Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hil Air Force Museum visit

In April, Grammies and Boompa came to visit all the boys, and to see the newest boy for the first time. One thing we did was go to the Hill Air Force Museum with them.  It is one of my Dad's favorite places.  And my boys love it too.  How much attention they spend is pretty amazing for how young they are.  They love planes! 

 Jack with Daddy and the outside planes

James and Boompa check out a jet and its missals

Boompa and James with a stealth
I love this picture

 Look how big this wheel is!

 All of us 

In front of an old bi-plane

Kirstin stayed up for the weekend as well.  
We could have stayed longer there but the museum was closing for
the day.  Afterwards we headed to Costco for last
minute things we needed for the baby blessing
and lunch we were having on Sunday for Jonathan.