Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mutton Bustin'...wha?!

Saturday night we went to the Morgan County Rodeo, and
yes, I like rodeos seeing how we had just gone to one the week before.
We were watching all the regular events...
 James lovin' on Bompa during the rodeo

...when they announced that all kids 7 and under who wanted to do 
mutton busting to go over and get ready.
Well, for those of you who don't know what mutton busting is,
it's where kids ride sheep, similar to a
cowboy riding a bucking bronc. 
So, James had practiced a few
times on our neighbors sheep,
 but the last time practicing when I asked if he wanted to
 ride in the fair he had said no, I didn't 
think much of it after that.
After the announcement though
(I thought you had to sign up previously),
 I asked James if he wanted to again,
and he enthusiastically said "Yeah!"

So we go over, pay our money and sign him up.
Bompa takes Jack and comes with me while
Nathan stays at the grandstands to take pictures.
The sheep were much bigger than Ethon's lamb
(120bs) he had just ridden earlier that day, 
and they try to stay on for 8 seconds, just like the regular rodeo. 
Other rodeos offer helmets (sometimes),
and when this one didn't, I found 
another kid about James' age who had a helmet
and asked if we could borrow thatat our turn. 
So it takes a few cowboys to wrangle the sheep
out of the holding pen,and I'm thinking to
 myself "this is okay, he'll be okay". 
Then I help him onto the sheep,
and the announcer calls his name out, and off he goes!

He held on much longer than in practice, and longer 
than I thought he would,
about 5 or 6 seconds (longest of my life).
When the sheep ran over James, and he was on his stomach, 
I about had aheart attack, and even now 
I get A LOT of anxiety just thinking about it.
I kept thinking "What was I thinking! What have I done to my baby!"
I'll let the picture speak for itself.

He was crying of course, but the rodeo clowns were to him first, 
they picked him up, and James gave them
 hi fives and they said he is one
of the toughest little buckaroo's they've ever seen.
This is where a sheep kicked or stepped under his chin.
During baths that night we found more bruises on one armpit.
James says he got his owies from when he fell off.
He was more sad that he fell off than getting hurt.
We explained that all the cowboys fall off.
I was never more grateful for helmets that day!
IF we ever do it again, we are going to be prepared
 with a helmet with a face mask
and the vest that cowboys wear
(there was a kid who had one!).

But way to go to my little mutton buster! 
You are one tough cowboy!

Bompa Visit Day 2: Morgan County Fair

On Saturday while Bompa was here we went to the Morgan County Fair in the morning to see the livestock show. We got to watch our neighbors (and our babysitter) auction off the lambs that they raised this year, and that we got a chance to help watch a few times.
 James riding Ethon's lamb one last time
We fed these lambies bottles!

 Jaden in the auction

 Ethon's lamb up for sale

 After the auction we looked at some other animals, like these chicks
It was "baby animal days" all over again for Jack :)

 And what's a fair without some good ole' fair food like cotton candy!

 Cotton candy for everybody!

 Jack said he was "sticky on my nose"
That's not the only place little buddy :)

 We took a final look at some other animals like chickens...


...and the lambs one last time before heading
home to take a nap before going to the 
Morgan County Rodeo that night.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bompa Visit Day 1: Hill Air Force Base Museum

Bompa came out to visit because there was a great deal on a plane ticket, and he really enjoyed the Morgan County Fair last year, so he was able to come again this year that weekend! A whirlwind weekend it was. When he came on Friday we immediately went to the
 Equation Day picnic for all the families.
 Everyone who came 

Afterwards, Nathan, the boys and I took Bompa to one of his favorite places in Utah...
Hill Air Force Base Museum!
And what is awesome is it is FREE!  They ask for a small donation if you can, but to be able to see all these great exhibits and jets and helicopters is really neat, and ALL the boys loved it.
 In front of a helicopter (and I don't know which kind :( 

 James calls these kind of planes with the propellers "air-co gliders"
and this one was big!
 Jack and Bompa checking out an engine 
Jack also got into "missiles to shot bad guys" and "rockets"
 Very big plane

 Mommy with the boys and Bompa in front of another 

Inside the museum besides exhibits there is an
educational center. That was a big hit too with hands on learning!
 James in a flight suit

 Jack being a pilot

 Practicing flying with Daddy
James and Jack also got a try at the controls

More learning about the science of flying and physics

 Bompa in a flight helmet

 Flying in the wind!
There's a large fan blowing onto him

 Bompa with the boys

James thought this one was awesome because it had teeth!
Jack was roaring at it :)

After the museum, we came home, all took some naps, then had dinner and played around.
James and Jack wanted Bompa to chase them, and they laughed SO hard,
even Bompa, that they were almost crying!
I remember the sort of zombie walk and growl my dad would do for my sister and I,
so the game brought back so many memories!  Jack would go into our bedroom and say "get me! get me!" Then Bompa would sort of scratch at the door, growl, then open it and Jack would shriek, scream, and laugh. James would say "chase me! chase me!" so Bompa would chase him and he would scream and laugh.  Then Jack started running around with a box on his head, a mentality of "if he can't see you, you can't see him", and then James decided to "catch" Bompa with his fishing pole?!
Poor Bompa got the little rubber fish to the head, and both boys thought that was also hilarious.

A very exciting first day!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Famous Preston Night Rodeo weekend!

 That Famous Preston Night Rodeo was the first night rodeo in the nation, and that is what makes it Famous! Each year is sort of like a reunion where as many people come as can from the Haworth family.  56 tickets were bought this year, and that doesn't include some of the smaller kids who didn't need tickets!  What a turn out!  We made it a weekend thing and went up on Friday night and came home on Sunday night.  Here are some fun things we did!

Took fourwheeler rides with cousins around the farm, this is with Londyn

 With Londyn and Sydney on a stop in the riverbottoms at the farm

 Lauren driving Ty, James, and Jack

 Aunt Heidi and Kathy cooking the burgers

 Most of Grandpa Haworth's tractors all in a row

 Daddy, Mommy, James, and Jack take it out for a ride

 Coming back, Daddy was even teaching James a little how to drive :)

 Before the rodeo, all three nights of Thurs, Fri, and Saturday, there is a really big parade beforehand,
and all the floats throw out candy to the crowds. We got to watch with Mike and Misty and kids,
then had pizza afterwards at a place on mainstreet in Preston.

 Getting excited to watch!

 Buckin' Broncs!

Before the barrels, West Motor Co, owned now by Doug and Mike Porter, are a major sponsor, and
they take a truck out to set out the barrels.  Taylee was the cutest little cowgirl and rode along too :)

 Liking the rodeo.
I love Tate in the background with the blue tape on his face :)>

This whole section is family!  Extend it to the left and right a little, and that is all of us, from the front to one row from the top!  That's a lot of people!

 Manwaring's at the rodeo!

  We were given randomly three tickets to the carnival that is part of the rodeo as we were walking to our car.  Most rides were two tickets, so we let James go on his first little roller coaster.
He loved it!  Jack walked with Daddy to see the lights and the big ferris wheel. 

Sunday there was a big dinner after church at the Porter's home.
It was very yummy as always, and the cousins had a good chance to play.
Thank you Doug and Debbie!
 Daddy pushing the boys on the big swing

 Robyn, Terri, Kathy, Tami, Heidi, Debbie, and Sherri
Grandma and Grandpa with their seven daughters!

 Cousin Kaden was awesome playing with the little boys!
They chased him all over, then they bounced on the trampoline with him too.

Londyn and her little buddy Jack

Friday, August 9, 2013

Jack's Stats: 2 years!

My baby is two! Wow, the time has flown by.
And he is a two year old, I hear frequently everyday now
"My do it!"

Height: 32.6 in (10th %tile)
Weight: 24.5 lbs (15th %tile)
Head Circumference: 19.2 in (50th !! %tile)

Holy cow, he's in the 50th percentile for something, that is amazing!
He has a fantastic vocabulary, and speaks clearly and in sentences, and even
strangers can understand him.  That's great for a two year old.
Jack loves his brother, and loves playing with him and getting messy with him!
He loves to swing, and play chase, and be snuggled.
He is very sweet. Jack has usually about two emotions: happiest kid you will ever see or very upset and wants to be held.
My kisses are magic and cure his owies.
 He will try most foods, but that doesn't mean he'll eat very much of it.
He loves to read books, can sing a few songs by himself, and makes the
noises for his trains, cars, or airplanes. He also loves cows!
Though when we get close he wants to be held and not pet it :)
 Sometimes when he sings the "Oh Joy" song, he'll change the words from "I've got joy" to "I've got (insert whatever here)".  Sometimes it's toast, other times poops, other times bunnies.
This kid is hysterical.
He likes dragons, tractors (a lot!), four wheelers, different cereals each day, and babies.
He also loved "baby animal days" back in the spring, so sometimes when I announce where we are going, Jack will say "No, go baby animal days?"
 Jack has a great "cheese" face, blond (sometimes curly) hair, and a brown spot in his right eye.
He is growing more independent, but also loves to do what James does.
His favorite jammies are his polar bear ones without the feet.
He gives the sweetest hugs, and is {usually} a joy to be around.
Jack loves his blankie, but more importantly, the TAG on his blankie.
He still loves it anytime he needs some comfort.
He also now likes to sleep with about ten different stuffed animals:)
They are his "friends"
Happy Birthday little buddy, we love you!