Friday, February 22, 2008


So, here is a funny, yet frustrating story. We ran out of ink yesterday, so I decided today when I go to school I'll take the cartridge with me so I can get a new one. Well, when I found the new one the girl working at the ink-refill booth thing in the bookstore talked me into just refilling instead of buying a new one. See, we had tried buying a used one just before, and our printer would never read the cartridge, so I was wary of any other method besides buying a new one, from the box, to my printer, but I got talked into it anyway because it was helping the environment. Now, mind you, an older gentleman dropped off his cartridges a minute before this, and she told him it would take fifteen minutes. So I end up dropping mine off, and it will also take fifteen minutes. When time was up I go and pick mine up, pay for it, and go home. Later when I decide to dig it out of my backpack to put it into the printer, guess what, I got that gentleman's cartridge!!! It is not the same kind, and now not only do I have no ink, but now no cartridge, and I have to go back, AGAIN. Lesson learned, just buy a new one that is in the box every time, and you won't run into hassles. I do my part for the environment by riding my bike to school everyday, so I don't mind throwing away an ink cartridge!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


What a fun time we've had this February so far!!! For Valentine's day Nathan had to travel, but that was okay as he sent me on a scavenger hunt to find my presents the morning before. He wrote it all out in iambic pentameter as well. What a sweetie! Then the next morning(actual Valentine's) I got a call from the Provo Police Department. My bike that had been stolen last September, was found!!!! I couldn't believe it! To top off the night I got to go through the temple with our cousin Kristi Lee Tanner, and her fiance Tom McConnon before they were married the next day in the Salt Lake Temple. Nathan came back that night, so he was able to go the wedding as well. The next day we were going to go to their reception in Boise, but our car was making some funny noises, so we decided not to drive all the way, but we were already in Franklin, ID, and so got to spend some more time with our cousin's Mike and Misty Porter, and enjoy all the gorgeous snow!

This is how far Nathan was shot off a hill going down on a tube at 55mph(we clocked it with a snowmobile). It was not the brightest idea we've ever had, but we are safe and will never do it again. That is about 40 ft!

This is the crater that Nathan made with his body upon landing! He went off twice, that is the crazy part.

We also did some awesome snowmobiling, and our cousin Mike sure can drive. He took me up a hill that was at a 75 degree angle, and there was a bull elk watching us the whole time about 80 feet away!
Where you can't see my other leg is how deep the snow is right now. Lady loved it too!

Friday, February 1, 2008

January 2008

Okay, we are sorry that we haven't updated this in awhile, so here is what has been happening. We went to Arizona for Christmas to be with the Manwaring side of us, and we had a great time visiting with everyone that we normally don't get to see. Dad heated the swimming pool, and it was like a giant hottub! I love hot tubs, so it was great to play volleyball in, though we had to be careful no to stay in too long:) Nathan received his bike, and started training the next day for the triathlons that we'll be in this summer. Nathan has even signed up to do a half Iron Man race! That is a 1 1/2 mile swim/50 mile bike ride/half marathon all in one race. Here is a picture of us at Temple Square under the red tree:

Here is another one of us at the Mesa Temple lights that Mom and Dad Manwaring were in charge of. This one was much warmer than the first!

Well, school has started up, and it is just crazy busy. We have been able to steal some time and get to the Haworth farm in Franklin, ID for some snowmobiling, tubing, and visiting Grandpa and Grandma Haworth. Life moves more slowly up there, and that is why we love it. Check these pictures out, you gotta love the snow:)

Nathan ready to tube down the huge hill!

Up at the top with snowmobiles, another self portrait, with the beautiful snowy mountains behind us. There was two feet of fresh snow to play in!