Sunday, December 10, 2017

Las Vegas for Labor Day

Labor Day weekend we headed to Las Vegas.  Jenn and Bryan were blessing their new baby Jasmine, and we wanted to be there.  Saturday we headed to St. George, and our friends the Judkin's were so kind to let us stay there.  We went by the new Cedar City temple, and my boys loved it!  It's going to be dedicated in a few weeks.  It was a great place to stay, and we really appreciated it.

Sunday we woke and drove the rest of the way to Las Vegas.  It worked really well to not have to drive the whole way in one day.  Also there wasn't room for us to stay in Vegas with all of Bryan's family coming into town too.  We made it on time!!!  In fact early!!!  Huge deal for us!!
Looking at my new niece

James just holding baby Jasmine

Afterwards we had a great dinner and games at Jenn and Bryan's before heading back to St. George for the night.
Papa showing how this toy worked

Outside blowing bubbles
We stayed out for a little bit, but it was really hot

Games with cousins

Jack conquered the balance game

Jenn and Bryan had a nice dinner planned.  Unfortunately there was fresh garlic in the rice, and Jonathan ate it.  He had some, then looked at me and said "mommy, I have to throw up".  So I'm catching it in an itty bitty styrofoam bowl, and just at the moment, Jordan falls down their stairs...
You know, just keeping it real :)

Papa and Jonathan after his little allergy problem

Jack plays so well with his cousins

James loves the baby

Jenn and Bryan cutting the frozen cheesecakes they made

Nathan with his sisters:

Last goodbyes at the car.
Karissa is due in October with their second.  
Good luck to them on the birth of their new little one coming up!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Preston Night Rodeo 2017

Preston Night Rodeo!  It is a tradition!  

 First for Nathan to get there he rode his bike there, and even drafted off of this farm equipment.

At the farm, Mike and Misty have moved to the farmhouse, and made some really beautiful changes.  The rock on the outside fireplace is from the quarry up on the mountain that rock for the Logan temple came from.  Inside is old barn wood from original buildings on the farm.  And on the wood Mike used Grandpa's brand too. We love the history that he put into it. 

Beautiful view
The parade on Saturday with great cousins!

Jack with a kitten

Daisy and Jonathan enjoying so yummy's at the parade. 

Beautiful daughter and mother, Kristie and Sherri

This little guy has so much energy and spunkiness.

Walking up to the fairgrounds Jonathan got a picture with the horses, and when he turned around one was right there, and he totally screamed!  

Sunset at the Fairgrounds
Then we went to the rodeo part, and all of the family got to sit together.

Here is almost everyone that was there!  
See, we took up a whole section.

Sunday we went to church at Mike and Misty's ward. 
Afterwards we had a big dinner at Doug and Debbie's home.  I love our Franklin family, and we love opportunities to go and see them! 

On the way home we saw a really big snake, and I thought I had hit it.  
After going back... was fine:)  

The weekend was wonderful, and it was the best with family!