Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sun Come Out and Play!

Saturday it was finally sunny here in cold Provo, so much so that we took a hike back to our favorite trail head. It was fun, and it was nice to finally soak up some vitamin D, however, the sun melted lots of the snow, and it was a bit muddy. It was warm enough though to go without a jacket, a welcomed pleasure after so much cold here. Spring, come soon, we miss you!

Kendra and Nathan trying to soak up the warmth on the hike:) As you can see, still some snow around, but we had to get out and enjoy the warmer weather.

Lady loved being outside! It was nice to not be couped up because of the cold, for all of us!! Isn't her red bandana cute?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Dinners

This weekend we decided to make some green curry...yum!! Nathan had made it before we were married, and it is just as good as you would get as at someplace as one of our favorite restaurants, Bangkok Grill. We went and got all the ingredients from Many Lands Asian Market, and began to create. Well, we were successful, however, it was definitely HOT!! We had our friend's, Ryan and Michelle, over to enjoy it with us, and here were the different ways people dealt with the hotness of the meal....

Nathan put sugar on his to make it not as hot

Ryan gurgling with milk, they also enjoyed lime sorbet afterwards to clean the pallet!

Michelle getting curry down with juice, whatever works!

It was so spicy, but very good. I rate hot on a scale as successful if it gives me the hiccups, and it did! We'll make it again, but we'll not make it as spicy next time. Thanks to Ryan and Michelle for being good sports :)

Then on Sunday we made homemade pizza, a great salad, and had left over curry with friend's and cousin's, Kristie and Tom. It was a wonderful weekend of dinners with great friends!

Tom and Kristie, after a delicious meal

Sorry everyone for such a hot meal, but we really enjoyed the company!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We hope that everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day! I sure did. My casanova surprised me, and the surprises just kept coming. On Friday he told me to be ready by the time he came home, and to dress up. I love dressing up, so already I was pretty excited. He then took me to the best restaurant in Utah, no joke, Chef's Table, which was voted best tasting in Utah, and even Fleming's was like third. Anyway, so a great place where I ordered tenderloin and Nathan had chicken marsala. Soooo good. I had salad beforehand, and he had the Butternut Squash soup. Oh-my-gosh. The soup was like heaven in my mouth. Then out comes the meat, and both have this sauce, with these buttermilk mashed potatoes, vegetables, and what was great is that this place also does portion control. So the servings really are what you are supposed to get, not at like Chili's where your plate has 3600 calories on it. Anyway, the meal was fantastic, and we think that we are now connisour's of fine dining. So we've decided that we'll eat out less so that we can go to some place like that more.

Butternut Squash soup was heaven in my mouth

Next we went to Italian Gellato for some fine Italian ice cream, I had just suggested that we get some ice cream at the grocery store and then head home. Again, surprised! After that I thought we were going home when Nathan pulls into the parking garage of the Marriott, and says, we're here! What?!?! Yep, he had gotten us a room, and it had been up graded, so we got an awesome room for the night, and when we got there, I discovered Nathan had put chocolates on the floor and roses and rose petals on the bed. So romantic. It was a splendid night, and I loved every minute of it. I feel so blessed and special, and I like both feelings a lot. THANK YOU Nathan for everything!!!

The beautiful bed

The one who masterminded the whole night. Nathan is a 10 on my casanova scale =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tiffany and Kolby's Wedding

This weekend we went to the farm in Franklin for our cousin Tiffany Griffeth's wedding to Kolby Rawlings. They got married for time and all eternity in the Logan Temple, and it was beautiful. So many people came, it was like a family reunion! What is neat is that Kolby is from Preston, ID, and so family was close and lots of people came.

The new Kolby and Tiffany Rawlings!!!

All the Manwarings that were there, it was great having Mom there as well!

Grandma Hiller and Grandma Haworth with Kendra. Grandma Hiller said we were glutton for punishment for taking a picture of her. I love these two amazing women :)

After the sealing Nathan and I visited the couple that baptized my family about 16 years ago when they went on a mission to the Denver South Mission! My how time flys. When my parents were baptized they both flew back out so Clyde could do the baptisms. Clyde and Carol Juchau live in Logan, about 3 minutes from the temple, and so I really wanted Nathan to meet these two incredible people that had such an impact on my life. I will forever be grateful that they decided to serve a mission.

Carol and Clyde Juchau, still looking good!

14 Week Belly

Okay, okay! After many requests (this is for you Victoria:) ), here is a picture of my baby bump at 14 weeks. I just got back from the gym, but you get the idea. So three and a half months looks like.....

...absolutely nothing! Don't be disappointed, this is why I hadn't posted a picture yet, there was nothing to post. I thought that I had gained a pound at my last visit, but then today at the gym when I weighed myself on two different scales I was back down again. Oh well, but I know that babe is in there! It will just take a few more weeks to look like it :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Update

I had another OB visit this week, and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time!! Last time they couldn't find it with the doppler, so I had an ultrasound, which is fun but I couldn't exactly tell what I was looking at. It made me feel like a bad mother, I couldn't even recognize my own baby:) Not really, but I did get a picture early so that was neat. This time though after I've heard the heartbeat it seems more real to me. Everything is going great, and many can be jealous that even when I would feel slightly, and we are talking slightly, sick before at nighttime, it is ALL gone now, and my energy is back! Belly pictures to come this week when I look cute for the camera, instead of just getting back from school all the time :)

The other neat thing regarding babies was I was in the admit nursery for my OB clinical this week for school, and I LOVED it! That is the kind of nursing I want to go into now for sure, OB/ Labor & Delivery. I got to see live births of both kinds, do apgar scores, newborn assessments, give first baths, give first shots, and I'm even in a few family photos holding the baby up in the nursery window! Yep, it was just about the best ever, I even lost track of time because we were so busy and it was so fun that my instructor had to come find me to tell me it was time to go :)