Friday, April 4, 2014

The Boys Meet Baby

A few hours after Jonathan was born, Grandma Kathy brought them to meet their new baby brother...
My sister from another mother Aubreigh was able to come take some great pictures, and I was so grateful that she could come that day.  I'll let the pictures tell the story :)

 Running down the hallway... meet Daddy!
What a surprise for them when they woke up and we were not
there, and our plan for them that morning was not at all what ended up
happening because of the surprise delivery
 Coming in to see

 "Hmm, what is this new thing"

 "I just love baby Jonafen"

Kisses from James...

... Jack follows suit 

 Oh hi!

 "I want to hold him"

 Jack is thinking "my life as the baby is over!"

 James takes his job as big brother very seriously

 "Who is this new little baby, I don't think I like this"

 Daddy and his three boys

Let's look at him more closely

Unwrap this blanket

 "Oh, he's got five toes down here"

 "He's got hair up here under that hat"

"But his hat is too small :)"

 "Let me kiss this"

" I just love you Mommy"

Daddy's boy Jack, "okay, he'll still hold me, life will be okay"

 Grandma's new grandson

 "Kisses for you...

 ...and kisses for you"

Papa came from work to see us too!

Our new family of five


Lorie S. said...

Congratulations Kendra! What a beautiful family! I have to admit, this post flashed me to our future in 5 months when we will be welcoming our 3rd boy to the world. I imagine my boys will react very similar to how yours did. :) What an amazing birth story as well. Well done momma!!

Hillary said...

So wonderful so see your happy family of five! Congratulations! We are so happy for you all! :)