Sunday, June 19, 2011

Boise Half Ironman 70.3

Last weekend we went to Boise for the big Half Ironman race that Nathan has been training for months for. It was awesome that Tom also signed up for the race and that they did it together. Nathan originally got involved because a few people in our neighborhood said they were going to do it. There were supposed to be a lot of people who were going to do it, then Nathan was the first to sign up, then many decided not to. A total of 4 guys from Mountain Green did the race which was neat. Thursday night we drove partway up to Twin Falls and stayed with Jason and Nicole. The

Daddy, James, and Mommy at the falls

The Shoshone Falls, these were impressive especially with all the runoff!

Daddy and James checking out the huge waterfall

Thank you Jason and Nicole for taking us! Then we drove to Boise where we met Kristie and Tom in Boise after race check-in so that the boys could go drop off their bikes where they needed to be and the girls and babies could go back to Rick and Sherri's (the Tanner's are Kristie's parents, and Nathan's aunt and uncle) house a bit earlier.
Race day was then on Saturday! I think everyone was a little nervous, even those of us not competing!
The swim was at Lucky Peak Resivor, and was really cold, a whooping 53 degree water that day! Nathan said that any skin exposed like your hands, feet, and face, just hurt from the water being that cold. However, both Nathan and Tom did really well! We were able to track to see how long each leg of the race was, and how long transitions were via our iPhones and the Ironman website. I love technology (when it works of course).
We didn't get to see the swim as it was farther away, and harder with the two babies. Nathan's Aunt Sherri works at the Institute building on Boise State Campus, which ended up being really close to the bike-to-run transition area. We made that our home base, and on race day went downtown, had Lilah and James take naps at the Institute building while Sherri stayed and listened for them while Kristie and I went down to transition to watch the boys come in.
Nathan coming in on the bike.
Check out those awesome wheels that Shawn let him borrow for the race.
That combined with the new handlebar tape made his bike look *swa-eet*

After they came in on the bike, we went back and got the babies up from their naps, then walked back to the finish line. I loved being able to watch Nathan come in. The race atmosphere there is incredible, the crowds all cheering for everyone. Wow, it was great, and I felt pumped up and I wasn't even racing!

Nathan almost to the finish line!

Tom almost done!

Nathan with Mountain Green friends Cade and Shawn, who also completed the race

Daddy, Mommy, and James post race
Way to go Nathan!!!

Post-race Tom with Lilah and Kristie
Way to go Tom!!!

I like these next two shots though, because it shows how the boys really felt after the race...

Each not feeling too hot in their own ways.
Back at the Tanner's house Nathan kept eating everything in sight while Tom crashed on the couch.

I'm so proud of Nathan for not just completing the race, but doing great too.
And for all the training that went into the race.
I'm not sure if they'd do it again, but I can't wait to get out there and work on my running after the baby is born, that race got me pumped!
Big Thank you to the Tanner's also for letting us stay with you that weekend!

First Scrape

Poor little James, this is his first scrape really, and it happens to be on his nose :( He tripped in the driveway, and we thought it was just his forehead that had a goose-egg bump until the next day when we saw his poor nose.
And if you look closely, his bottom lip is fat and black and blue too.

James pointing to the "owie" on his nose

Forehead with a bruise, nose with a scrape, lip swollen and black and blue.

What was a little funny was the next day at story time at the library, three other kids had this EXACT same sort of scrape, I guess it is a common thing for kids this age to do.
That made me feel better and that this sort of thing happens a lot.
It is part of growing up.
Which also makes me sad that he is growing up, but this a fun stage so we shall enjoy it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Salem SpRiNg Triathlon

Nathan decided on a whim to do a triathlon this weekend in Salem, UT. It's the Salem Spring Tri, and he's done it before, likes the course, and it was a good workout in preparation for the Boise Half Ironman next weekend. Tom decided to do it to, so Friday night we drove to Provo to crash at the McConnon's place so the two boys could go to Salem in the morning. Kristie and I then went a little later with the babies to show our support. It was a sprint triathlon, which is 750m swim, 13.1 mile bike, and a 5k run. Kristie and I witnessed a pretty bad crash while watching the bike portion. I was a bit scared for our boys because there were spectators that didn't get the concept of staying off the course. The boys did great though, and all their training is paying off. I was really proud of how Nathan finished too, check it out:

Nathan won his age division! The picture is a little inacurate and the second place guy was actually in another age group, so he beat the next guy by six minutes. That is pretty good. He even got a trophy with a "spring" on it. He loves that thing, and said he has never gotten a trophy for an athletic event, ever. Nathan has said he wanted to win a race sometime in his life, but thought that he'd have to go to some really remote race. He didn't, and we are so proud of his hard work! Way to go honey!

Jamers and Daddy after his race

Tom and Nathan after the race.
They aren't dying, and feel pretty good. A good sign for next the half.

Finishing the run strong

On top of the podium with his trophy

Daddy the awesome triathlete, Mommy and James holding the spring trophy

Thank you McConnons for letting is stay with you, and for being fun friends. And for the yummy cauliflower mac-and-cheese. Not going to lie that I was very skeptical, but now I need the recipe! See you next week!