Sunday, May 25, 2014

Boompa's Stay

 This post features pictures with my dad, Boompa and the kids while he came out.
I am loving this new camera, but there are so many pictures to sort through that
it is taking longer to get blog posts up. Here's some of them:

Jack wearing Boompa's red shirt around, being a 
red sort of ghost.  I don't think he could see, and he'd just stick right there,
but he didn't take it off for a long time, just being silly.

 Boompa, James, and Jonathan.
He likes to hold the baby :)

The many games Boompa plays with them: chase, horsey chase,
paper airplanes, reading books...
And the kids would just keep going, and so would 
Boompa.  I remember the zombie chase game 
as a little kid, I called it monster chase while
James has changed it to zombies. 
I also remember playing horsey too with my Dad.

 Lady had a friend for the weekend too, their dog Ellie!

 Boompa and Jonathan

We can't wait for Boompa to visit again!