Monday, August 8, 2011

Grandparents Galore!

Oh boy...

...mommy and daddy brought home a baby brother for me...I don't think they know what they are doing...we might need some help...

(Jackman's response)


Bring in the grandparents for backup!
We have been so super spoiled these last two weeks since Jackman was born with help and visits from all of our parents! Jack came on Thursday in the wee hours of the morning, and on Sunday evening my wonderful mom Julie came out for a whole week to help! Boy did I need it. Trying to figure out the brand new baby thing, and feeding him, AND making sure James still felt loved and cared for needed a whole extra set of hands. See...

Before Grammies came on top, Jack looks apprehensive and James likes Jack's swing!
Afterwards with Grammies here on bottom, sleeping angel and fun at the splash pad and slides

Grammies found this awesome train set for James, and he LoVeS it!!

We also visited Kirstin in Provo, and Tanner came with us!
Traveling that far with two little ones was only possible because my mom came too.

I seriously could not have made it through the first week without my mom's help. Serious. I am so grateful that she came out and spent time with us. James loves his Grammies, and now so does Jackman. And I love her so much too!!!! A HUGE thank you mom!!!!

My mom left on Friday evening, and on Saturday evening Nathan's mom Kathy came to spend a week too! Nathan's dad Alan was able to be here for a day also to see Jackman while he is still very tiny. He was able to go to be here Saturday evening, go to church with us on Sunday, and then had to go back to Gilbert, AZ. James played with his bat and ball for a long time with his Grandpa while he could though.

Grandpa and the boys

Grandma at the fair with James looking at the livestock exhibits, riding a blue tractor, and Grandma holding Jackman

I truly am blessed with two moms. I don't consider Kathy my mother-in-law, just another mom. People get two grandma's and don't think anything of it, well I get two moms, and it has been a huge blessing. It was great and a huge help.
We were able to go to the Morgan County Fair while she was here, also had to go to Provo again (I see my chiropractor there), and had good times talking and cooking (though I was more napping while she was cooking:) gotta love that!).

Then she left on Friday evening and my dad John came on Saturday evening.
While here the cocoons he had given us of Polyphemus moths hatched so we let them go.

We also went to the rodeo on Saturday evening. James was going bonkers watching the barrel racers, mutton busters, ropers, and bull riders. Kirstin came up too :)
Having fun at the Morgan County Rodeo

With all this help, I am not feeling as tired as I did when James was first born.
Maybe I know what to expect so it isn't as shocking, or
maybe it's because I am taking everyone up on their offers to help.
Or maybe a combo of both.

Thank you to all of our parents for their help with James and for wanting to see the newest member of the family.


Kate said...

I am sooo glad you had so much help! Those first couple weeks are so hard when you have someone always needing you! I hear you on accepting more help this time around... I needed it, too! Hope things are still going well!

Hillary said...

How fun! Thanks for always keeping up on your blog. I love reading what your cute family is up to. Way to go mother of two! :)