now we have grass :)

Richard and Rachelle Visit Utah!

Richard and Rachelle came to Utah, and we got to visit with them. It was so much fun going on lots of adventures with them. We wished they lived closer, but we did have great times while they were here. We went to BYU, the duck pond, had two yummy family dinners, went up to the farm with them, and then stayed over at Grandma Hiller's on Sunday with them. Thanks for visiting, we sure do love you!

Everyone does the Mogali crawl

Lydia, James and Elisa playing with toys

Kendra, Nathan, Richard and Rachelle

The great-grands with Great-Grandma Haworth

Kendra and new baby Kayla, so precious

A boy and his pup and the duck pond

Richard helping James build his immune system with the duck pond water :)

Lydia enjoying that ice cream at the Idaho Days Celebration in Franklin

Kaden and James on the swings at Idaho Days

James and Rebekah enjoying the swings

James and Mommy enjoying the fireworks at Idaho Days

We took Richard and Rachelle up to the Eagle's Nest on the farm, behind them is the view of Grandpa Haworth's farm

Grandpa and Grandma Haworth, James, Nathan, and Kendra

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Provo Tri 2010

My big goal this year was that I wanted to do a triathlon this summer. And I wanted to do it well. So I've been training, and really pushing myself at 24hour fitness (love that place!!) to get ready. I decided to do the Provo Tri, and what helped was that I was able to a) practice in Utah Lake with Nathan, and b) practice the bike course.

Getting ready...

Well, the race was last Saturday and was my best tri to date. The swim went alright. Much better than the last tri and my wetsuit troubles. The bike portion went splendidly. Not a person passed me except the super athletes with the aerodynamic helmets. My average speed was 18.4 mph which is great, and I was going faster than I had at any practice, so I was pretty happy with myself. Finally, the run was good. Not my best, but I felt good, and I wanted to give it my all so at the end I didn't have any regrets. I did it! I also got my best time too. 1:48:53. Not too shabby. Check here for results page. The best is that I had the best cheerers there. Nathan and James were there every step of the way, and I felt so loved. Then the bike course goes right by Kristie and Tom's, so Tom came out and saw me go by twice :)


Getting out of the lake was tricky, the ramp was covered in moss!



Thank you all for your support. And a special shout out to Nathan, who was a great coach!! Thank you!!

Jamers and Mommy

A New Friend!!

When we told our little niece Kaylee that we were expecting James, she said, "Yay, new friends!" No better words! Well, James now has another new friend. Our great friends and cousins Kristie and Tom had their baby girl, Lilah Rose. She was a few days late of her due date, and she took a long time coming (way to go Kristie!). We were able to go visit them in the hospital, and I love seeing new mommies. The special spirit that a little baby brings is just amazing. Congrats Tom and Kristie on this new journey, we are so happy for you!!!!!

Meeting new Lilah

A happy family

And James is excited for a new friends :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Come From the Land Down Under...

Last weekend we had a special visitor from the land down under, Australia. Jason Liu is a Chinese-Australian that Nathan taught while on his mission. Jason came to the states to see some of America and it's melting pot culture, and his last stop was Utah where we had the privilege of him staying with us. He is so nice, and I look forward to his next visit, whenever that will be. Jason was so wonderful with James, it was neat to see. Here are just a few of the things that we did with him!

We taught Jason how to play baseball and football, played catch and also went to the batting cages.

Jason and Nathan playing catch, for never even touching a football, Jason is pretty good

We went to dinner with Tyler, Alesha, their new baby Presley, and Greg and Tess too with Jason. We wanted him to have Mexican

James and the Salt Lake Temple

Nathan, Jason, and Jamers at the reflection pool

We went to Temple Square and showed Jason all the sights there

We saw our house, and played on a playground up in Mountain Green

Going down a slide

James learned "ooo" from Jason

Jason made some really great food

Mmm, mmm, good!!!!

We went to church in Provo and Quinn's blessing in Heber on Sunday

We played some pingpong, here is Jason with Brad and Greg, two other mission friends

Wow, so much in one weekend!! Thanks for coming Jason, we loved having you! Come again any time that you want, you'll always have a place to stay :)

We Love Bath Time!

Jamers, what do you think of bath time?

...with mommy in the sink...

...or daddy in the tub....'s my favorite time of day!

Summer is Coming

These pictures capture the night stormy skies, in Tom and Kristie's new backyard.

Nathan even caught some lightning behind the clouds!

Come on Summer, we are ready for you! Though I do love the spring weather we've been having, and anything over 85 degrees seems too hot.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cute James Through June

As I was going through the pictures from June, there are so many of James being super cute.

These first few are of us just enjoying an evening in the front yard here in Provo.
He is growing, and this month he jumped from 2nd %tile in height to 23rd %tile!!
That is HUGE (double meaning there:) )
He is also cruising along everything now, from the cabinets to chairs to
the walls, toys, toilets (scratch that last one), well anything. So here are some cute pictures of our Jamers.
I didn't want to be selfish so I decided I should share.

These next few pictures were taken with Aubreigh, Matt, and Quinn up in Heber. James doesn't really like the texture of grass on his legs, so he has a sort of Mogalie-from-The-Jungle-Book-crawl.

The Mowgli crawl
Close up!

Finally, a few more from the fire that we made up the canyon with Jason and Nicole. James makes just the cutest faces that it is hard not to share them all!

Loving the sticks, dirt, and outdoors!