Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lagoon, lagoon, and more lagoon!!

We got season passes to Lagoon because we had wanted to take James and Jack on a special birthday date, but individually.  Needless to say...happy birthday boys, the pass was your your present ;)
I wanted to get our money's worth, so we went every week for the rest of the summer!  Sometimes twice a week! So.Much.Fun!

September 2017 in Pictures

A look at September through pictures...
First to start off we stopped for a little bit and saw the McConnons on our way to St. George/Vegas over Labor day weekend.  I wish we lived closer.  Maybe someday again.  Until then we'll make sure our littles are still friends.   Love this girl Lilah!  I got to help Kristie go through clothes and figure out some things for their family pictures that night.  Love them!

Then we drove by the Cedar City temple around dinner time.  It was almost finished when we went by, and it is gorgeous.  How lucky to live so close to so many different temples.  I love the gospel, and I love the work that is performed there.  It really does turn my heart to my predecessors.  And everytime I think of temples, I always think of Grandpa and Grandma, and everything they must be doing for their family on the other side of the veil. 

Jack and Mommy time one day

I took James to pack meeting with...
...Chex out to ride and do a cowboy theme for cub scouts.  He was so good (of course!).
James rode him all the way  there, and I rode him back (from his field off Old Highway to the bowery(aka pavilion) where pack meeting was held).  It was lovely weather, until the sun went down, then I was way under dressed!

Nathan took the other kids for a little hike while I went to scouts.
Jack hiking with his best friend Kellen

Jordan's way of hikin

Jonathan catching up to the big kids in his superman costume.  Once he decided he wanted to be a "superhero called superman" for Halloween, he wore his costume everyday for a week. 
They hiked up behind our house, and I just love being able to go right from here to explore the woods. 

So right after Labor Day Jonathan had his first day of Pre-School!!
This little guy has been so ready, for about a year!  He wants to be like his brothers and go,go,go!

He is going to Ms. Kera's preschool.  Both James and Jack have had her for preschool, and they have loved her.  So fun for him.  And it is just around the block from our home, very close!  Funny story: right before labor day I said to him "let's go see your preschool?"  He said, "okay, can I ride my strider bike?"  "Sure! But hold on, I have to talk to Daddy really quick on the phone then we'll go".  We had just gotten a lot of trees and were setting them out where to plant, and had hired someone to help dig the holes (20 holes, and they were big, so we hired a small excavator).  Anyway, I got off the phone, looked around, and Jonathan was gone!  I go to the garage, and his bike is GONE!  Wha?  I call Nathan starting to freak out a bit, while running up and down our street, still nothing.  I get off the phone, and start to pound on doors to get someone to help me look for him, still nothing and now I can't find anyone at home.  I get in the CAR to start making the radius from my house bigger, and I get a call from a lady in our neighborhood!  She saw him riding his bike TO THE SCHOOL, and followed him there because she said she just saw this little guy without a mom.  Jonathan GOT INTO THE SCHOOL WITH HIS STRIDER BIKE AND WAS IN THE MAIN OFFICE LOOKING AT THE FISH TANK!!!  My friend said she went in, looked at him and said "you are a Manwaring, where's your mom?"  "She's at home" he proudly answered.  He had gone to the school, thinking that preschool was going to be there, not to his PrE-SchOoL!  I quickly made my way to the school, and was so grateful to her!  What shananigan's this kid pulls, always on my toes.  Anyway....we got to visit his preschool...

I looked out the window and what did I see?...
...I love where we live because we can see wildlife right across the street, quite often!

We went to Emily and Beau's wedding reception.  I worked with Emalee for years at Ogden Athletic Club, and Jonathan even took his first steps to her!  Such a neat couple and we are so happy for them!

Nathan took James and Jack to the father-and-son's campout out for our ward.
It was very chilly so these two ended up sharing a sleeping bag :)

Beautiful morning
They brought the new tent, and it's as long as the Jeep!

Great time had at the Wilkinson's Campground.  And I gotta say, I'm glad I got to sleep all cozy at home.  The older boys had a great time with their dad!
 While they were at the campout,  I had Michael and Emily while Nicole had a conference to go to...
All in the tub getting clean before bedtime.

Her hair is so long and gorgeous.  I did have to blowdry it and braid it so that it wasn't all in her way while she slept.  What fun to do a little girl's hair.  We love having cousins come to play!

 Jack playing one day after church with the teeny little rubber guys collection, and he put them in the little spaces in the cabinet.
I have been collecting little rubber animals since I was really little, at least 26 years, and we've got quite a collection now!  I couldn't find any for years, and then the company safari limited started making them, and they are so life like!  It is a fun thing that I can do with the boys too.  Whenever we go somewhere and see them for sale we have to see if there are any that we don't have yet :)

Just a cute one of Jordan, taking Lady for a walk.  
She has been the best dog, so good for all our boys. 
 So easy to take care of. Very loyal.

I went to Kira's bridal shower, so excited to see her get married!! 

Good buddy Lee helping Nathan fix the sprinklers, that were broken from the small excavator who dug the holes, but seriously...it was so worth it not to have to dig all those holes!  

Just some of the holes with trees to plant...seriously, so many!
James was my huge helper!  I planted all but one of the trees.  

I captured this sweet moment at Fotofly while the other two were getting their pictures taken.  
They all have a special bond with each other.  This is just a glimpse of the one between these two.  Biggest and littlest bros.

I got to do my first Parade of Raptors at a library in West Jordan!  
Here I am getting Goose the Peregrine Falcon ready to go.
While I was doing that, Nathan asked the boys if they wanted to go do a kids cyclocross race, and here was Jonathan's response...
...um of course yes if it has anything to do with his bike!
So he took them!  James is here all ready to go!

Nathan didn't know they had a strider division, so Jack and Jonathan ended up getting to race as well (and the look on Jonathan's face tells it all!)

Yep, our kids do bike races in costumes! 
I was serious when I said that Jonathan has worn his costume a lot this month!
After the race I met back up them and we went to a little park, had a picnic, and got to hike around. 
Here we are throwing rocks into a river
Jack posing by racoon tracks we found by the river.  One of his favorite animals are raccoons, and he he does the best noise of one!

And this little one was just glad I let him down for part of the hike.  

Jonathan and I napping
He is SO cute, and will doing the funniest things.  I always want him to be 3 :)  But then I remember the great wisdom Grandma Haworth said, "It is lucky that they can grow up, we are there to teach them while they are little, but not all can or will grow up, so we are lucky". 
And I am lucky.  I do love this stage, but each stage is so fun too.  I like this picture because I can remember that he loves his binky to go to sleep, and his daddy puppy, and that he loves to snuggle up to mommy too :)

On the last Saturday of the month, I was in Colorado, and I couldn't go to CO without a trip to Denver, and I stopped and saw all my grandparents there.  The Colman's and I had a great time talking and catching up.  I love them so.  They have had such and impact on my life, incredible examples.  They are my honorary grandparents, and I love them so. 

From there I went to Grandma Kitty's place in Parker. 
 She looks great for 93!
A delayed birthday lunch for her.  But a treat to be with my mom and her.  Great women in my family, who love me so much and I them.  I am blessed.