Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Week of Jack in Photos...

Here are just a few pictures from Jackman's first week of life.

Mommy and Jackman, one day old

This is what he mostly does...sleep and look adorable

Coming home from the hospital

Cutie petutie

A little angel

Welcome to the world little one!
Weight: 5lbs 7.5oz
Length: 19in
Head: 33cm
Little, but that is how I like them :)
We are head-over-heels in love with this sweet baby.


Maggie said...
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Maggie said...

Typos on the last comment...ha! Jack is darling and thank you for posting the pics. So glad everyone is fine.

Kate said...

too cute! i hope you guys are adjusting well to being a family of four!

Chapples said...

he's adorable! congrats!

Ryan and Michelle said...

congratulations, he is a cutie!! I hope you're enjoying your new little guy! can't wait to hear about the birthing story and how it went. give your little ones a hug for me.

Kate said...

I was just looking at the newborn picture of James on your sidebar, and they look soo alike as newborns. It'll be interesting to see if that ends up sticking!

Hillary said...

How wonderful! Jake's little pictures look so much like James when he was brand new. You've got two adorable boys! Congrats again :)

John and Victoria said...

you just make cute babies, that's all there is to it! can't wait to hear the birth story! hope you're doing well! i'm going to start back on my blog so be looking for new posts!