Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Newborn pictures at Fotofly

 Back story on these pictures:

~I found shirts that said "Big Brother" and "Little Brother" from Gymboree's fox collection, and a baby fox hat, all on clearance.  Then I found the onesie on etsy (first etsy purchase) that said "Baby Brother" that matched pretty well.  So cute!

~Ten minutes before we were supposed to leave (we left from Kathy and Alan's house in Syracuse, and it is going to take us about 50min to get there) Nathan gave Jack a bite of a chocolate chip cookie, and Jack wiped  his face with both sleeves, then wiped his hand on his shirt. CHOCOLATE ALL OVER! I had had a feeling that I should wait to put on theirshirts when we arrived...but I didn't listen to it. I had allowed a little bit of time for traffic so Nathan quickly washed the shirt, I held it over the vents in the car as we drove down to Draper.

~Then we did run into heavy traffic which slowed us down, and made me antsy and irritated.

~Jack fell asleep on the way which is why he was grumpy when we got there and only would allow Nathan to hold him in a picture, so he's only in the family one.

~I was still learning how to nurse the baby,  let alone in public, and my milk had just come all the way in that day. Uncomfortable in an understatement!  That didn't help my mood.

~Nathan had left work early so that we could even do this.

~James was good and happy though!

~The pictures were taken three days after Jonathan was born, and that was perfect, he slept like
and angel the whole time, and he was so pose-able because of his young, young age. So even though we had a rough start getting there, we made it right on time, and the pictures are priceless :)

Get ready for the cuteness:


 This crocheted owl hat was by BlackHart Crochet
 Credit to FotoFly in Draper, UT
Amazing photographers and prices!


Jennifer said...

Cute Cute Pictures! I love how tiny he is! I hope I get to meet him soon!

Hillary said...

You always have such wonderful family photos! Love to see your family growing!