Wednesday, June 21, 2017

December...Before Christmas!

Cute pictures of our family from December:

My perfect sleeping angel

Jonathan found my shower cap one day, he's a ham, I love this age

Mommy's birthday scavenger hunt...

This is now a tradition, it's not even about what we get, it's about the hunt

Our family of 6!  We are so blessed!

At an Endurance360 team meeting, and Lee got to hold this little guy.  He is going to be a new daddy this next year, so we gave him so practice :)

Just a typical bedtime, mommy reading, boys having a good time, James is holding his baby brother

Grammies visited in December and stayed through Christmas, and we got into doing puzzles together

Playing the dradel game.  Jonathan loved eating the chocolate chips the most I think

Jordan's obligatory Santa hat picture...
We have a picture with all of our kids like this.

Sporting the farm hats, some of them not sporting much else, HA!

My baby in a manger...wait...that's JAMES!

Entertaining a cutie during wrestling, we take funny pictures

A good tournament once again.
This little kid loves to wrestle

Later that day we went to Boondocks

Boondocks with the boys...this was a very cold race track day

Of course my video game loving kids had a great time

Kirstin and Taylor visiting

Funny face sisters

So this Denver Bronco's jacket was MINE as a baby, and Jordan fit perfectly.

Then I just happened to be looking through pictures, and found one with me in it!  This is me, about a year old, being held by Uncle Kyle

He fell asleep on me again, soooo cute!  

I was looking really pretty one day...

Jordan surprised...

Jordan happy!

James and his kitty Midnight.  He really loves his cat.

Mixing up the headgear for Jordan a bit, 
now sporting reindeer antlers

Grammies counting out her pills to get ready for a week

The snow was finally perfect, so at 4:30 pm (and the sun going down)...
...we made our way outside to build a snowman!

Jack did one last meet for wrestling, it was single elimination, and he advanced two rounds.

Great first year buddy!!  He'll be back for more that's for sure.

Last time over at Papa and Grandma's Syracuse house.
It sold and they had to be out by the 23rd of December. We got to go play one more time in their neat basement.

I saw my old car at the neighborhood walmart in South Ogden!!
This is the car that brought me to the hospital to have James, that we had for a year after James was born, that got me through nursing school.  I really liked this car.  We had sold it to someone I knew from BYU when James was 1, but they had gotten into an accident soon after and had sold it.  So I was so surprised to see it in South Ogden all these years later!  And still running, and it looks in pretty good shape! I left the new owners a nice note on their windshield telling them the story of their vehicle :)

Our neighborhood had the annual carriage rides!

And hot chocolate of course.  Pretty cold but a tradition!

Play date with these cuties!

McDonald's playplace and Costco churro's
I'm glad they are easy to please

Gingerbread house decorating...

...and cookie decorating...

Fotofly Santa pictures, I love this tradition as well.

Happy December!  Jam packed with tradition!