Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

We woke up on Valentine's, and on the counter were chocolates and a Valentine from their mommy:) 

 Then the boys helped Daddy on a scavenger hunt to find his present... a panini maker!  Grilled cheese has never been easier!  Actually Nathan has wanted one for years now.  He did find one a few years ago at the DI, but maybe there was a reason it was there.  Anyway, now he owns a nice one, and I think he has used it at least once every two days since. 

For me, Nathan had my favorite dainty drop hand-stamped charm bracelet by The Vintage Pearl sent in and added Jonathan's name and birthstone, and then fixed his birthstone that had fallen off.  I love my bracelet, it has all of my boys on it:)

That afternoon we went to a fun double birthday bash for some cute kids up in our neighborhood, and our boys loved playing with all the other kids from up here.  Then Matt and Aubreigh came, and we got a sitter, and headed to dinner the four of us to Maddox in Brigham City.  

It is a really great place.  I got a Bison steak, which was good but there was a huge tendon in mine.  Nathan had a sirloin, and it was seriously a two knuckle steak!  I did prefer his.  Our sitter survived all our boys, ages 5,4,3, almost 2, and almost 1 years old!  He's a good kid, and the second of six kids.  And wow, did that kid made bank on us:)  Plus our kids said that he was so much fun.  There was a fort that consisted of all our dinning room chairs in our basement, complete with sleeping quarters and a sky window to watch the movie on the TV through.  Were our kids sleeping when we got home?  Only Jonathan.  Was everyone happy, fed, and safe?  Yes!  I call that a success! Overall, a great Valentine's.