Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Dinosaur Party!

 Saturday we had a birthday party for the boys! (Mind you we had just driven back from Denver on Friday, and before the party there was a family reunion in Centerville for the Hiller side we attended.  Needless to say, I stayed up the 
night before very late decorating and making sure everything was ready. )
The invitations to a dinosaur party!
The googlie eyes made it, and we glued the eyes onto every invitation.
I had moms text me asking when the party was because their kid had carried the invitation around so much because he/she loved the eyes, and now it was lost.
Also the cute diddy came to me while I was dozing off one night, it was perfect.

 Before the kids...

 ...looks ready to go!

 Early morning opening of presents from Grandma Kathy and Papa

 From Mommy and Daddy

 Kids are here, let the games begin!
We did dinosaur gliders, digging for dino bones and fossils in the sand box,
searching for baby dinosaur eggs (with a little rubber dino inside!)...
 ...the biggest hit was the dinosaur pinata!

 Jack takes a turn

 James is up.
We had 18 kids come, and all had at least one turn swinging the bat.

 Opening presents
We lost control five seconds after we said we were going back in to open presents.
Kids were running in, opening the present they had brought, then handing it to James and Jack.
It was sort of controlled chaos at most parts of the party, except the pinata. That part was all controlled, and the kids listened and followed directions on that one.

 Dinosaur cupcakes!

Dinosaur cupcakes, we had ice cream, but with everyone having a cupcake, and we decided to herd them outside to avoid a messier cleanup, we actually forgot about ice cream until after the party!
Jack blows his out too.

Happy Birthday to my two favorite boys! 
How special to share a birthday with brothers!