Friday, February 5, 2016

December Happenings...

Okay, here is December in pictures...because that is always more fun.  
We went skiing of course, and this year is one of the best Snowbasin has had in years...and of course I didn't get a season pass for myself, just the kids because of how bad it had been last year.
The boys did great, and are doing really well skiing again!

Jack wanted to wear his ninja costume again a lot :)

Jonathan fell asleep in the car, and when I brought him inside he stayed asleep on me for awhile.

Finally my sisters and I got to go to lunch together!

The boys praying over dinner, it cracks me up.

This boy loves horsey's, and I love him even more for it.  
Jonathan and Chex at the barn

At the semi-annual piano recital, where I don't know if my fear of playing in front of others is getting any better.

After the piano recital we went out to eat with Kathy and Alan, and stopped to watch doughnuts being made. Then we of course had to get doughnuts :)

After eating we helped them pick out a Christmas tree.
I've never picked out a real tree, and neither have the boys. 

One of the choir practices before Christmas...lots of participation!

Mommy is a great stepping stool.

Favorite little family by the Christmas tree

He fits into small places, and does so often.

We headed to see Grandma Hiller, and she did not metion the Kezele's would be there, so what a wonderful dinner we were able to all have together. 

My family in front of the tree

I dyed my hair brown, and I like it.  

Jack with his teachers Ms. Shawna and Ms. Lacey after his great Christmas program

We finally caught up with Santa on the slopes.  Seriously, we were chasing him all day.  We saw the Beckstroms up there, and they even stalled him so we could get to him.  But he is THE Santa, he knew both their names!  It was worth it!

Jack would not look at the camera.  Someday if he asks why he wasn't in some pictures and why he wasn't looking in others, we can chalk it up to a phase he was going through.

A beautiful sunset coming from home from Snowbasin

Grandma Hiller and Nathan, we got to see her again.  
We adore her. 

And she adores the littlest ones in her family :)

For the Equation Consulting Christmas Party, they rented out a whole theater and we got to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens!  Great movie and great company!  To prepare we watched Star Wars Episodes 4,5,&6.  Now everyone in the house (including Jonathan) sings Star Wars themes, morning, noon, and nights 

Boompa told us of a rocket launch, so we got to watch it live.  
Space is a big thing in our house.

More skiing of course

We've had lots and lots of snow this winter.  
Just a reminder to me why I do like driving an SUV, though it might not be as convenient as a van, the all wheel drive is great.

More skiing
Mommy and James on the lift

These two will now race down, take the jumps that have been made, and are overall becoming  great little skiers. 

So much snow that Chex was snowed into the barn.

Reading to Jonathan.  Nathan loves that in the background you can see the overflowing basket of laundry.

Jack goes to two preschools, it's a long story, but short part is there were two very cute Christmas programs.

 Jack with Ms. Kelly and Ms. Sara

We made handprint ornaments for our tree and grandparents

Birthday celebrations
Cookie cake with candles sticking out

They made lego-light sabers. 

My goofy Jack

These are my greatest presents