Monday, August 19, 2013

Bompa Visit Day 1: Hill Air Force Base Museum

Bompa came out to visit because there was a great deal on a plane ticket, and he really enjoyed the Morgan County Fair last year, so he was able to come again this year that weekend! A whirlwind weekend it was. When he came on Friday we immediately went to the
 Equation Day picnic for all the families.
 Everyone who came 

Afterwards, Nathan, the boys and I took Bompa to one of his favorite places in Utah...
Hill Air Force Base Museum!
And what is awesome is it is FREE!  They ask for a small donation if you can, but to be able to see all these great exhibits and jets and helicopters is really neat, and ALL the boys loved it.
 In front of a helicopter (and I don't know which kind :( 

 James calls these kind of planes with the propellers "air-co gliders"
and this one was big!
 Jack and Bompa checking out an engine 
Jack also got into "missiles to shot bad guys" and "rockets"
 Very big plane

 Mommy with the boys and Bompa in front of another 

Inside the museum besides exhibits there is an
educational center. That was a big hit too with hands on learning!
 James in a flight suit

 Jack being a pilot

 Practicing flying with Daddy
James and Jack also got a try at the controls

More learning about the science of flying and physics

 Bompa in a flight helmet

 Flying in the wind!
There's a large fan blowing onto him

 Bompa with the boys

James thought this one was awesome because it had teeth!
Jack was roaring at it :)

After the museum, we came home, all took some naps, then had dinner and played around.
James and Jack wanted Bompa to chase them, and they laughed SO hard,
even Bompa, that they were almost crying!
I remember the sort of zombie walk and growl my dad would do for my sister and I,
so the game brought back so many memories!  Jack would go into our bedroom and say "get me! get me!" Then Bompa would sort of scratch at the door, growl, then open it and Jack would shriek, scream, and laugh. James would say "chase me! chase me!" so Bompa would chase him and he would scream and laugh.  Then Jack started running around with a box on his head, a mentality of "if he can't see you, you can't see him", and then James decided to "catch" Bompa with his fishing pole?!
Poor Bompa got the little rubber fish to the head, and both boys thought that was also hilarious.

A very exciting first day!