Friday, August 9, 2013

Jack's Stats: 2 years!

My baby is two! Wow, the time has flown by.
And he is a two year old, I hear frequently everyday now
"My do it!"

Height: 32.6 in (10th %tile)
Weight: 24.5 lbs (15th %tile)
Head Circumference: 19.2 in (50th !! %tile)

Holy cow, he's in the 50th percentile for something, that is amazing!
He has a fantastic vocabulary, and speaks clearly and in sentences, and even
strangers can understand him.  That's great for a two year old.
Jack loves his brother, and loves playing with him and getting messy with him!
He loves to swing, and play chase, and be snuggled.
He is very sweet. Jack has usually about two emotions: happiest kid you will ever see or very upset and wants to be held.
My kisses are magic and cure his owies.
 He will try most foods, but that doesn't mean he'll eat very much of it.
He loves to read books, can sing a few songs by himself, and makes the
noises for his trains, cars, or airplanes. He also loves cows!
Though when we get close he wants to be held and not pet it :)
 Sometimes when he sings the "Oh Joy" song, he'll change the words from "I've got joy" to "I've got (insert whatever here)".  Sometimes it's toast, other times poops, other times bunnies.
This kid is hysterical.
He likes dragons, tractors (a lot!), four wheelers, different cereals each day, and babies.
He also loved "baby animal days" back in the spring, so sometimes when I announce where we are going, Jack will say "No, go baby animal days?"
 Jack has a great "cheese" face, blond (sometimes curly) hair, and a brown spot in his right eye.
He is growing more independent, but also loves to do what James does.
His favorite jammies are his polar bear ones without the feet.
He gives the sweetest hugs, and is {usually} a joy to be around.
Jack loves his blankie, but more importantly, the TAG on his blankie.
He still loves it anytime he needs some comfort.
He also now likes to sleep with about ten different stuffed animals:)
They are his "friends"
Happy Birthday little buddy, we love you!