Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bompa Visit Day 2: Morgan County Fair

On Saturday while Bompa was here we went to the Morgan County Fair in the morning to see the livestock show. We got to watch our neighbors (and our babysitter) auction off the lambs that they raised this year, and that we got a chance to help watch a few times.
 James riding Ethon's lamb one last time
We fed these lambies bottles!

 Jaden in the auction

 Ethon's lamb up for sale

 After the auction we looked at some other animals, like these chicks
It was "baby animal days" all over again for Jack :)

 And what's a fair without some good ole' fair food like cotton candy!

 Cotton candy for everybody!

 Jack said he was "sticky on my nose"
That's not the only place little buddy :)

 We took a final look at some other animals like chickens...


...and the lambs one last time before heading
home to take a nap before going to the 
Morgan County Rodeo that night.