Monday, August 12, 2013

Famous Preston Night Rodeo weekend!

 That Famous Preston Night Rodeo was the first night rodeo in the nation, and that is what makes it Famous! Each year is sort of like a reunion where as many people come as can from the Haworth family.  56 tickets were bought this year, and that doesn't include some of the smaller kids who didn't need tickets!  What a turn out!  We made it a weekend thing and went up on Friday night and came home on Sunday night.  Here are some fun things we did!

Took fourwheeler rides with cousins around the farm, this is with Londyn

 With Londyn and Sydney on a stop in the riverbottoms at the farm

 Lauren driving Ty, James, and Jack

 Aunt Heidi and Kathy cooking the burgers

 Most of Grandpa Haworth's tractors all in a row

 Daddy, Mommy, James, and Jack take it out for a ride

 Coming back, Daddy was even teaching James a little how to drive :)

 Before the rodeo, all three nights of Thurs, Fri, and Saturday, there is a really big parade beforehand,
and all the floats throw out candy to the crowds. We got to watch with Mike and Misty and kids,
then had pizza afterwards at a place on mainstreet in Preston.

 Getting excited to watch!

 Buckin' Broncs!

Before the barrels, West Motor Co, owned now by Doug and Mike Porter, are a major sponsor, and
they take a truck out to set out the barrels.  Taylee was the cutest little cowgirl and rode along too :)

 Liking the rodeo.
I love Tate in the background with the blue tape on his face :)>

This whole section is family!  Extend it to the left and right a little, and that is all of us, from the front to one row from the top!  That's a lot of people!

 Manwaring's at the rodeo!

  We were given randomly three tickets to the carnival that is part of the rodeo as we were walking to our car.  Most rides were two tickets, so we let James go on his first little roller coaster.
He loved it!  Jack walked with Daddy to see the lights and the big ferris wheel. 

Sunday there was a big dinner after church at the Porter's home.
It was very yummy as always, and the cousins had a good chance to play.
Thank you Doug and Debbie!
 Daddy pushing the boys on the big swing

 Robyn, Terri, Kathy, Tami, Heidi, Debbie, and Sherri
Grandma and Grandpa with their seven daughters!

 Cousin Kaden was awesome playing with the little boys!
They chased him all over, then they bounced on the trampoline with him too.

Londyn and her little buddy Jack