Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snow Excursion and Birthday

Us in the snow!

Me at the base of the Y:)

Well, we've had a pretty fun month so far for December. I can't believe how cold it is, or how much snow we've gotten. It was like in a snap, and it the weather decided that it was winter. For my birthday we had Tyler and Alesha, Jason and Nicole, and Karissa and Cory over for some cake and ice cream. Then we turned on the automatic ping-pong server, and it was lots of fun. We would take turns at doubles, and turn up the speed all the way! Watch out, ping-pong balls can give you welts! I got a Chi (only the coolest hair tool in the world), and some Gel-Nimbus Asics (great running shoes for my little feets) from Nathan. He is a wonderful husband. Then, this last snowstorm, we decided to see what the Subaru could do. I have grown up driving in snow, so we went to a parking lot, and I got behind the wheel and took us for some spins(Thanks to Brady Hansen and Matt Freeman for teaching me back in high school!). Well, the Subaru was awesome, so then being young, married, and childfree at the moment, we did what anyone other reasonable BYU student would do, and went up the hills to the base of the Y and hiked around, during the snowstorm, at midnight. Why not?!?! It was lots of fun, and Lady loved it. We saw six deer too really close from the car. What fun to be young:)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Well, Thanksgiving was great. For Thanksgiving we drove to Colorado to see Kendra's family in Denver. We got to stay with our Grandma Kitty one last time before she sells her horse property and moves in town again. It was good staying with her, and Kendra will especially miss that place, so many memories. The drive there was long, as it had snowed a little in Wyoming, and the semi-trucks were having a hard time moving more that 2 miles an hour. Luckily we got to stop in Cheyenne to stay for the night Mark, Marie, Mary, and Moriah Freeman. The Freeman's have been friend's of Kendra's since she was 10. Thank you again!!! Once in Parker, CO we cooked for Thanksgiving, and enjoyed playing Pit with Kendra's parents and sister Kirstin. Thanksgiving day was great, and was one of the best times swapping stories around the dinner table with Mom and Dad Grazulis, Kirstin, Grams, Uncle Kyle, and our twin cousins Meghan and Jessica (who by the way have grown up so much and are gorgeous!) Friday we got to do fun things with Kirstin, Mom, and Dad, including stopping by the Lowry Air Museum in Denver, seeing their horse Cinnamon, and going into shops and the Holiday Candlelight Walk in downtown historic Littleton, and then finally watching Evan Almighty back at Grams' house that evening. Talk about a packed day! Saturday we took it a bit easier, but not by much, and we watched the BYU vs UofU game (GO COUGS!!), making peanut butter balls, going through things as Grams is selling her place, and getting to visit with Heather Radosevich, Kendra's best friend from high school. Sunday we went to church then packed up and headed back home. The trip back was much easier than the trip there. Thanks again to Grams for the saddles, they will definitely be put to good use!

Nathan has traveled twice this month to Cincinnati, and is currently there. Poor thing, he runs on just a few hours of sleep, and then can hardly sleep while he is there. He just had his compensation review, so he has been putting in the extra time this past month to really show what he is worth. I already know though, I married him:) I do miss him while he is gone though, so we both end up not sleeping well.

Well, that is the end of our November. Pictures will follow shortly!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Well, I will write more later about what we did for Thanksgiving, but today is a day to mourn. Our Grow-a-frog tadpole, Wiggles, died this evening. There was a burial at sea that included a two man salute. His never ending energy surely will be missed. So this blog today is dedicated to our little tadpole who didn't ever want to grow up, who never got any bigger, but who made our hearts so. We will miss you Wiggles.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 2007

Holy cow, it is already November!!! This year is absolutely speeding by. This week we got to go to the Haworth farm in Franklin, ID. It is so beautiful there, if Nathan could figure out how to work somewhere up there, or from home, we'd totally move there. We got to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Haworth, and Nathan's cousins Mike and Misty Porter came over to play games. Their little boy Tate is sooo cute. He is hysterical as he has no fear of anything, and can speak really well now. It was great seeing them, and we love spending time with them. Grandpa also has a new kitten, who Lady just adored. All of Mike's dogs came over too (Mike just lives up the hill from Grandpa), and they all played together. One of our favorite times was cuddling on the trampoline under the stars, with Lady and the kitten. We both liked the kitten enough to take home, which is big because we aren't cat people. It was probably because this kitten acted more like a puppy than a cat. We both just love it up there!
Then this month we got a neat wall hanging, one that Kendra had seen, had an idea for, and just did it. It is in our kitchen, and it looks awesome.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween 2007

So, we had a great Halloween. We went to Nathan's brother Jason and our sister-in-law Nicole's house. We dressed up as the King and I. Actually, I just wanted to wear my wedding dress again, and Nathan wanted to wear his Chinese pajamas. Here's a picture of us, click on the picture for a clearer view:
What I loved is that the dress fits me better than when I got married, and that is right, it is a size 0. I guess our gym membership is paying off.

Monday, October 22, 2007

October 2007

Nathan has traveled to Ohio this month, and Kendra is busy with tests, labs, and papers, and two jobs! At least the extra money will come in handy. Nathan is loving his job, and is getting used to the commute to Salt Lake. It actually isn't as bad as everyone might think. Kendra's studying is paying off, and even achieved the highest grade on the first test in her Exercise Physiology class, a 400 level science class! We both still love to go to the gym, and enjoy staying healthy together. Kendra is also learning new things in her major that will help our gym time be even more productive.
We've gone on a few hikes up the canyon, and with the fall leaves it was just beautiful. We love going up to the mountains and seeing the beauty around us. Lady likes to chase deer we've learned, but we think that she'd get scared if she ever got too close to one. She's pretty good though about staying right with us, and we enjoy being outdoors with her. She can be so funny, and her reactions to different environments is very entertaining. The one picture is like a "Where's Waldo" picture, you have to find Lady! The other is us hiking off the Alpine Loop.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wow, is October going by fast or what? Kendra just went to her cousin Amy's wedding in Chicago, and got to see some of her Dad's side of the family that she hasn't seen in awhile(well, maybe just since our wedding!) It was really neat, and an absolutely gorgeous wedding. Everything was so beautiful, the ceremony and reception, and she finally figured out where some of her accent comes from...Chicago! On the same weekend, Nathan went with lots of the family to the Asian Star in Salt Lake City to celebrate Karissa, Grandma Hiller, and Caleb Hiller's birthday's. What was neat was that Nathan's mom Kathy, and other sister, Jennifer, also came up from Arizona. It is so wonderful to spend time with family.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We were so lucky to get tickets to go to General Conference this time!! It was wonderful, and the scenery that we are there while they are speaking is really amazing. We had great seats, and were on the floor, the closest I've ever been. It made me appreciate even more that we live so close to Salt Lake, Temple Square, and the wonderful experiences that can bring. Here is a picture of us outside the conference center.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 2007

Our niece Kira Kutterer was in a theater company this summer, and they just preformed Annie. She was awesome, and we enjoyed watching how animated she became. Her dancing was great, her acting was really good, and her singing was awesome. We were glad that we were able to see the Kutterer's twice this month, again earlier for Tyler's 16th birthday! We are so glad that we live close enough to see them at least once a month.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

This month we also got to go to the BYU homecoming game, and got great seats. BYU won, and even though it rained for half of it, we still had a blast together. We rode our bikes to the game, and it was kind of fun passing the cars of people, and the people walking. Riding bikes there seems to be the fastest way. We also saw our cousin Kristi Lee cheer at the game, and then we had her and her boyfriend Tom over for dinner on Sunday.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

September 2007

This has been another month to remember. We bought a car and took it camping at our new favorite place. Big Springs park in Provo Canyon. It is absolutely beautiful. We went 2 weeks in a row and on the second week we took Tyler and Alisha along with us. Tyler and I took it upon ourselves to make a fire without any matches and we actually succeeded in doing so.

Nathan has been pretty busy with work, driving to and from Grand Junction Colorado twice for a client visit, and working 60+ hours to keep up with all of his projects. Kendra is learning how to balance being a full-time student, working 2 part-time jobs, and still finding time to spend with her ever-active hubby.

Our family suffered a great loss as well this month. Kendra bike, of 5+ years, was brutally stolen sometime between 1am and 5am. We have been looking for it at pawn shops and on craigslist, but to no avail. We remain hopeful but are slowly resigning to the fact that we may never see her bike again :-(

On the brighter side, we both got 24hour fitness gym memberships for 24$ a month and didn't have to commit to any yearly contracts or anything. At the same time, we figured out how to cancel our Internet service without lying, losing Internet, or paying cancellation fees. So, we are essentially financing our gym memberships with our old Internet money. We love the gym; I like being able to swim and run and lift and bike 24 hours a day, Kendra likes being able to run on the elliptical in an air-conditioned room while watching TV. We also find that Kendra's back will enjoy the strengthening that comes from using our gym membership.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Blog!!!

Hey Kendra, we are going to start a blog! That is if you think it's a good idea.

I love you.