Monday, October 27, 2008

Flag Football

So Nathan joined an intramural team this semester, flag football with the BYU 103rd Ward. It has been fun, though his rib was dislocated again in the first game when someone from the opposing team rammed Nathan's sternum with their shoulder. He is better now, though some of the intercostal cartilage is mushy still. I'm very proud of him, and the tournament starts this week, good luck boys!

Playing football, they won this game in the last few seconds! The team is doing really well.

Tag Peterson, Ryan Williams, and Nathan

Hee Haws Corn Maze

On Friday the 24th, Nathan and I went with friends from our ward, Ryan and Michelle, to Hee Haws Farms Corn Maze. It was really fun, and I liked not doing the haunted part. It was still plenty scary, and it also became a game to see if we could scare Ryan and Michelle, by walking very quietly away. The farm was also neat because it had other things like a few neat slides and a petting zoo, that had a baby cow! Okay, see, here's the deal, every time we go up to Grandpa Haworth's farm, we pass all the baby cows that are in their little dog house things at the dairy just down the street. I have always wanted to stop and pet a baby cow and get a picture doing it, and we never do! So this calf was friendly and I got to pet it a bunch. Michelle touched one too, but she did not like the cow poop that she stepped in:) Afterwards we made cookies and had ice cream at their house. Thanks for a great night guys!

Nathan made a new friend

Ryan and Michelle at a dead end in the maze

The calf and Kendra, just a little sweetheart

Driving a tractor

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cool Pictures!

Last week during my fall break (I actually have one, never did at BYU) my friend from our ward Michelle and I went up to the mountains to take some fall pictures. She is really into photography, and I want to get more into that. Here are some beautiful pictures that we took outside of Heber, UT.

A favorite of mine, with the details of the railroad in front, and the neat barn in the background

That same neat barn, with interesting weeds in front.

A lovely railroad track, meandering through the valley.

Horses through the fence

The barn, snow capped mountains, and beautiful blue sky all in on picture

Michelle took this one of me on the tracks!

Thanks for taking me Michelle!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are you surprised!??!!

Okay, okay, some people have been asking, "what's the surprise" so here is the whole story. First, some background to the story, that all happened on Tuesday, Oct 14th: I had a mental health clinical that morning, and I learned a lot about myself, including that mental health nursing is definitely not for me. After feeding one of my patients who had horrible halitosis, his head flopped into my face, and he belched with little pieces hitting me in the face. I almost threw up on him I was so disgusted. Needless to say, I did not have a good time that day. Well, earlier that week our cousin Tom had asked me to do a favor for him later on Tuesday. He had asked me to take his wife, and one of my best friend's and cousin Kristie, to the mall or Costco at 4pm, and to give her a letter, he was planning a surprise, and it would really help him out. That made sense to me because Kristie's birthday is in October, and I knew that last October was when he proposed. I just assumed he was doing something special for those occasions. I had ended up forgetting to get the letter from Tom the night before, but Nathan said he'd go get it because I needed to be in bed since I had to get up so early on Tuesday for clinicals. So that made sense, no holes or flags there. Tom had told Kristie that he needed to drop off a proposal for Nathan's work regarding the software that Tom's company is launching, so that made perfect sense to her. So the boys had it just right to plan and planted the needed things in my car without any suspisions. I picked up Kristie from school at about 4pm and took her to Costco first, where I'd give her the letter, and then I would be "off the hook" as Tom put it, so I assumed that the letter would tell her to call or he'd be there to surprise her, or something of that sort. As we were walking in, she opened it, said "did you know about this", I said, "no, I'm just supposed to give this to you". She opened it, and inside was a letter for her AND for me. I was completely shocked, especially since it was in Nathan's handwriting. Was not expecting that, and it threw me for a loop since it was in the envelope from Tom. Well, our two rad husbands had gotten together to plan the first annunal "Girls Night Out To The Spa Just For Fun Night" or "GNOTTSJFFN" for short:) We had no idea they were planning this, but they had a 5pm appointment for us at the Mainspring Day Spa for a one hour full body massage. There was a hot tub that we relaxed in beforehand, and our bathing suits were already in my car, planted in the middle counsel the night before ;) They also gave us money for eating out before hand (we ate at a great healthy cafe right next door to the spa) and for shopping. It was awesome. I've been stressed out with nursing, and wondering if I even like nursing since I LOVED exercise science, and Kristie is stressed with exercise science too (it is awesome having a cousin who is doing the same major I did from the same school). This was a much needed break, and so Kristie and I really do have the best husbands in the world. I was totally surprised, and Nathan gets a 10 on the casanova rating scale. So that is the story, neat surprise, eh? THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Inside the entry to the spa

Kristie and I in our robes going to the hottub before our massage, which was so relaxing!!!

The sign to the spa, I highly recommend this place to anyone.

Grandma Hiller's 80th B-day!

On Monday it was Grandma Hiller's 80th birthday, and there is a tradition that since it is also Caleb Hiller (her grandson) and Karissa Garr's (her great-granddaughter) the next day, a big family dinner is in order at the Asian Star. Well, since this was her 80th, a huge group of her family also came to the Asian Star. There were 40+ people there, holy cow! It was tons of fun though, and we hope that Grandma was surprised! The food was also great, so thank you out to Carl and Debbie Hiller for dinner. We love you Grandma!

Grandma Hiller and Nathan. It is rare to get a picutre with Grandma, so we were lucky. Happy Birthday, we love you:)

Jennifer, Karissa, Kristie, Kendra, and Nicole, waiting for the yummy food

Grandpa and Grandma Haworth also came, yeah! It was fun to see them too!

Nathan, Tom, and Cory chowing down

All of us at one of the tables, so much good food!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Free Handbag!

So there is this new website, called Handbag Planet, and if you blog about it, they enter you for more chances to win a free handbag. So click HERE, enter, and try your luck to win as well!

Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference October 08!

The 178th Semiannual General Conference this year was great! I love this time of year, partly because it is fall, and partly because we get to hear direction from our church leaders! After coming home from camping we went over to Jason and Nicole's house to watch it. It was a good thing that it was rainy so that we weren't tempted to want to go outside. It is sort of a tradition to make orange rolls the day of conference, and this year raspberries were added for a new twist. Yum, yum! The next day we were able to watch conference with our dear Grandma Annie Hiller. She is the doll that let Nathan and I live with her when we moved back from Texas. It has been a so much fun visiting with her, and we love her dearly.

Watching Conference up at Grandma Hiller's. Karissa, Jenn, Kristie, and Tom joined us. Love you guys:)

What a great conference, and I cannot wait for the Ensign to come out so that I can read the talks and be uplifted all over again.

Fall Camping

The day before conference we went camping up at our favorite park, Big Springs, with Jason and Nicole, and our friends Ryan and Michelle Williams. It was so much fun! The leaves have changed so much in one week, and it is definitely fall now. We found a great place, set up camp, and made dutch oven pizzas and cobbler, along with the old favorite smore's, and a new favorite woof'ems. Michelle and Ryan taught us about those, they are biscuits cooked over the campfire in the shape of cups, then putting pudding into the cup, and woofing them down:) After dinner we went on a night hike, and even went by the beaver dam. Pretty neat, but it was a little scary in the dark (actually the whole hike was a little scary in the dark). We got back to our tents just as it started to sprinkle. The next morning breakfast had to be deferred because it rained all night, and it was still raining when we awoke. Actually, it rained all day, but luckily no one's tent leaked, so we had a good sleep. Thanks Jason and Nicole, and Ryan and Michelle! We had lots of fun, and we'll have to do it again sometime:)

Kendra and Lady next to the campfire

Nathan and Jason, with the homemade dutch oven pizza! Thanks to Jason and Nicole for some awesome food, it was fantastic!

Kendra and Michelle sporting our hats, it was cold at night:)