Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day in AZ!

So this last Friday we went to Arizona to visit family for Jennifer's graduation. We unfortunately missed her graduation, but she did trip like me going up the stairs:) Way to go Jenn! The tradition lives on! (See the post "Graduation" for more on that story) The night before we had watched Transformers with Kristie and Tom, then when we drove down on Friday we went over Hoover Dam! Kind of funny, so we had to stop and take a few pictures. We also were able to stop and see our Aunt and Uncle, Bob and Diane Grazulis.

Nathan, Aunt Diane, Kendra, and Uncle Bob in Las Vegas

Kendra with the Hoover Dam in the background, and the new suspension being built in the background. Looks like it is going to be a scary bridge!

Here we are at the Hoover Dam, can you guess that it was really windy:)

It was great seeing everyone, though we did miss Kortney and Kaylee. We'll see them next time though. We had a fun time making memories, playing games, and enjoying dinner outside. Here is everyone at Sunday dinner, so yummy!

Later that night Nathan and I thought it would be fun to make a fire in the firepit, and sit around and talk with everyone. Really though the only ones who enjoyed it were Rich, Rachelle, and us. Elisa liked playing by it, too! Here is Kendra and Elisa blowing on the fire to get it going some more, or at least we were trying to help it out, I don't know how much good we really did.

What is Arizona without fun in the pool? It wasn't as hot there as we were expecting, but we did get to play an awesome game of water volleyball, guys vs. girls. The guys were dolphins, and when they would score or do something good they would all do dolphin moves, which was hysterical. Us girls then became starfish, so when we would do something good we'd be starfish against the wall, the net, and even once on the bottom of the pool. Talk about some fun memories! Here is Nathan with Elisa on one of our times in the pool.
Elisa didn't want to let go of Nathan, she didn't want to sink is what she said:)

When it was time to go home, we were eating lunch, and Elisa was the best big sister to Lydia, she was feeding her, and holding her cup of milk to her to drink. It was so cute, I hope that I have girls that are this nice to each other. This isn't the best picture of this activity, but I got what I could. Too bad you can't take pictures from your memories, they are always the best.
Lydia and Elisa eating lunch.

It was a great trip, though short, and we had so much fun with everyone. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for a great time with great food!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Salt Lake City Opera

So on Wednesday, May 14th, I got tickets from my high school friend Josh Wickard who is working for the Salt Lake Opera for Mozart's Don Giovanni. It was also the week that Nathan was in Ohio for work, but fortunately working with Kristie I found someone else to come with me. We had a great time, and Tom came up to do a session in the temple while we were at the opera. However, once up in SLC we found out how long the opera was...three hours and fifteen minutes!! Plus a session was really long, so we probably wouldn't have gotten home until around midnight. Thus, we opted to leave at intermission, and Tom curled up with a good book, but that was okay, as it was still fun company. On the way up we stopped for something to eat and witnessed a double fender-bender. Glad it wasn't us was all I can say. In the foyer a nice elderly woman suggested that we get these cushions to sit on, which turned out to be very helpful as a woman five rows in front of us had the biggest Utah hair I have ever seen, and I still couldn't see the very front of the stage because of her hair. The opera was also sung in Italian, and so there were subtitles on a screen that we could see as they sung. The plot was a little interesting, about a womanizing nobleman, he has been with over 1800 women, and he killed someone in a duel. Now as he is trying to womanize others, one of his "victims" who loved him keeps following him around and telling everyone what he really is intending on doing, womanizing as many women as possible. That was as far as it had gotten before we left. I guess in the end he is carried down to hell by the seven carnal sins. Obviously a bit intense, but all the same I've never been to an opera before, and I think that I'd like to go again. Here is Kristie and I before the show started:

Then here we are again out in front of the Capital Theater. There were all sorts of people there, many older ladies all decked out with pearls and such while there husbands were falling asleep before it even started! I loved how some people were even wearing tuxes!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rebekah's Baptism

Yesterday, May 10th, we got to go to our cousin's baptism. Rebekah Kezele is just as cute as a bug in a rug, and had asked us to go a year ago, then sent us an invitation, and even called Nathan to ask if he would play the piano at her baptism. It was so beautiful, and the spirit was so strong. I got to sit next to Grandpa and Grandma Haworth, and we also saw Rick and Sherri Tanner there, too! It was so special to be there for that wonderful occasion. After being baptized Rebekah shared her testimony, and it was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. Later in life Nathan and think that we'll play match-maker between her and my cute, cute nephew Tanner. We love being a part of our family's lives, and love each and every opportunity to be with them. Here is a picture of us and Rebekah after she was baptized:

Nathan and I with our eight year old daughter...
...just kidding, Rebekah's our cousin, but she looks like maybe one of our future girls (at least I hope so, I think she is so cute!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2nd Anniversery!

So, it is official, we now have been married for two years!!! It seems like just yesterday that we were getting married, and I was still just saying until Tuesday that we'd been married just over a year. Well, I can now see how true the saying is that time flies when you are having fun. For our anniversary weekend(May 3rd and 4th) we went up to the farm and went camping on the Friday night, hiking, mucking out stalls, horseback riding, repelling, and rock climbing on Saturday, and then Sunday we went to church with Mike and Misty Porter. It was an exhausting weekend, but that is how we like it, lots of fun! Then on our real anniversary we had a great night at home with a wonderful dinner and then afterwards fun together.

On our wedding day, at the Denver Temple

Two years married and even more madly in love:)