Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last trip to CO before baby #2...

The day after we laid sod we took a last trip out to Colorado to visit family before the new baby. Our GAC (Great-Aunt Carol) came from Texas, and we decided a few months ago that since we couldn't go to Vail this year (I'll probably be in labor during that time), that we'd meet in CO then for a visit in June. We had such a great time. We had good times playing at the retirement community Lincoln Meadows where my Grams lives now. James also came up with a new nickname for my dad, and he is now known as Boompa to James. He really loves grandpas!

Clockwise from Top Left: James and GAC enjoying pudding, playing with the pool balls with Boompa and learning colors, icecream from Grammies, lifting weights with Daddy, GAC and Grams, James in a train, new Four Generation Picture

We were able to see my parents horse, Cinnamon. James loves horses right now too, so when he got to sit up on her, his face just beamed.

James was so happy to be on top of Cinnamon, with his Boompa close at hand of course.

Another day we visited the museum called Wildlife Experience, and it has a mix of automated and stuffed animals in a museum type setting. Really neat. Turns out too that James was super afraid of the automated alligator. We had to reassure him that it wasn't real, but he did NOT want to be put down to walk near that thing, though I can't blame him. They had a neat "dig" interactive display where you could dig up bones from the past.
James and Boompa digging for bones

Finally there was an area that kids could dress up costumes of different animals and then play and do puzzles and such. I loved this place, too bad we don't live closer or I'd get a season pass. It was a great place to take an active and curious little boy.

Look at all those fun things at the Wildlife Experience museum!

Thank you so much to GAC for coming all the way from Texas, to Grams for letting us stay at Lincoln Meadows, and to my parents for taking time out to play and visit. We love you all and had a great time!


Lorie S. said...

Looks like fun Kendra! You look great, congrats on the soon arrival of baby number 2!!