Thursday, December 20, 2018

The year of the leopard...

This is vintage Manwaring...
Grandma Kathy made these costumes a long time ago!  How cute is the whole family!
We were so happy we could borrow these costumes.

One activity we did was take the kids to trick-or-treat at the Ogden Dinosaur Park event. 
 Can you see the baby in this picture?  He's camouflaged when he turned his head.

 Checking out the wasn't too cold of a night luckily

 Mommy and Daddy leopards

 Just chillin' while at the Ogden Dinosaur Park trick-or-treat event

Overload of cuteness

Cute little trick-or-treaters Jordan and Jonathan 

Mommy with baby Jett
The whole family on Halloween

Monday, December 17, 2018

Wolfpack Challenge 2018

 Jack did great at his wrestling this weekend.  The Wolfpack Challenge at Fremont High, always a good one.  He was pinned once, pinned another kid the next kid, and then lost in the last few seconds after three rounds the third match.  So he ended up 3rd in the bracket, but he  fought hard.  London and Tanner came, Kirstin and Taylor, and Grammies too.  Afterwards we went out to lunch together.  Great group of people, and I'm grateful they all love my Jack.

 Just a normal picture of the crazy train 

Jack's muscles!

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving this year was at the Manwaring's.  There was food (of course), lots of cousins, and even a hot tub!  Baby Jett was a cutie, and loved to be held by papa.  I was only a week post-op from my surgery, so I had to take it easy, but what a way for the kids to stay entertained.

Jett and Papa taking a siesta 

Karissa and Richard made a triple layer cake with a different kind of pie in each layer...
Very pretty, tasty, but super rich. 

Just one of the tables to eat at...

Nathan and his "no shave November" face... it was prickly 

Games at the church, because
when it is cold and snowy outside and Grandma just put in grass that week...

...and there are 19 grandkids with the oldest only being 13...

Hunting season was a hit (hahaha pun intended)

Musical chairs

Talent show with everyone

I couldn't back up enough to everyone in.

Kaylee being a great babysitter

Cousins Issac and Jonathan, both funny 4 year olds

Card games 

On Saturday Jonathan and Jordan had a wrestling tournament, the Turkey Tussell 
Jonathan got second and was so excited

Kirstin and Taylor came too to watch!

Our family's graham cracker nativity...complete with giant spider on top of the stable

Of course singing around the piano, these two were singing opera

Yep, about normal craziness around the house.  

It was great that everyone could be there.  Now on to Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Tradtions...

 The first part of December has brought on the Christmas traditions...

Setting up trees
This year I put these two boys in charge of the small tree, and they loved having the responsibility

 Snowman making..big 

 ...and small...

 Santa pictures at Fotofly!

 Our family got to be the Holy Family at our ward's Christmas party.
James, Jack, and Jonathan were shepherds and sang, on a loop, for 30 minutes with Nathan and I the song "Baby in My Arms". 

 Jett as baby Jesus

 Going with Grandma and Papa to see the lights at Layton City Park

And this is only the first part of December!