Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Colorado Trip: Part 1-Vail

Every year we take a trip to Vail, CO.  My family has been going since before I was born, and I remember going by myself, with my grandparents, when I was about four. So it was only fitting that we were able to take our kids at the same age to Vail this year!  Our trip to Colorado was all switched up from original plans of going to Denver first, then Vail, but it was all out of our control. Sad part was our time in Vail was then cut short as Nathan had to make a trip to Pueblo to meet with a client, and his boss's wife was having labor pains so he could not go instead. (the only acceptable excuse for me for us leaving early).  We got to Vail on Saturday night and had to leave Monday night after dinner, but we did pack in some fun things while we were there.
 Saturday on the way there we took the back way through Vernal, UT and this is in Dinosaur, CO, where we stopped at the visitor center and took pictures by the dinosaurs of course.

 Wow, see those storm clouds in the background, they started to DUMP rain while we were in the visitor center, and Nathan was so kind to go and get the car that was parked across the street.

 Sunday after church we walked down to Gore Creek and threw rocks in.
Jack was being so cute and loved throwing the rocks.

 An awesome fort we found down by the creek.

 Jack liked to throw the "big, heavy, rocks", 
and James liked smaller ones he could throw farther.
We were getting splashed by Jack's rocks :)

Dandylion seed blowin'

 There is the beautiful Betty Ford Garden just down the way from the condo,
what a perfect Sunday activity to go and enjoy nature.

 The boys helping to push the wagon through the gardens

 At the top there was a baseball diamond, which they started running the bases.

High fives at home plate

 Swings at the playground, I remember playing here!

 Jack started to climb everywhere!  
Had to watch him like a hawk!

 It rained each day too, and the boys love umbrellas :)

 Monday started off with swimming

 Jack hanging out poolside 

 And then it started raining, 
which matched my mood because I found out we'd have to leave that night.
Well, we decided to go out and do the couple of things we could, 
and so the boys made a "cave" in the wagon with their umbrellas!

We went to the Vail Nature Center first, always a great visit

Then rode the free bus all through town

 Got off at a stop to enjoy some ice cream...
 ...that was a good stop.

Then walked back to the Wren (condo). 
We saw this snake on the way back.
After dinner, I was packing up, but the kids wanted to go swimming again.
It was so cute, they had made some friends with two older boys and a couple of older girls two doors down, and they wanted out boys to come to the pool after dinner.
Nathan swam with them, which gave me the opportunity to get the condo all packed up again.
Also at the wren the kids were learning about badminton and played with a beach ball on the 
volleyball court.  Fun by all.
I hope we get to go back next year!