Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Attending Graduation 09

Our awesome cousin and friend, Kristie Lee McConnon, graduated this last week from BYU with a BS in Exercise Science: Fitness and Wellness, a pretty close major to Kendra's but with an emphasis. We were able to go and support, and I personally think that there were some great speakers. We also got to see Rick and Sherri as they came down from Boise to see her. Afterwards we took some pictures, then headed up to Park City to have a fabulous Thai dinner at one of Kristie's favorite places (although at the moment the name of the place is escaping me). Congrats Kristie and we are so proud of your hard work and accomplishment!

Tom and Kristie, congrats!!

Kendra, Nathan, Sherri, Rick, Tom, and Kristie up in Park City

Monday, April 27, 2009

SpRiNg BrEaK!!! Part 3

Finally, for the last part of spring break we spent it with Richard and Rachelle in L.A. We had to see them one last time before they move to Mission, TX where Richard was offered a job to work at Kool Smiles after he graduates from UCLA dental school. They were so nice letting us stay with them and monopolizing them. We had lots of fun going to the Getty museum on Friday, then to Marie Calendar's for dinner. Saturday we had fun at the beach!!! And did we ever soak up the sun, maybe a little too much, but at least we don't look like snow white anymore! We also played lots of games, and cracked up over the funny things that Elisa and Lydia said. We love you guys so much, and we wish them luck in TX!

Lydia (as Cinderella), Elisa, and Richard running around the grass at The Getty

Nathan and Lydia at the museum

Making funny faces:)

The BEACH!!! The water was cold, but the sun was nice and warm!

Richard dug a hole, and look how deep it was! Fits a four year old nicely

The sister-in-laws!

The brothers :)

Headed back to Utah on Sunday :( It was a much needed break though, and we loved the sun, now if only spring would come, and STAY, in Utah!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

sPrInG bReAk!!! Part 2

So here is spring break part II, the next day in San Diego (Thursday), Nathan and I returned to the zoo for a few more animals:

Riding the skytram to the other side of the zoo, what a neat thing!

The polar bear took a swim, right when we got there so we were lucky!

Nathan's favorite animal, an artic cat, and his ears were really long and pointed

This monkey was funny, he kept putting his whole arm down this bamboo tube

Another animal ambassador, a timber wolf, and his friend, another golden retriever, was in front of him, look how close we got!

Nathan and Kendra in front of the sign

Later that day we also went to Escondido to the Wild Animal Park. That place was awesome! And all the animals were a lot more active, I'm guessing because they had bigger enclosures. We wished we had another half of a day to explore that place, but we'll definitely go back.

These lions were neat!

Look at that tiny elephant, only a week old!!! He was so funny to watch

We watched the elephants for about an hour, because if you look in the background you can see that these two younger ones were just playing and playing. Then another one would join in. They were lots of fun to watch, and then Nathan started doing commentary which just cracked me up. After the Wild Animal Park we drove up to L.A. that night to visit with Nathan's brother Richard and Rachelle, and our adorable nieces Elisa and Lydia. SpRiNg BrEaK Part III to come...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SpRiNg BrEaK!!! Part 1

This year I actually had a spring break!!! I know, amazing, and we decided to go to California to enjoy some sun and while there we missed a snow storm! Talk about lucky:) I'll break up the trip into three parts: the zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and LA with Rich and Rachelle. Well, Nathan had to work from the hotel on Tuesday night and Wednesday day, so I went to the zoo myself for the first part of Wednesday. Here are some pictures:

Real Mexican food on Tuesday night

Where we stayed, the Park Manor Suites, which had been an old apartment building that has been redone and is now a hotel. Very nice inside, but at night reminded me of the Twilight Zone

The lobby of the hotel, everything was done in antiques, so I of course loved it

Gorillas, with a baby one too! I think baby gorillas are sooo cute!

A cheetah and a yellow lab? Yep, that is right, these two were raised together, and in order to for the cheetah to come out and be an animal ambassador, she has to see that her friend the lab doesn't think that people are a big deal, then she has no trouble being in front of crowds

Tigers, they were active and very close. There were three just over a year old

Once Nathan was done with his phone conference (4 1/2 hours!) I picked him up and we went back to the zoo. Here we are on the bus tour.

The peacock was doing its thing

A crazy random happenstance! We ran into the Coleman's while at the zoo! Kyle and Tammi are one of Nathan's aunt's and uncle's on his mom's side, and they live in Washington, so what were the odds? We went out to Sizzler after the zoo for some food all together, thanks guys!


Easter this year was a lot of fun. First, in the morning the Easter Bunny had stopped by and had left a few baskets for us. The bunny had a hard time figuring out what to put in Nathan's basket since he has given up sweets, but managed to scramble up some yummy yet healthy treats all the same.

Baskets that the Easter Bunny left for Kendra, Nathan, and he even left one for Kendra's little sister Kirstin :)

Well, little did we know that the Easter Bunny had also visited Kirstin's apartment, and had left some things there as well for us. After Kirstin got out of church she came over (our church starts sooooo late!) and we got to go through the baskets, then ate breakfast all together and read a few Easter messages. It was nice that Kirstin was able to come share that, we haven't been together for Easter since my senior year of high school!

Next we went to church. There was such a special feeling, and I loved the talks given. Easter truly is a miraculous time to think about the atonement. There isn't a better time to think about new beginnings than in spring (and it was actually a beautiful day) and to think of the atonement and all that allows us to do. I am so grateful for Christ's sacrifice.

After church we had Karissa, Jennifer, Kristie, and Tom over for dinner. What a wonderful way to end the day than with family all around for dinner. We made pot roast with veggies, roasted butternut squash, creamed corn, and had rolls. Kirstin made it over after work too. We had a wonderful time, and hope that everyone else did as well!

Friends :)

Friends and family make us so happy! We were thinking about moving, but now have decided to stay in Provo for the next year until business school. I think it is a good decision, especially with a new baby coming, it would be sad, and hard, to leave all the dear friends that we have, right as I transition into motherhood. We look forward to getting to know a few more couples better, while keeping the friends that we do have, that is a goal of mine this summer. As many people move away at the end of the semester and for summer jobs/internships, we will be sad to see them go, but are happy for those that are staying.

Here we are with Michelle and Ryan for a "breakfast for dinner". Love you guys and we are glad you are staying this summer:)