Monday, November 23, 2009

Tribute to Uncle Bob

This last week my little sister Kirstin and I drove to Las Vegas to be with my Aunt Diane and my Dad after my Uncle Bob, his only sibling, had a heart attack on Saturday the 14th. He was admitted to ICU, and his condition worsened all week. We got there on Tuesday, and unfortunately had to leave on Thursday. Uncle Bob passed away on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at about 5pm. We were so grateful that we stopped by and said hi and introduced James last month when we were in Las Vegas for the triathlon. Kirstin also was able to see him again that trip. We will never forget his pranks (sent us usually for Christmas, like fake scratches for cars, bugs in ice cubes, "rattlesnake eggs", and a giant spider on the lamp shade to name a few), his love of Christmas (he would wrap even the batteries for things, with LOTS of tape, it was like his signature) his love of learning (he was always reading), how he loved to visit snow and hear about snowstorms, and his love for animals. He was a wonderful husband, brother, uncle, and friend. We love you and will miss you.

A visit to Las Vegas, Kirstin, Uncle Bob, Aunt Diane, Kendra, and Nathan (I was actually just pregnant in this picture, but we didn't know it yet)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

James tries Rice Cereal

Saturday James tried rice cereal for the first time! I think his face said it all...

Saturday morning breakfast, baby gets rice cereal and milk, mommy likes Cheerio's, and daddy likes Grapenuts

What is this stuff, it is awful!

Mommy liked it though, she can have it

We'll try again maybe in a week :)

BYU vs. Air Force

We made it to a football game this season! Not being students the tickets were harder to get, but we did manage to find some after BYU's win against Oklahoma back in September. Actually we forgot about the game off and on up to the actual day. It was cold, and we were glad that Nathan's sister Karissa was able to watch James because it ended being probably too cold for a four month old. What was super fun was going with good friend's and cousins Tom and Kristie McConnon! Thanks for going with us, love you! BYU ended up winning 38 to 21.

Nathan, Kendra, Kristie Lee, and Tom all bundled up for the game

The team coming back on the field after half time

James didn't go, but he still wore his BYU shirt!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Salmon Run...Sort Of...

Our friends the Parks told us about an annual salmon run up by Strawberry Reservoir. We all wanted to see it, red salmon ready to lay eggs swimming upstream. How neat! So after church last Sunday we took a little drive up to check it out. We saw this:

...a lone dead salmon...

...and we saw this...
two red salmon, next to the shore, you can barely see them, and there was a muskrat on the shore.

So yeah, when we got there we read that the salmon run is between August and early October. We kind of missed it, oh well. It was still a pretty drive with good friends :)

Nathan, Kendra, and James in front of the fish trap, where they take the eggs of the salmon to help increase the salmon population. Thanks Matt and Aubreigh for showing us! It was still fun!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Warm Weather...

...brings November hiking! It was so nice last week that I went hiking twice! Once with Aubreigh and once with Jenn. Lots of fun, and James loved it, not to mention Lady. We even saw wild turkeys. Pretty fitting in November!

Lady going into the shrubbery to flush out the turkeys. She totally did too, they came flying out!
When did the herding dog become a bird dog?

Aubreigh and us, she is almost 6 months along with her first little boy! Way to go!

Happy little James right before a hike

Jenn and us, love James' hat

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween at the farm in Franklin, so much fun! There was a Halloween party put on by our cousin Rebekah (she's 9!) that was awesome with games, prizes, and a costume contest. James was a monkey, and soooo cute, though he sort of slept through most of the party, oh well. The weather was beautiful too, not cold, so Nathan and I got to go running. That is my new favorite run, around Grandpa's fields. Thanks to Mike and Misty for letting us stay with them. I will miss that place so much when we leave for business school, it is my favorite place. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Haworth for dinners and for hosting!

Kendra swinging in the big barn

James the monkey, taking a nap

One of the games, who can make a mummy the fastest. Nathan is going to make a two headed mummy out of Tate and Jackson.

The finished product

Napping with Daddy

Tate and James before church, James loved watching Tate, and Tate loved to entertain :)