Thursday, June 24, 2010

Provo Tri 2010

My big goal this year was that I wanted to do a triathlon this summer. And I wanted to do it well. So I've been training, and really pushing myself at 24hour fitness (love that place!!) to get ready. I decided to do the Provo Tri, and what helped was that I was able to a) practice in Utah Lake with Nathan, and b) practice the bike course.

Getting ready...

Well, the race was last Saturday and was my best tri to date. The swim went alright. Much better than the last tri and my wetsuit troubles. The bike portion went splendidly. Not a person passed me except the super athletes with the aerodynamic helmets. My average speed was 18.4 mph which is great, and I was going faster than I had at any practice, so I was pretty happy with myself. Finally, the run was good. Not my best, but I felt good, and I wanted to give it my all so at the end I didn't have any regrets. I did it! I also got my best time too. 1:48:53. Not too shabby. Check here for results page. The best is that I had the best cheerers there. Nathan and James were there every step of the way, and I felt so loved. Then the bike course goes right by Kristie and Tom's, so Tom came out and saw me go by twice :)


Getting out of the lake was tricky, the ramp was covered in moss!



Thank you all for your support. And a special shout out to Nathan, who was a great coach!! Thank you!!

Jamers and Mommy


The Manwarings said...

Kendra That is so awesome!!! Way to go! What an amazing accomplishment! We can't wait to see you guys next month! Loves to all!

Jay and Tiff said...

Nice job Kendra! I'm impressed!

Romy said...

that's a great accomplishment. Good job guys.

We'll be in town most of July, we should get together sometime while we're there. I'd love to meet your little guy.

danniey said...

Way to go on swimming in the lake!!! I am so proud of you and glad to hear that it went so well!