Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Bath

March 14th was Jonathan's first bath
after his umbilical cord fell off.
 So into the bath he went with his other two brothers.

 Thanks Daddy!

Nice and clean and getting into jammies :)

Lovin' on Daddy

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Nathan!!

 Nathan welcomed the big 3-0 by traveling for work that day,
and the next three(though he got better sleep
traveling than at home)

We picked up daddy and took him to lunch on 
his special day, then he went to the airport.

I had wanted to do a dinner for family, but was pretty 
tired seeing how we had a one month old.
I told Kathy I wanted to do a dinner, and she was 
amazing and threw it together.
And so many family members came!  
I didn't get a picture of everyone, but I got a few from
the party:
 Grandma Haworth and the new baby

Daddy and two of his boys getting ready to wrestle

Grandma Hiller and Nathan

Grandpa Haworth and my boys

A birthday dinner at home after traveling was 
done.  Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Surviving while Enjoying

So the first few weeks are hard with a newborn.  Jonathan is doing great eating, most of the time during the day.  At night though he was screaming and not sleeping from about 9pm until 2am constant, then he'd still wake again a few hours later, then a few hours later, then maybe fall asleep about 6:30, and then the other two would wake up.  It was rough.  Then James and Jack were taking turns, literally, at also waking up.  I do know that this stage of life won't last for forever, but those first few weeks I was beyond exhausted.  It has been getting better, I think a large part of that was cutting out all milk from my diet first, and now all dairy.  It made me think of the comedian Brian Regan's bit:" "I go to the doc and at the end of the visit he says, "and lay off the dairy", he might as well have said, "and no more happiness" ". I've also now laid off all chocolate :(  Both seem to have helped.

He loves his little baby brother

Jonathan and Baby Dear (my baby doll my parents gave me when
my little sister was born, they are the same size!)

Hello there!

James in his new ski helmet

James loves to lay next to Jonathan



Tiny sparkling cider bottles

Sleeping angel

Bluetrack race track, that is an awesome toy 
Nathan found on Amazon.com

Daddy and James went skiing

He sleeps during the day...

"Mommy his eyes are open!"

Jack built a plane out of blocks

So glad these two are buddies and can play
together, poor mommy has been pretty tired

James with bridges and a road

Jack wanted to be spider man :)

I love all my boys,
 but I'll never take sleep for granted ever again!
This is why people get gray hairs (I have about five,
but I color my hair so you can't tell!), and wrinkles.
I am though truly happy, and am so happy to be their mommy.
I've been MIA, so sorry to all my friends, and family.
I'll get energy and do something, then have to recover for about
two days, then I'll try again.
I've been to Costco with all three, but it took about
four hours, with a feeding in the car, getting all the groceries
and then lunch at Costco, then a feeding again in the car. 
But I did it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Newborn pictures at Fotofly

 Back story on these pictures:

~I found shirts that said "Big Brother" and "Little Brother" from Gymboree's fox collection, and a baby fox hat, all on clearance.  Then I found the onesie on etsy (first etsy purchase) that said "Baby Brother" that matched pretty well.  So cute!

~Ten minutes before we were supposed to leave (we left from Kathy and Alan's house in Syracuse, and it is going to take us about 50min to get there) Nathan gave Jack a bite of a chocolate chip cookie, and Jack wiped  his face with both sleeves, then wiped his hand on his shirt. CHOCOLATE ALL OVER! I had had a feeling that I should wait to put on theirshirts when we arrived...but I didn't listen to it. I had allowed a little bit of time for traffic so Nathan quickly washed the shirt, I held it over the vents in the car as we drove down to Draper.

~Then we did run into heavy traffic which slowed us down, and made me antsy and irritated.

~Jack fell asleep on the way which is why he was grumpy when we got there and only would allow Nathan to hold him in a picture, so he's only in the family one.

~I was still learning how to nurse the baby,  let alone in public, and my milk had just come all the way in that day. Uncomfortable in an understatement!  That didn't help my mood.

~Nathan had left work early so that we could even do this.

~James was good and happy though!

~The pictures were taken three days after Jonathan was born, and that was perfect, he slept like
and angel the whole time, and he was so pose-able because of his young, young age. So even though we had a rough start getting there, we made it right on time, and the pictures are priceless :)

Get ready for the cuteness:


 This crocheted owl hat was by BlackHart Crochet
 Credit to FotoFly in Draper, UT
Amazing photographers and prices!

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Boys Meet Baby

A few hours after Jonathan was born, Grandma Kathy brought them to meet their new baby brother...
My sister from another mother Aubreigh was able to come take some great pictures, and I was so grateful that she could come that day.  I'll let the pictures tell the story :)

 Running down the hallway...

 ...to meet Daddy!
What a surprise for them when they woke up and we were not
there, and our plan for them that morning was not at all what ended up
happening because of the surprise delivery
 Coming in to see

 "Hmm, what is this new thing"

 "I just love baby Jonafen"

Kisses from James...

... Jack follows suit 

 Oh hi!

 "I want to hold him"

 Jack is thinking "my life as the baby is over!"

 James takes his job as big brother very seriously

 "Who is this new little baby, I don't think I like this"

 Daddy and his three boys

Let's look at him more closely

Unwrap this blanket

 "Oh, he's got five toes down here"

 "He's got hair up here under that hat"

"But his hat is too small :)"

 "Let me kiss this"

" I just love you Mommy"

Daddy's boy Jack, "okay, he'll still hold me, life will be okay"

 Grandma's new grandson

 "Kisses for you...

 ...and kisses for you"

Papa came from work to see us too!

Our new family of five