Monday, September 27, 2010

Locks of Love...again

Remember this post, well I did it again. I donated my hair to Locks of Love, a fantastic organization that makes wigs for children who lose their hair when they undergo chemo treatment. My hair grows abnormally fast, so I've counted, and this will be the fourth time I've done it seven years. If you are thinking of cutting a lot of hair off, you should check it out. Devyn Pickett did my haircut, she is great, and in the Provo area if you ever need a great hair stylist! Now I just have to learn how to round brush style it...



Tyler's "Non-Farewell"

Our nephew Tyler is going on a mission, and heads into the Missionary Training Center on October 6th. He spoke in church last Sunday for his "non-farewell" farewell talk. Mom and Dad came out to hear him too, and it was a fun weekend. It was also the first time they've seen our new house, and we loved having them, and it was a great visit.

My family! Probably the last one all together for two years

Jamers gets kisses from Grammie and Grandpa before bed

Kendra, Grammie, and Jamers

See you again soon!!!

Animals we've seen at our far

There are lots of animals to see around here. We've seen so far (pictures to accompany a few):
Sand Hill Cranes,

Wild turkeys,
a Bobcat,
Deer (even fawns!),

Praying Mantis',

Bald Eagles,
tons of Hawks,
a Pheasant,

Moose, meece, moosen,... whatever. Three of them. Nathan literally "ran" into two on a trail run, and I saw one while biking. They are really BIG, and hopefully next time we see one we'll have a camera handy.

Still haven't seen the porcupine, but we'll be on the lookout, there is a den nearby apparently.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Labor Day Fun :)

Labor Day weekend we did something I've wanted to do since I've moved to Utah, we went to the National Sheepdog Trials in Midway. I thought it was interesting at least. The dogs were amazing. It was just like in the movie "Babe", the dog goes out this huge distance, a few acres away, and brings back the sheep, through gates, even seperates them into two groups. All the while the handler has to stand within a five foot radius of a pole at the beginning of the course. It was crazy! We also snuck Lady in. We were staying that night in Park City with Matt and Aubreigh, so we couldn't leave Lady. I happened upon a free enterance ticket from an older couple who was leaving, and we saw that "spectator dogs" were not allowed in, but we couldn't just leave her in the car. Well, I was going to just try to pretend like I knew what I was doing, and see if I could just walk in. If I could get in, then Nathan would buy a ticket, if not, then no money was lost. I gave my ticket, and started in, when one of the ticket takers asked "are you participating?", before I could respond, the other ticket taker said "duh, she has a border collie". So I just walked on in. It was neat to see, but I'm glad we only had to pay for one ticket. Then we walked around Swiss Days later that day.

In the foreground is the handler next to the white post, up on the hill is where the border collie is bringing down the sheep

James and Daddy taking a water break at Swiss Days...everything was Swiss,
including Swiss Tacos? That one I think they just made up.

Saturday we had a fun hike up at Deer Valley with Matt and Aubreigh, and some new friends of theirs. We took the lift up, hiked a little, but it was pretty chilly. On the way back down, Matt and Aubreigh took James, we got to trail run down. Wow, was that fun!! Afterwards we just hung out and had a great dinner together.

James riding in style, with the lift in the background

At the top of this mountain, it was actually pretty cold, I wish I had worn pants.

Kendra at the very, very, tip top of the mountain

James and Quinn having a baby conversation :) I wonder what they say to each other....

Sunday we had the opportunity to go back to Provo for Michelle and Ryan's new baby Tyler's blessing. We are sure excited for their new little one to be here. I love that ward!! It was great seeing old friends!! The Murry's, the Hyde's, the Curry's, the Wright's, and the Williams' just to name a few. I realized that I loved that ward because after three years, I knew lots of people, and had good friends there, friends that I'll keep in touch with for a long time. I will always remember that ward!

Some BYU 103rd friends in there! Boy do I miss that ward :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Colorado Here We Come...

We just got back from visiting Colorado. The main reason will be a post all its own so stay tuned, but we did do some really fun things while there in addition. I was able to really reconnect with some old friends, and hopefully we will stay more in touch :)

Lunch at the park with Bishop "Grandpa" Colman. We try to visit with the Colmans each time we are in town. What an awesome guy, we did visit "Grandma" Colman too, but she was sick this day and we didn't get a picture :(.

James and Mommy at an Englewood High School football game. That brought back lots of memories of pep band, and it was fun to watch. EHS won too as a bonus!

The Denver Temple at night

My best friend from high school, Heather, and I got to reconnect, and we're going to stay in better touch now! I'm excited for that. We did so much together in high school that it was great talking about what we've been up to.

My baby James and Kristine, my old Young Women's leader. She is so gorgeous, and I loved visiting her! She is still such a good example to me, and a great mom to her cute kids.

And then crazy random, my mom and I were witness to this accident. This van hit the other parked van. I ran to the scene to see if anyone was hurt, and the man in the car got out. I told him to stay still, I was calling the police, and he was trying to get his car unhooked, I then realized he was going to leave, so I started yelling to stay there in the car (I think I would have a made a good cop), and another neighbor was right next to me, yelling the same thing. The man was reving the engine, but the van was stuck. Then the neighbor pulls out a GUN to get the guy to stay in the van (the driver was obviously under the influence by some substance). I'm on the phone with police this whole time, then when I say there is a gun, boy do they get worried. The neighbor had a permit, so he was okay, and then the driver LEFT ON FOOT! Not very well mind you, he was very drunk, but I was a little scared and got behind some other cars because I didn't know if he would pull a gun on the neighbor who had a gun. Anyway, the neighbor walks with the man down the block, yelling for him to stop. He put his gun in his truck and locked it by now, police get there, and start patting the neighbor down, then he tells his side, and he wasn't in trouble. However, the driver of the van wasn't cooperating, and the police pulled out a tazer on him. Holy cow! Anyway, I give my whole story to police, the driver is arrested for a DUI, and a hit and run, and this was the most excitement ever on my block, and I just happened to be home. I also had been parking about right there all week, so I was glad I decided to park around the corner that day. Luckily no one was hurt, but that is my crazy random story.

August Happenings by James

Hi all, mommy and daddy have been really busy, so I thought I'd catch anyone who still reads this up with what we've been up to, especially with some cute pictures of yours truly :)

We've been on hikes as a family, that was lots of fun! Daddy has seen two moose running, and mommy and I have seen one while biking.

I'm growing, and I like to lounge in my comfy chair while I enjoy cool and refreshing milk.

Grandma came to visit, she loves me. She came to help mommy and daddy paint a little bit, but I loved playing with her lots and lots.

I helped mommy put our last two chairs together. I even got the alan wrench in the right hole!

Went to Tanner's football game. That was lots of fun, and I like watching and clapping. Maybe I can play next year :)