Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day at the Farm

This Memorial Day we went up to Franklin to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma Haworth, and to enjoy the farm. An extra treat was one of Nathan's Aunt and Uncle's were there as well, Jeff and Terry Griffeth and our cousins Ashley and Aubrey Griffeth. We had fun hanging out on the farm, Nathan got to do a beautiful bike ride, I helped Grandpa decorate the Haworth family plot in the Franklin Cemetary for Memorial day, we BBQ'd, rode the fourwheelers, and probably the neatest thing was when the cows got out on Monday, Lady's herding instinct kicked in, and it was AWESOME watching her herd. She was great, and would come back as soon as I called. She was so much help, and Grandpa's help, Alvino, said she is welcome anytime to help out. What was neat was that she would get excited, but could switch it off when I called if she was getting too excited, and these were big cows! I was a little afraid that she'd get hurt, but hey, that is what she was bred for. Anyway, that was my most exciting thing all weekend. Here are some pics of highlights:

Nathan and Lady on the farm, the hay is growing nicely, and look how green it is!

Kendra and Nathan on a walk one evening, with beautiful clouds in the background

Grandpa Haworth and Jeff in the background, Kendra with the ever growing babe

Our great-grandparents, Grandpa's parents, and just some of the flowers used to decorate

This was on Saturday, I decided to take her out to the small cows to see if she would do it, and I'm glad that she got some practice for the big ones that would even charge on Monday. Lady doesn't bark, but when those big ones would charge, she'd bark, and they'd back down, it was so neat!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Making Fires

Camping has become a little more difficult, and sleeping on the ground I don't think would be my favorite, but we still made a fire with tin foil dinners, roasted corn on the cob, and had smores with Tom and Kristie up in Big Springs National Park last week. It was lots and lots of fun. Thank you guys for being so awesome! We love you:)

Roasted Corn on the Cob, soooooo good!

Tom and Kristie enjoying tin foil dinners

Tom brought back this log to burn, it was pretty hysterical seeing him come back with it! He is the master of fire though!! He makes THE best fires every time. When he brought back this log he told us the story that Lady had gone looking for him, and it was dark, and all he heard was something running fast at him (he had gone across the creek and up the mountain looking for wood), and he just about peed his pants he was so scared. It was just Lady though, and I couldn't stop laughing at the story.

Off for the Summer

My little sister Kirstin moved home for the summer after finishing a year of school here. She's been out here since last June, and I guess that I was taking it for granted that she was here, and now I miss her lots. We can't wait though until she comes back, and when she does, we'll have a baby!! Crazy to think about. We love you Kirst, have a good summer!

Kendra, Ann, and Kirstin, and my baby bump at week 26

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

100th Post!!!

So this blog has reached it's hundredth post, and in celebration, we wanted to do a post like our sister-in-law Rachelle did, so here are 100 random things about our little family:

1. Nathan and Kendra have been married for 3 years now!

2. Nathan is an Eagle Scout.

3. Kendra’s mom and dad thought that they made up my name after they heard the name Kenda, who was a polar bear born at the London Zoo a little before her.

4. Nathan has more people in his immediate family(brother's, sister's and such) than Kendra does her extended family (aunts, uncles, and first cousins) combined from both sides!

5. We have the coolest dog that we adopted from an animal shelter, Lady, an Australian Shepherd with a tail.

6. Both Kendra and Nathan graduated from BYU.

7. Kendra absolutely bleeds blue, and gets Nathan to sometimes, but I can be to an extreme

8. Though born the same year, Nathan graduated high school two years earlier than Kendra due to: 1-skipping a grade in second grade, and 2-being born in March as supposed to December so was put in a higher grade for the cut off date.

9. Nathan served an LDS to Melbourne, Australia, where he spoke Mandarin Chinese?!? Yep, apparently lots of Chinese in Australia, who knew?

10. Nathan used to be fat when he was younger, then lost it all to an extreme of being gaunt, and now is just right

11. Kendra went through the ugly duckling phase: glasses and braces and side ponytail

12. Nathan is pigeon toed, and when he runs his legs look like an eggbeater

13. Kendra is duck footed, and it is more pronounced when wearing high heels

14. Nathan proposed in the HFAC on BYU campus right after Christmas break in 2006, two months and one week from our first date.

15. We were married exactly four months later, May 6th, 2006.

16. Kendra wanted to be married on 6/6/06, until I found out that was a very bad number, I just thought it was neat

17. We are expecting our first baby, a boy, in the first week of August, though we hope it comes a little earlier

18. Pregnancy has been a breeze!! I've never had, so I guess cannot sympathize with, morning sickness, vomiting, extreme fatigue, or anything that usually goes with pregnancy. I just hope labor is quick.

19. Kendra has a heightened sense of smell from her already heightened sense of smell during pregnancy, and actually likes having it

20. Our dog Lady almost died a week after we got her from parvovirus, but we nursed her back to health when the vet said she only had a 30% chance of surviving.

21. Kendra learned to give her first IV on our dog when she was dehydrated and dying because we couldn't afford to leave her at the vet (nor did we want to when I could do the same at home and it didn't cost five arms and two legs!)

22. Nathan applied for graduation in February, when the deadline was in November, because he didn't realize that he COULD graduate that April!

23. Nathan and Kendra have both worked in the food service industry at least once

24. We were married in the Denver Temple.

25. Kendra has two sisters and Nathan has two sisters and three brothers

26. Kendra's family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when she was seven

27. Nathan is an amazing piano player, and I get so proud when they ask him to play, or need him on such short notice, because he always sounds great

28. Kendra showed dogs, Australian Shepherds, when she was younger in confirmation and obedience, and won a few titles on some

29. Kendra was exactly three weeks early, which is not premature, but was only 3lbs 13ozs at birth!!

30. Both Nathan and Kendra want simpler, common names for their kids, nothing too crazy

31. We love the Discovery and Discovery Health channels, but don't have TV in our house!

32. Nathan LOVES shopping for deals online, and is constantly looking for some sort of deal on anything, for anyone

33. Nathan has been commuting to Salt Lake for two years now

34. Kendra doesn’t like change, especially big things like moving. I even like keeping the furniture the same most of the time.

35. Nathan HATES it when food goes bad. He would rather throw away most of his food than let some of it grow mold in the fridge.

36. We don’t eat fast food. Subway doesn’t count as fast food.

37. 2 of our favorite actors are Duane “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel, and we’re not afraid to admit it!

38. Kendra’s favorite treat in the whole wide world are the Chocolate Cadbury Easter Eggs. Not the big ones, the little candy coated ones.

39. Nathan’s favorite activity is running.

40. Kendra’s favorite activity is visiting family and friends.

41. There are 3 things Kendra wants to take with her to business school: baby, Lady, and her antique ginormous amoire.

42. There is one thing that Nathan doesn’t want to take to business school, and it’s not the dog or the baby.

43. It is a small miracle that Nathan hasn’t yet had to give Kendra the Heimlich maneuver, she chokes at most meals.

44. Nathan has a tendency towards video game addiction. This is why we stay away from them when possible.

45. Kendra just plain doesn’t like all video games i.e. Nintendo, X-box, Playstation, Wii, etc.

46. Kendra knew within the first week that our relationship would either end in marriage or it would end very badly.

47. Our first kiss was a make out session at the parking lot below the Y (on Y-Mountain for those who don’t know).

48. We really like the High School Musical movies. If you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out, actually we both like all the Disney movies.

49. Nathan has read all 4 Twilight books, and he loved them. Kendra did too of course.

50. Kendra loves heaters, even in the summer she enjoys sitting in front of one to do homework.

51. Kendra hates being hot outside.

52. Nathan hates being cold outside, he would rather have it be 90 degrees every day and never a hint of snow. (where will we end up living?)

53. Nathan’s first kiss was his best friend Jonathan's little sister when he was 14.

54. Kendra’s first kiss was when she was fifteen and technically on her teeth because she was smiling so wide.

55. Kendra gets hiccups when she eats spicy things, if she gets hiccups, then it is spicy enough.

56. Lady has a bed next to ours that she sleeps on every night, we tried having her sleep in a crate in the garage when we first got her, but it was just like the movie, “Lady and the Tramp”, and she howled until we let her sleep in our room.

57. Kendra’s maiden name was Lithuanian, but she is only 1/8th Lithuanian.

58. Nathan’s last name is English.

59. One of Nathan’s job’s in college was researching tropical algebraic geometry, and even presented at a math convention in Denver for it.

60. Our favorite things include being outside together.

61. Kendra has a thing for having all of her dishes match.

62. Nathan leaves cupboards and drawers open when he leaves rooms, ie. kitchen, bedroom, etc.

63. Kendra always leaves a dish by the computer, ie. plate, cup, etc.

64. Kendra’s favorite colors are dark blue and dark red.

65. Nathan’s favorite colors are light blue

66. A favorite show of ours to watch has been Prison Break!

67. Kendra and Nathan have been compiling Kendra’s family history, and they are getting an impressive family tree going, with dates and sources cited! We both like to do genealogy

68. Nathan and Kendra both love visiting Grandpa Haworth’s farm in Franklin, ID.

69. Nathan’s shoulder was dislocated right before he went to Australia for his mission, and it wasn’t fixed until he came back to the States two years later.

70. Nathan has run a marathon.

71. Kendra has a bad habit of picking her lips when she is nervous, bored, or whenever.

72. Nathan put Kendra’s shoes into two categories: cute shoes, which means they are cute but not comfortable, and shoes.

73. We have realized we are pretty ready for the labor and delivery part of getting this baby here, but after that we aren’t prepared yet, yikes!

74. We want to still be very active after the baby comes and still do most the things we do now, and when people say that we can’t or won’t be able to, it is like a challenge

75. Our place right now is big enough for a ping pong table to be set up all the time!

76. All of the labors in Kendra’s family (mom and sister), have been 4 hours or less, hopefully she’ll be able to keep up the family tradition!

77. Nathan makes awesome green curry

78. We love vegetables!

79. Our dog eats vegetables! Actually Lady eats most anything, orange slices, potatoes, even lettuce when we give it to her.

80. We introduce our last name Manwaring to people to think of a man wearing a shirt, and then they get it.

81. There was no trick for people on how to pronounce Kendra’s maiden name, Grazulis.

82. Nathan and Kendra have both raced triathlon’s.

83. Nathan will compete again this summer in Olympic distance triathlon’s, which is about a 1 mile swim, a 25 mile bike ride, and a 10k run.

84. Kendra will race another Sprint distance triathlon when the baby is born, which is a 750 m swim, a 12.5 mile bike ride, and a 5k run.

85. Kendra gets a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions, and they even started at week 19

86. We both enjoy hiking, camping, biking, and the outdoors.

87. Neither of us ever wants to own a boat.

88. We will have had both of our single sisters live with us by the end of the summer, Kendra’s sister Kirstin, and Nathan’s sister Jennifer, both while going summer term at BYU.

89. We both hope to serve a mission together someday when our kids are grown.

90. Kendra grew up in the same house in Colorado and never moved until she went to college in Utah, then briefly Texas after we were married, then back to Utah.

91. Nathan moved around and has lived in Utah, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Utah, Australia, Utah, Texas, and currently Utah.

92. Lady did not have an undercoat of hair until we moved to Utah in the winter, now she does.

93. We both like leather seats in our cars, and will try to always have them (easy clean up!).

94. We own a silver Nissan Altima and a bluish-greenish Hyundai Santa Fe, gotta have the sedan and the SUV

95. Kendra will get her license to be a licensed practical nurse in June

96. We both like to sleep on our backs

97. Kendra has chipped her front teeth on multiple occasions from falling face first into cement to being hit with a softball, and is thus afraid of doing it again, but hasn’t broken a bone.

98. Nathan hasn’t chipped any teeth, but has broken his finger, wrist, clavicle twice, and dislocated his shoulder.

99. Kendra said “I love you” first, but Nathan initiated the first kiss

100. ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg!!!!!

3 years and counting...

May 6th, 2006. We were married in the Denver Temple surrounded by family and friends. I loved that day, and though there were a few mishaps, I didn't even care because I was sealed to my bestest friend and love for time and all eternity. It has been a great three years!

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