Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Whole Year Old!

My baby is growing up! What the?!? Where did the year go? We can't believe that it is a whole year, and we love our Jamers more each day. He brings such a joy and sunshine to our lives. Year Stats:
Height: 29 inches (25%tile!!)
Weight: 18.2 lbs (less than 5%tile)
Head Circ: 18.1 inches (30%tile!!)

Way to go, I mean grow, James! He claps a lot, and imitates people too. He also can sign "more" very well, just started finally after vacation. "Please" is coming along. He can say "dada, mama, and duck". He loves his new bed, and even likes jumping on it. He can cruise along anything, and he'll be walking soon, we just know it. Love you James!
One year old! Have to have the picture with monkey :)

Happiest kid you've ever met

Jenn and Bryan's Wedding!!

We drove home from Vail on Thursday the 22nd. From there Jason took us to the airport, and we flew with saved Delta miles to AZ for the wedding. Wow, three states in one day! That night we celebrated James' birthday with family again.
James blowing out his candle
Karissa made a cute dinosaur cake. Thanks to everyone who was there!

Ryan and James playing the piano

Nathan, James and Kaylee opening presents

Friday more family came into town, and Friday night Jenn went through the temple to receive her endowment. Afterwards Kathy made the most scrumptious meal. She is sure talented that way. It was so much fun to all be there together. Our favorite thing about getting with family and friends is to talk and build those relationships.
Saturday morning was the big day! During the day, I'm not going to lie, it was HOT! We felt like we were melting, and it was 109 outside. Apparently that isn't that hot for down there. The worst was waiting for them to walk out of the temple, especially for the little ones. Jenn was beautiful though, and Nathan and I loved how we got to see how devoted Bryan is to her. Welcome to the family Bryan!

The lovebirds just married :)
However, the reception that night was so pretty, the best yet. They went all out, had a ceiling of lights, toil everywhere and it was beautiful.

Matching daddy and son


Elisa dancing with James :)

Love this picture, and love these girls!!! Rachelle, Kendra, Nicole, and Kortney

Grandpa and Grandma Haworth, and their great-grandkids from Manwarings!

Richard, Jason, Karissa, Jennifer, Nathan and Robert
Siblings, all of them! So cute :)

A cute little family

Kathy was amazing! I am so lucky to have her as my other mom.

Congrats to Jenn and Bryan!

Vail 2010

Vail this year was awesome!! GAC (Great Aunt Carol for those of you not up to speed with the acronyms) is now GGAC for James, came to, and oh the wonderful times we had. Vail is also like heaven for Nathan with trail running right out the door, and road biking anywhere as well. I started trail running, was skeptical at first, but after a little bit I LOVED it, and it was great! Then we found this road that used to be a paved road for cars, that they've closed off and now it is just for bikes and pedestrians!! Mostly there were just bikes, it climbed up Vail Pass, which was a difference of 2000 vertical feet in fifteen miles, aka: a very steep climb. Nathan pulled James along too, and everyone we encountered said how Nathan was a superstar for doing that. I think so too. And to see him pass people as he's pulling the bike trailer. Wow is all I can say.

Partway up Vail Pass!

Then there was still so much else to do up there! We grilled almost every night, so the food was delectible, Mom came up for a little bit also to stay. We swam, went on nature walks, went to the Betty Ford Gardens, the Nature Center, and downtown.

James and Daddy enjoying the pool!

Check out these trees that they've split in half and made into benches

Nathan and a fantastic meal! Grilled pineapple, grilled peppers, grilled onions, and BBQ chicken

Another meal on a day!

A neat tree in the gardens

Grammie and James
We also got to go down to Parker to see Aunt Carol and Uncle Kyle, and Marleigh before her wedding. We were sorry that we missed it (it was the same day as Nathan's sister Jenn's wedding). Grams was great and had everyone over to her place for brunch on Sunday. Uncle Kyle is doing great, prayers have been answered.
Brunch at Grams'

Great-great Aunt Carol with her little James :) These two got along famously!

Strong women! GGAC, Mom, and Grams

Happy Birthday to James! He turned one while in Vail, so we got to celebrate! We didn't get to go to Vail last year for obvious reasons (I was sort of in labor!) so to make up for it, we had a grand old party.

Monkey cupcakes!!
Mommy, James and Daddy

Everyone who was in Vail for James' b-day: Nathan, James, Kendra, Mom, GGAC,Grams, Bill and Rosie, Kirstin, and Dad

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Evolution of a House

Okay, we are back, after a long and fun vacation that involved seeing both sides of the family, and even three states in one day, we are back. More on the vacation to come, but I wanted to post some pictures of our home. Here's the story:
We decided to buy a home in January, we searched, went though close to 35 homes (not kidding!), then in February we decided to build a home in Mtn. Green, UT. They broke ground in March, and we closed in June. Pretty impressive, eh? The following pictures were all taken at about the same spot, so it's the evolution :).

February 5, 2010, the day we picked out the lot
March 31, 2010 foundation poured

March 27, 2010, dirt moved back to the area

April 4, 2010, a floor now

April 25, 2010, House framed!

May 5, 2010, siding going up, and inside drywalled

May 13, 2010, siding up, rock going up, inside taped

May 21, 2010, out side painted, inside taped and mudded

June 4, 2010, we've got cabinets

June 16,2010 outside is done except for grass! Inside almost done too!

July 2010, we are moved in!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We Moved!!

Saturday was moving day! A big shout out to all that helped, we couldn't have done it without you. It took about 2 hours to pack and clean our whole place. At 11:30 on the dot we gave our keys to the new people, and that was it, it was done. Friday I severly underestimated how long it would take to pack, so I got some extra help from Jason, Nicole, Karissa, and Kirstin. So many friends from the BYU 103rd Ward, family Jason and Nicole, Karissa and Cory, Kirstin, Kristie and Tom, they were all so helpful, thank you all again. Thanks also to everyone who helped unload in Mountain Green, Tyler Howells, Ankit from Equation, thank you again.

The only picture I got from moving day, one of our wonderful home teachers, Preston Murray, with the PACKED moving truck! 17' fit everything, but they used every square inch!

Thank you all again! Bye Provo, and hello to Mountain Green!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Independence Day! We hope that you all had a great 4th of July. Saturday we did a lot of fun things that included:

We went on a bike ride to Bridal Veil Falls

A BBQ with Jason and Nicole, such great food! Thank!

The Stadium of (pause) Fire fireworks from up by the Y

Daddy and James, and the facial expressions were not staged!

oooo, ahhhh with Jason and Nicole

Our first 4th of July as a family!

Sunday Kirstin came over on the real 4th

James likes funny faces ;)

Happy 4th of July!

And for your enjoyment check out this video, I think it's awesome!