Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let Sleeping Babes Lie

 Sleeping Jonathan...this has taken work, but it has paid off as he is doing really well sleeping at night now.  The colicky stage seems to have passed.  He can either go to sleep if you lie him down in his bed or in your arms and he's rocked to sleep. Sometimes he'll wake up only once at night to eat, but technically speaking, that is so great for such a young babe. 
 I use the babywise technique of a 2.5-3 hour schedule, starting
at roughly the same time each day, and having the cycle of
eating/awake time/sleeping in that order.

It seems to have paid off because at exactly 8 weeks
he slept through the night!
I feel like a new woman with that stretch of sleep!

 Grandma has helped by taking the two big boys for me sometimes,
even for overnight for a few days when Nathan was traveling,
because if Jonathan would finally sleep for me then Jack would wake up, or even 
James, and I was feeling like a zombie trying to be awake,
let alone doing anything fun or educational.
Grandma always makes sure they have "liveary"(library) books
and a special treat.  Here they made nests right before Easter.
It has been a real blessing having these grandparents close so that they can help so
I can focus on my baby while he's a baby.

 Jack likes to pretend that HE is a baby sometimes :)

 He's so cute when he sleeps

 I still have a restricted diet of no dairy, chocolate,
or some greens like broccoli and asperagus, 
but it is so worth it
to have a baby that is sleeping

James likes to try to make him smile
and is always watching out for his younger brothers

When he sleeps well, he looks like this,
all smiles and coos and I just love 
kissin' on those cheeks!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nathan Plays with Lightroom

 Nathan's been doing some photo editing with Lightroom,
what do you think?

Grammies' Visit

 Grammies got to stay a little bit longer after Boompa went home.
We got some good pictures:

 At the park

 Jack at the top of a slide

 Mommy and her three boys

 This little guy is just getting better and better
(and he loves being held)

 Grammies could get Jonathan to fall asleep 
in her arms all the time.
The thing is when holding a sleeping baby,
you can get pretty sleepy yourself :)

Kira came up for dinner one night too!  
It was wonderful that she could come,
and she got some math help from Nathan
while here. Thanks for coming up Kira!

Boompa's Stay

 This post features pictures with my dad, Boompa and the kids while he came out.
I am loving this new camera, but there are so many pictures to sort through that
it is taking longer to get blog posts up. Here's some of them:

Jack wearing Boompa's red shirt around, being a 
red sort of ghost.  I don't think he could see, and he'd just stick right there,
but he didn't take it off for a long time, just being silly.

 Boompa, James, and Jonathan.
He likes to hold the baby :)

The many games Boompa plays with them: chase, horsey chase,
paper airplanes, reading books...
And the kids would just keep going, and so would 
Boompa.  I remember the zombie chase game 
as a little kid, I called it monster chase while
James has changed it to zombies. 
I also remember playing horsey too with my Dad.

 Lady had a friend for the weekend too, their dog Ellie!

 Boompa and Jonathan

We can't wait for Boompa to visit again!

Jonathan's Blessing Day

 We had a beautiful blessing day on April 14th for Jonathan.  So many came, we actually had 32 people in our house!  Here's a few pictures of some who were here:
My side of the family

 Grandparents from Nathan's side, there are five generations 
in this picture

Our Forever Family


 James, Jack, and Ty all on Tate

 Just some of Nathan's side

Me and my two sisters

After the blessing at church we came back to our house
 and hosted a lunch.  People kept asking where to
put things or how to help.  I kept saying
"I don't know, I've never hosted this many".
Aunt Debbie said "It's okay, you can do this,
now how would you set up the table".
Then I got a crackin' and delegated out some 
jobs, and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves.
Thanks to all who came!

I didn't get a picture of everyone who came, it was
windy and just chilly enough that it wouldn't have worked :(
But thank you to those who aren't pictured too!
We have an incredible family that we are a part of,
and I can see that they care so much for us.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hil Air Force Museum visit

In April, Grammies and Boompa came to visit all the boys, and to see the newest boy for the first time. One thing we did was go to the Hill Air Force Museum with them.  It is one of my Dad's favorite places.  And my boys love it too.  How much attention they spend is pretty amazing for how young they are.  They love planes! 

 Jack with Daddy and the outside planes

James and Boompa check out a jet and its missals

Boompa and James with a stealth
I love this picture

 Look how big this wheel is!

 All of us 

In front of an old bi-plane

Kirstin stayed up for the weekend as well.  
We could have stayed longer there but the museum was closing for
the day.  Afterwards we headed to Costco for last
minute things we needed for the baby blessing
and lunch we were having on Sunday for Jonathan.