Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jonathan's Birthday Parties

So really we had 3 smaller parties for Jonathan's first birthday.  First was with some friends, we were watching their kids that night, and they love our boys, so we thought why not.  Nothing big, just cupcakes, and then an awesome game of hide and seek!

Getting ready to sing

Jack likes the cupcakes!

Jonathan getting the favorite toy that is at their home

"Hey can we open this now?"

MaKayla being fun

She loves babies :)

Then on his birthday we had Grandma and Papa come.
He was excited to open presents

Jonathan with his Grandparents

James and Jack were helping him open because that's what big brothers are for

The weekend before worked out that we could have Kirstin and Taylor come and most of the Kutterer's too.
Uncle Mike feeding some cupcake

Aunt Kirstin made him a froggy blanket:)

Daddy with Jonathan on his birthday

This next sequence I call "The progression of a cupcake:)"

Happy 1st Birthday!


Jennifer said...

So did Jonathan or Lady eat more of the cupcake? ;)