Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Colorado Trip: Part 2-Denver

So the next part of our Colorado trip we were in Denver from Tuesday through Thursday, and left Friday morning.  Tuesday Nathan had to go to Pueblo early in the morning to meet with a client.  Funny thing was he didn't even have nice clothes to wear, and had to go to Target that morning to purchase something (wonder if we could expense that...just kidding, ha! If only!). Tuesday I took the kids and my parents to the butterfly pavilion in Denver, where butterflies fly all around you in a large jungle-like glass pyramid type room. They also have other very interesting exhibits there. James and Jack are into catching butterflies right now (or the small moths in the lawn) with nets, and with my Dad always teaching us how to raise them, this was perfect. 

 Saw a car across from my parents place which is just like Mater!

 Boompa and Grammies dog Ellie with James

 James held Rosie the Rose-haired tarantula

 Mommy did too! (I was more scared than James!)

 A Mexican Red-kneed tarantula

 Checking out the beehive, with a bee counter! 
The bee's could go in and outside through a tube that could count them, pretty interesting.

 Touching starfish

 James with  butterflies

 James watching one drink from a puddle along the pathway

 Learning about butterflies
That was so hot, with the sun baking down on that glass pyramid.
Three butterflies landed on Jack's head three different times during this presentation, 
but I was holding him and trying not to melt so I couldn't get a picture.

 Giant Mantis!

 Grandma Kitty and James both saying cheese,
not the best word to get them to smile :)

 Later that night when Nathan joined us we had August Moon chinese food
James used some chopsticks!

 Jack did too! And got the food in his mouth!

 Grammies reading bedtime stories.

Nathan took a bike ride this day, and we really were just spending time with 
my Grandma Kitty and Grammies during the day, so that was fine.
Well, what was supposed to be about a fifty mile ride turned into an 86mile ride
because he missed turning south again and got a bit lost!  
Over two hours late, and with every other adult not helping trying to get to
dinner at Kyle and Carol's house, we finally made it!
 August Moon for dinner again!
(It is that good!)

 James loved the puppies, of course.

 Aunt Carol! James and Jack have a GAC (Great Aunt Carol)
just like I have a GAC (Great Aunt Carol Berridge!)

 Uncle Kyle with his favorite great-nephews :)

 Went out to ride Cinnamon! 
Got to sit in the bobcat which is a plus for the boys

 Petting another horse there

 Feeding Cinnamon carrots

 Cinnamon, Boompa, and James

 Up on Cinnamon, I remember when I was six and my parents got her.
She's been around for a long time, 
and I'm glad my kids will have some memories with her too.

 James held on all by himself...

 ...I think that is my concerned/concentrating face.

 Jack liked riding too!  
He wasn't scared this time, and was excited to ride the horse.

 A tractor picture of course

 One last bobcat ride again.

 Then we got to see Grandpa and Grandma Colman.
They are like my grandparents, and take that role seriously, 
he used to be our Bishop and our home teacher.
I love them, and was glad we could have
 dinner with them and spend some time with them too :)

More Grandparents!

 Grandma Kitty and her grandkids

Friday morning:
Heading back to Utah, so some final pictures.
 Getting all three to look, and smile, at the camera was impossible.
This is still pretty cute though, and shows their personality

 Cute goodbyes

 Love yous

Love you Grammies!!!!
We were so happy she was better so that we could spend time with her!
This was the first trip this summer where the boys really got to see her
and she was out of the hospital and rehab center.
She is doing so, so, so much better, and we are so grateful.


Meg said...

Don't know if the time is right on this post, but is it possible that we're both blogging while our husbands are out running? ;) I have very much enjoyed catching up on your blog, you guys have a beautiful family!

Kendra said...

Yes, we are both working on the blog while they are out running!! Haha!

Angela said...

So fun! And hey- it looks like you found something that works to keep your curls in- your hair looks gorgeous! :)