Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Crit Races part 2

These pictures were taken the second Saturday.  It was windy this day, and the field of riders was larger and stronger.  Nathan took to the breakaway earlier, there were 4 guys this time, and at the end sprint he said he didn't have anymore to give and he came in 3rd (again, another strategy, if he hadn't pulled as much...aka leading that group...he might have been able to do better in the last sprint, but he's learning!). 

Wish I could take credit for this photo, 
but another person was there and shared this to the RMR Crit Series website.

A good race is any race he walks away with unhurt!
We have seen the aftermath of a few wrecks, and they are scary!
(At least I haven't seen any broken bones...yet)

Criterium Races

 Every Saturday for the last 3 weeks Nathan has been racing a "crit" race at the Rocky Mountain Raceway as a category 5 racer.  These races are really fun to watch, because they go by about ten times instead of one.  The first Saturday Papa and Grandma came too!

 Watching with Grandma as the racers are coming!

 Nathan's third from the left in this picture, on the outside so a good photo op!

 I turned around once and this was happening...

 Jonathan LOVES his Papa :) 

 Nathan broke away from the pelaton(the big group of riders) and made a breakaway to catch the two leaders.  That was exciting to see because he did that breakaway on the spectator side, right in front of us!  He did great, then they dropped another guy, and it was Nathan and one other for the leaders.  
There is a lot of strategy in road racing.

 Grandma gets a turn!

 The boys have their bells out to cheer on Daddy

 With two laps to go he was leading, but he didn't realize he was pulling the guy behind him.  That takes energy.  So on the final stretch it was a sprint.  Nathan got second this Saturday, but it was close.  And he did great for his first crit!

 James and Daddy after the race

 Jack and his Daddy

Nathan with his Mommy and Daddy :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jonathan's Birthday Parties

So really we had 3 smaller parties for Jonathan's first birthday.  First was with some friends, we were watching their kids that night, and they love our boys, so we thought why not.  Nothing big, just cupcakes, and then an awesome game of hide and seek!

Getting ready to sing

Jack likes the cupcakes!

Jonathan getting the favorite toy that is at their home

"Hey can we open this now?"

MaKayla being fun

She loves babies :)

Then on his birthday we had Grandma and Papa come.
He was excited to open presents

Jonathan with his Grandparents

James and Jack were helping him open because that's what big brothers are for

The weekend before worked out that we could have Kirstin and Taylor come and most of the Kutterer's too.
Uncle Mike feeding some cupcake

Aunt Kirstin made him a froggy blanket:)

Daddy with Jonathan on his birthday

This next sequence I call "The progression of a cupcake:)"

Happy 1st Birthday!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Fotofly: Jonathan 1 year pictures

I am a big picture person.  I love family pictures, and I am committed to getting my kids' pictures taken on their birthday, and at newborn, 3,6,9, as well as 18 months.  They change so much that frequent pictures are important.  Take that obsession, add in FotoFly, and you get pictures at those times.  I love getting pictures at FotoFly, now also open in Kayesville so I don't have to go all the way to Draper.  These are for Jonathan's 1st birthday, and FotoFly did not disappoint: