Wednesday, July 20, 2011

James' Birthday Party!

I can't believe that my baby James is almost 2 years old!! We decided to have his birthday party a little early last Saturday. Aubreigh, Matt, and Quinn came up on Friday night, and Aubreigh and I had a girls night for my "baby shower". It was nice to have a night without the kiddos.
We went shopping and then out to eat at Texas Roadhouse.
I had a lot of fun fo sure:)

The next day we played at the house, and had a BBQ with the Parks and Kutterers.

James and Quinn, these two are friends having fun

Boys and their Mommies

Present from Mommy and Daddy!
When we brought it out his look was just "ohhh", and of course I missed it on camera.
He now asks to go for a "ride" all the time

Loving the corn on the cob

Check out those cow cupcakes...MOOOO!!


Tractor!! One of the best gifts of the night from the Parks!

Cars!!! He picks these cars up from the Kutterers with the big yellow tractor.

Sisters Kendra and Ann

Happy Birthday Jamers!! We love you more than anything!


Ryan and Michelle said...

So cute! how fun... 2 already, sure goes fast. he is such a darling kid. sorry we aren't there and missed it. question- how do you get the photos collaged and in a three or four some. i like that.
hope you're feeling well and are trying to enjoy the last part of pregnancy- lets be honest, who does :)