Sunday, August 30, 2009

James visits Franklin

We took James up to Franklin, ID to visit with our cousin's Mike and Misty Porter, and Grandpa and Grandma Haworth. On Saturday I went horseback riding with Tate, and it was so much fun! I've wanted to go, but you cannot while pregnant, so I listened to the doctor on that one. Anyway, Tate and I took the older horse out, Frosty. I guess she's been around for forever, but it is perfect because she is great with kids! Later that day Mike and Misty were partly in charge of a Demolition Derby for their ward's youth fundraiser. It was HUGE! So much planning probably had to go into that, I'm glad I didn't have to do it. However, we took the job of watching Tate for the evening, and it was like we had two sons, which I liked. Tate was so good, and a big helper, I hope that I can raise James to be that way. Here are some pictures:

Kendra and Tate

Nathan and James, Misty and Taylee

Demolition Derby, Ifelt kind of sorry for the cars, but it was fun to watch!

We also went fourwheeling around the farm and had a wonderful dinner with everyone. Don't worry, we weren't going fast or anything.

A view of the farm

Driving one of Grandpa's trucks through the riverbottoms

Going fourwheeling, Grandpa even came along :)

Nathan, James, and Kendra, our little one is already so active! We love being parents and taking James along on fun things. Thanks Mike and Misty for letting us come up and visit!

Friday, August 21, 2009

One Month Old!!

Sorry for the wait, our computer was giving us troubles, but it is all fixed now :) So after one month, James' sleeping is getting better! I'm using the Babywise book to help him sleep through the night. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't so far. After a month we still love being parents, though it is the hardest thing we've ever done. Here are some pictures from this week:

Here is his first documented smile :) I'm still waiting for him to smile at me, but now i know what to look for at least!

Hanging out after eating,wish he was like this at nighttime

James is also losing his hair :( This shows his little receeding hairline. Also look how big he is getting!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Park City

Our friend's Aubreigh and Matt Parks invited us up for a weekend in Park City! It was awesome to say the least, and a much needed little R&R. Ryan and Michelle went up to. I loved the hike we went on up to this lake, and the hot tub:) If you know me you know I LOVE hot tubs, but haven't been able to go in one while I was preggo, so this was so nice and relaxing. We had a great time with great talks and great friends. Thanks a TON and we'll have to do it again!

Aubreigh and Matt, Michelle and Ryan, on the way to the lake. Aubreigh is also expecting, and we are sooo excited for them:)

That is a bottle you see. Hiking while feeding

The lake that we found, it was so pretty, and look, cool enough to wear a jacket!! So I loved it:) I've learned that I don't like the heat very much

Three Weeks of Life

I can't believe how fast the time has gone since little James arrived. Life is starting to get back to normal, at least I don't feel utterly exhausted everyday now, just some days:) Here are some pictures of what we've been up to:

Equation Consulting Annual Party

He's a very good little eater, and is growing tons!

We got a Baby Bjorn on eBay, and we've been hiking. It's been lots of fun taking the babe, and the heat has cooled a bit so we can take him:)

James holds his pacifier with his hands, so cute

Our friend's the Murray's have an Australian Shepherd as well, named Indi. He and Lady are BBF. I would totally take this dog too, he's awesome. We go hiking up at Big Springs and they like to play in the beaver pond. Unfortunately the Murray's just moved to PA for school, but whenever they come visit, we'll go again. We'll miss you guys though!

Jenn and I hiking, it's a great afternoon activity

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two Weeks Old

James is two weeks old! Time flies :( At first I would cry because he is getting bigger, but now I just remember that I would rather have a baby who is growing than one who is not because something is wrong. That thought then makes me happy. Here is a quick lowdown as to what we've been up to his first weeks of life:

James at 1 week old

-Mom Manwaring came to help us out the first week as we adjusted to becoming new parents, and because he is just so darn cute.

-We went to the Hiller Family Reunion, and got to see Grandpa and Grandma Haworth and Great-Grandma Hiller. Look at this FIVE generation picture we got!!

-The Kutterer's came down to see him.

-We've done a few photo shoots trying to get newborn pictures, here are some favorites.

-Mom and Dad Grazulis came out to see the "little guy" as is his new nickname.

-He had his two week check up and he is growing! He is now 6lbs 4oz, and 19inches long. He's in the 5% for height, weight, and head circumference. I'm just excited that he's on the charts!

James at 2 weeks old

I've never been more tired, but more happy at the same time:) We love this little guy.