Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jackman's Birth Story

Here is Jack's birth story if anyone wants to read what happened...and so I can remember...

Quick Facts:
Jackman Kyle Manwaring
Nickname Jack
Kyle after my uncle Kyle Aderman
Born at 2:55am
July 21st, 2011
5lbs 7.5oz, 19inches
About 12 hours after arriving in the hospital
About 2 hours with epidural
Shares birthday with James

Even though James and Jackman were born on the same day, and almost weighed the same as well, their stories are a bit different. It was on Tuesday, July 19th that Nathan was told about some work that had a deadline of the Thursday morning. Because it had a deadline so soon, he knew that I'd go into labor about then, and he was right. Wednesday I started having contractions in the later morning, and they were strong and coming 3 minutes apart and lasting one minute for over an hour. I didn't want to have an emergency, so I called Ann and she was on her way up to get James, and I called Nathan to come home. This time around he listened and came home right away, and we were ready. So we went down the canyon, and I was having strong contractions still every 3 minutes apart. Once at the hospital I was put into triage and I was at a 4, however, sitting in the bed, my contractions started coming a lot slower! 8-10 minutes apart!
Waiting to see if they are going to admit me to the hospital

We got there at 2:30pm. At about 6pm I was only a 5! Very different from James who came super quick. I kept apologizing to Nathan that it was going so slow, I thought I'd go in, an hour later have the baby, and Nathan could get on with his client project. I wanted to go home to try to do a bike ride or something to get the contractions going again. The nurse told me to walk around, and I was thinking, yeah, like that is going to get it going, not. I had been on a bike ride two days prior, so walking wasn't really going to do anything. And I was right.
Okay...this labor is taking awhile

My doctor was a conference in Salt Lake and wouldn"t be back until after 10pm, and I didn't want to be put on Pitocin or have an epidural or have my water broken. I wanted to do it natural again. The contractions weren't bad enough either to have an epidural either, I could barely feel them, but they were showing up on the monitor. So we called Aubreigh when they were admitting me, and once she came, Nathan decided let's try spicy food to get labor going. He went and got some Indian food, and started eating while he was vigorously working on the project that would be presented to a client the next morning. I only ate a little of the rice.

Nathan working on his computer

So Aubreigh and I walked the halls and talked for a few hours. At about 11:30pm, my doctor came back from Salt Lake, and I decided that things were going too slow, I was still only a 6, and so was okay with having my water broken. And I knew this baby wasn't coming in the next half hour, which meant that he'd now be sharing a birthday with his older brother James, which I thought was kind of neat. Anyway, I was scared because the last time they broke my water, contractions started to really hurt afterwards, and labor went super fast (ten minutes). However, when your water breaks the clock starts ticking to get the baby out, and if labor didn't progress, the risk for a c-section increases. I didn't think that my labor would stop, so I said okay to breaking the bag. I was sick of sitting around, (I know, I was actually bored, and anxious to meet our new boy). Well Dr. Housel broke my water, and it wasn't instant pain like I thought, and I was still handling the contractions by just thinking about running a half marathon through them, and Nathan was still working, and Aubreigh was being supportive.

Aubreigh was a great support

Well, the contractions started coming faster, and were definitely hurting a lot, but I was doing well. During a contraction everyone would just get quiet, and I would deal with the pain. Nathan was being quiet, but was typing during contractions. As things were progressing, the typing was getting more and more annoying, until I told him to stop it during contractions or I'm throwing his computer out the window. This was about 12:30, a co-worker of his was onsite waiting for the project from Nathan, he was working and was stressed because of the deadline and that his wife is in labor, and he had just found a problem with the data, and he was the only one for some reason that could do this and fix it in time, and he had just finished the Indian food that usually lasts him and I three meals. My nurse said "I'm feeling a lot of stress coming from this side of the room (pointing to Nathan on the couch working) and it's starting to pour over to this side of the room (pointing in my direction while I'm handling a contraction)". Poor guy was stressed to the max. So about this time the nurse checks me, and now I'm an 8, but it was taking awhile to get there (for me mind you, I was having a normal person's labor), and I thought "Hey, this labor is so different from my last, why don't we make it completely different and I'll get an epidural, these contractions are really hurting!" Now my last minute decision made it almost be an emergency to get the epidural fast, because they were now not sure if it would work in time. Luckily we were at a hospital this time that wasn't busy at all, and my anesthesiologist was our old Bishop from the Fox Hollow ward, Bishop Peterson, and he was good! Super fast, and I am so glad with my decision to get an epidural. I could still feel my legs, they felt heavy and asleep, and I could still move them, though it was hard to do. I could also feel each contraction as just a lot of pressure, my sciatic nerve that was pinched hurt each contraction as well, and that still hurt after the epidural. Nathan was able to get something out to the client right before Bishop Peterson came in, and he took pictures of that procedure.

Getting the epidural, check out that 3"+ long needle that will shortly be inserted into my spine

Aubreigh was the best support, though someone asked if she was my doula, and that made us both laugh a bit. Um no, not a doula. After I was feeling great, I look over and Nathan is on the couch with his feet up sipping Pepsi because he felt like he was going to pass out!! I said "What is wrong you?!?" Nathan said he was "that husband", the one that makes everyone else look good because he's complaining that he doesn't feel good and is going to pass out while his wife is in labor. It was actually comical a little while later, and he was laughing too.

Mr. Tummy-ache :(
Poor guy was doing so much that night no wonder he didn't feel good

The stress of everything on top of too much Indian food made him sick. Aubreigh took care of him too, ha! Anyway, after probably an hour, I was pretty sure I felt the baby was close. Dr. Housel came in, Nathan was pulled up a chair next to me because he was still not feeling good so he could hold my hand.

Getting ready to become parents again

I liked that I could feel what was going on without the pain. Seriously the best. So the doctor said we were ready at a 10 (finally!), and with one push and two breaths later, out came baby Jackman Kyle easily at 2:55am.

Nathan got to cut the cord this time

Honestly, I think babies are kind of gross when they first come out, and I didn't want him right on me, especially my skin, until he was cleaned up. They did put on me while the cord was cut, but there was a sheet down so I didn't get the gross stuff on me, and then they cleaned him right up, wrapped him up like a baby burrito, and brought him so I could see and hold him.

Getting all cleaned up

Wrapped up like a burrito
First family photo

Dr.Housel, Nathan, Kendra and Jackman

Ogden Regional Medical Center was a great place to have Jack. It wasn't too far away, it wasn't busy, my nurse Emmalee was the best ever, the lactation consultants were actually helpful this time around, and the rooms are huge! And you stay in the same room you have the baby in so there isn't the whole switching rooms and moving to postpartum. I also was already in love with my baby, and recovery has been easier than last time. Overall, a fantastic experience.

Moments old
Welcome to the World Little One!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carver's Cove Petting Zoo

Some friends up in Mountain Green, Holly Wood and her kiddos Trevor and Lucy, and James, Jack and I set off on an adventure to find this Carver's Cove Petting Zoo I had heard about.
It is in Eden, just over Trapper's Loop by the Pineview Reservoir. It was the first time I took James and Jack somewhere by myself, and it was a success! Jackman slept most of the time, and had a bottle, and James loved the animals, and was so good for me! He learned how to hold out his hand flat to feed the goats, donkeys, ponies, and sheep. Then James got to have a ride on a horse, and he didn't even need me to hold on to him, he did it all by himself. Wow! It was good to get out of the house and fun with my little boys. Thank you Holly for going with me!

James feeding goats, check out that flat hand he's holding for the goat!

James riding the horse...all by himself too!

Checking out the Moo Cows

Riding on a tractor!
Grammies gave James a "baby tractor" just like this one, and James was in Heaven

James feeding the baby goat

Monday, August 29, 2011

Blessing Weekend

A month to the day we decided to bless Jackman. We also decided to do it up in Franklin, and we got to do it the same time as Robert and Kortney blessed Emma (okay, so that was totally planned, but pretty neat right?). Now those cousins can always say that they were blessed together! Mom Grazulis came out with my Grandma Kitty from Colorado. It was so wonderful to have them both come. We had a great time up on the farm on Saturday night, because I knew that there was no way we'd make it in time in the morning. Kirstin came as well on Saturday night. Mike, Ann, Kira, and Tanner came on Sunday, too. And that was just on my side! Karissa and Cory and Jason and Nicole made it as well as Mom and Dad Manwaring. It was so neat to have so much family around for the blessing. Grandpa and Grandma Haworth were there, but had to leave right after the blessing to go to William Kezele's mission report in Twin Falls. It was so hospitable of them to open their home for us and to let us stay even when they had to leave! The Porters were also there since we did the blessing in Doug and Debbie's ward, and all of their kids were their since it was their family's reunion that weekend. It was great seeing all of them too. And it made me laugh when some one said that our family tree is growing, and Karissa said our tree is more like a family reef. Haha.
After church we had a turkey dinner, and it was great. Mom Manwaring even remembered that I like the store bought cranberry sauce, the kind from the can with the ridges around it. I know, I'm weird, but we had it. We all got to explore the farm, see the barns with cows, and...owls? Yep, there are two great horned owls that make their home in Grandpa's barn. I was really glad that I got to take Nicole, then my Grandma Kitty, then my Mom and James on a ride around and show them the farm. It was a beautiful day. We are thankful for everyone that could make it, and missed everyone who couldn't. Love to all of our family and friends!!

Now a family of four

Double Blessing!!

Jack, James, Ryan, Kaylee, Emma

Immediate family that was there

Cute Manwaring cousins

James and Jackman

Cousins Tanner with James and Kira with Jack

Kutterer Clan :)

Grandma Kitty with Jackman

Grammies, James, and Mommy explore the farm

Found these guys in the barn

Taking Grams on her first four-wheel ride

James with Grandma, Mommy with Jack, Daddy and Papa

Good looking family!

Four Generations!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Jackman's Newborn Pictures

Aubreigh Parks can seriously do it all. Not only did she help me through labor (again), but she can also take some pretty amazing pictures as well. Check out my favorites from Jackman's newborn photo shoot. There were sooo many to choose from that I loved that I had to condense them or there would be a million and one pictures to scroll through.
So enjoy family, I know that I could just stare at this cute little guy all day.
Oh wait, I do:)
Thank you again Aubreigh!
In a box

(and James pointing out Jackman's different body parts)

Precious moments outside with daddy and mommy

Look what the stork brought...

Mommy and Jackman

Daddy and Jack

Our new baby

Friday, August 12, 2011

King James

At the Morgan County fair they have a cutest baby contest.
I entered both boys since there were different age group categories.
Jackman was cute, and was the smallest and youngest, but couldn't talk much to the judges.
Tiny little Jackman

James however took the cake!
He had to talk to the judges, and of course starting getting shy/being a pill when it was his turn.
Lucky for us Grandma saw the situation and ran in, picked him up, and got him to tell the judges about the sounds that not only all sorts of animals make, but vehicles too (with tractors in there of course). His most unusual sound is what a helicopter makes. He does a really good job of making that sound! I think that won the judges over (and because seriously he is so cute).
They announced the winners later that day.
Nathan took him back up on stage where they named him "sound man" and cutest baby boy and "King" of the 18-24 month olds!

Yes, King James is the cutest:)
He won free pictures with Embrace Photography and a farm see-and-say toy.

This was the only picture I got though of him at the contest:
Thank you to Grandma who saved the day and contest,
or this is what the judges would have remembered!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Scary Thing with Jackman

Warning, this story gets a little read at your own discretion.

If this had to happen then I'm glad that it did when my mom was here so she could watch James while we took Jack to the doctor.
Exactly when he was a week old, Jack's eye started to get goopy, like he had an infection. We are lucky that our pediatrician's office has a 24 hour office in Layton, so we got in that evening (why is it that things always happen to kids after doctors offices are closed?). The doctor we saw said it was either an infection or a blocked tear duct and prescribed erythromycin gel for his eye. It would be better the next day if it was an infection. was worse, way worse, so bad that I had tried to open his eye after using a warm wet wash cloth because it was sealed shut with goop and so much goop came out when I was opening it that I thought I had popped his eyeball.
I then called Nathan crying.
It also swelled up so he couldn't open it.
I thought he could be having an allergic reaction to the erythromycin (which it turns out my mom is allergic to also).
This picture does justice to the redness, but not the swelling.

So after one day of that medicine I was ready to take him back in. I called the doctors on Friday and they said (after having to wait to actually get a doctor to call me back mind you instead of an MA calling me back) if we felt comfortable to keep giving him the erythromycin because it is a new medicine and his body isn't used to it and it still could work, or to stop giving it to him and see what happens...

Um...are you kidding me? Yes I'm stopping, I think he's having an allergic reaction to the stuff!!

We stopped, and the swelling went down, it wasn't gooping so much that I thought his eyeball was popping, but it was still gunky so that it would seal shut when he would sleep and we'd have to use a warm compress to be able to open it again.

We also had some tobramycin drops that we had left from when James had pink eye a few months ago. However, we didn't know if we should try them. After lots of internet research we concluded that one drop wouldn't hurt, and gave it a shot on Friday evening.
That did help, but it was still a little gunky.
I concluded that we were going to need a prescription of the drops if we were ever going to get anywhere to helping his eye heal.

Thus back to the doctors on Monday morning to see our real pediatrician to see what was up and how to fix his poor eye (which by now we had to postpone newborn pictures because he looked horrible and we didn't know if it was pink eye and didn't want to infect others).

Long story short (too late!) our doc did prescribe tobramycin.
And he showed me some massages to help the little tear duct become unclogged.
And...both have worked!

A day after starting tobramycin drops

Mommy and Jackman (a newborn shot preview)
two days after starting the tobramycin and massages

James shared his monkeys with baby Jack, and his eye is all better!

What we learned:
1)It was a clogged tear duct, and could come back during this first year, but now we have a prescription with a few refills to help us out, and we know how to massage by his eye to help it.

2)Jackman is allergic to erythromycin

3)Listen to {mother's intuition/a little knowledge from nursing/common sense} when you think that your kid is having an allergic reaction!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandparents Galore!

Oh boy...

...mommy and daddy brought home a baby brother for me...I don't think they know what they are doing...we might need some help...

(Jackman's response)


Bring in the grandparents for backup!
We have been so super spoiled these last two weeks since Jackman was born with help and visits from all of our parents! Jack came on Thursday in the wee hours of the morning, and on Sunday evening my wonderful mom Julie came out for a whole week to help! Boy did I need it. Trying to figure out the brand new baby thing, and feeding him, AND making sure James still felt loved and cared for needed a whole extra set of hands. See...

Before Grammies came on top, Jack looks apprehensive and James likes Jack's swing!
Afterwards with Grammies here on bottom, sleeping angel and fun at the splash pad and slides

Grammies found this awesome train set for James, and he LoVeS it!!

We also visited Kirstin in Provo, and Tanner came with us!
Traveling that far with two little ones was only possible because my mom came too.

I seriously could not have made it through the first week without my mom's help. Serious. I am so grateful that she came out and spent time with us. James loves his Grammies, and now so does Jackman. And I love her so much too!!!! A HUGE thank you mom!!!!

My mom left on Friday evening, and on Saturday evening Nathan's mom Kathy came to spend a week too! Nathan's dad Alan was able to be here for a day also to see Jackman while he is still very tiny. He was able to go to be here Saturday evening, go to church with us on Sunday, and then had to go back to Gilbert, AZ. James played with his bat and ball for a long time with his Grandpa while he could though.

Grandpa and the boys

Grandma at the fair with James looking at the livestock exhibits, riding a blue tractor, and Grandma holding Jackman

I truly am blessed with two moms. I don't consider Kathy my mother-in-law, just another mom. People get two grandma's and don't think anything of it, well I get two moms, and it has been a huge blessing. It was great and a huge help.
We were able to go to the Morgan County Fair while she was here, also had to go to Provo again (I see my chiropractor there), and had good times talking and cooking (though I was more napping while she was cooking:) gotta love that!).

Then she left on Friday evening and my dad John came on Saturday evening.
While here the cocoons he had given us of Polyphemus moths hatched so we let them go.

We also went to the rodeo on Saturday evening. James was going bonkers watching the barrel racers, mutton busters, ropers, and bull riders. Kirstin came up too :)
Having fun at the Morgan County Rodeo

With all this help, I am not feeling as tired as I did when James was first born.
Maybe I know what to expect so it isn't as shocking, or
maybe it's because I am taking everyone up on their offers to help.
Or maybe a combo of both.

Thank you to all of our parents for their help with James and for wanting to see the newest member of the family.